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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

PLATINI and BLATTER must act now !!!

The Italian Football Association decision to suspend and fine Samuel Eto'o, the Inter Milan player for head-butting Bostjan Cesar of Chievo should be applauded universally by the World of Football.

Apparently this head-butt was in retaliation for a foul by Cesar on Eto'o. That may be so but this is not the object of this article.

The Italian F.A. have apparently used television images to identify, suspend and fine the culprit. They have sanctioned this unforgivable action which millions of television viewers saw, but which happened behind the back of the referee !!! The referee, alas, did not see the incident. Can you criticise the referee because he did not have eyes in the back of his head, and who does not have video images to call on like rugby referees ?

When referees miss something or make a wrong decision, they are indirectly punished by the very people, namely Platini and Blatter, who should be protecting them with modern technology !!! They are downgraded or removed from certain official lists.

The fact that Platini and Blatter are frightened to embrace modern technology, as for example in the Rugby World, is unacceptable. What holds them back ? Is it money ? Would EUFA or FIFA have to pay for the use of television rights ?

FIFA was recently basking in the glory of the recent World Cup inspite of the flagrant refereeing errors !!! What has happened since ? Nothing has changed during the last decade !!!

Can we expect anything new to happen if Platini or Blatter are re-elected to their respective posts ? Is there no time limit to their tenure ?

When there is a wrong refereeing decision the result could be that a club is relegated, the manager is sacked, players are not retained, referees are downgraded and the owners of clubs have to cover the financial consequences. And the fans........!