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Saturday, 30 April 2011


The E U now finds itself in a STALEMATE situation just like in a chess game when neither party can win.  In chess the game usually ends in a draw !!!

Alas, in the E U something must change before a solution can be found to current problems.  The result cannot be a draw !!!  These problems are numerous, fundamental and very serious,  not only for the future of the E U but for all the E U MEMBER states, residents and E U taxpayers !!!   For example:


The EURO is facing devaluation or bankruptcy with GREECE, IRELAND, PORTUGAL and probably SPAIN very shortly, needing serious financial aid.  Will Italy and others follow or also seek financial aid to be rescued ? In the end, when the chips are really down, when politicians must, like liquidators, decide who must pay for the debts left by the former EURO politicians, none of the former E U politicians will be left !!!  The E U taxpayers, almost certainly, will be the only ones left to pay for the mess !!!  Some current E U leaders will be there to shoulder some very unpopular decisions !!!

Bankrupt countries will all have withdrawn from the E U and its EURO.  Current political Heads of Government will have no answer and will never want to accept to be party to a fundamental review of what went wrong !!!


With respect to Immigration or Migration there is, at present, absolutely no real control of the frontiers of the E U  !!!  The recent "upheavals", not to say "revolutions", in arabian countries in North Africa and elsewhere, with refugees now desperate to infiltrate the EU via Lampedusa in  Italy is the perfect example !!!

Now that Manuel Barroso is securely re-installed as the President of the European Commission, let us not forget that he is in favour of a policy that EU member countries should accept immigrants on a per capita ratio !!! (see the article in this blog dated 21/09/2009 - "Sangatte, the "Jungle", Barroso and all that" !!!).

President Barroso must come clean on this issue.  He must state clearly if his intentions during the last two years have changed !!!  The leaders of member states of the E U have a right to be up-dated on Manuel Barrosos' intentions, particularly in view of Portugal's recent Financial "Bankruptcy".

If the E U does not want to adopt a single minded attitude to the problem of immigrants, this keeps the door open.  It will be exploited by footloose people who will come to benefit for all they can get without ever having paid anything in the form of contributions !!!

It will lower the living standards of all E U residents who have worked and paid taxes to raise the standard of living in the EU for the last 50 years and more.  Mr. Barroso's explications of his intentions and future policies would largely  influence Leaders of member states. They have to decide and then explain to their national electorate whether the continued adhesion to the E U is in the interests of their country.


The application of the principle of HUMAN RIGHTS by the Court of Human Rights overrides the rights to justice which countries like Britain have correctly applied for many years.  In fact, frequently one wonders whether the criminal or the victim has the most rights ? Does leniency when sentencing habitual criminals really act as a deterrant ?

Altruistic principles are preached by people who choose to ignore totally the problem of who has to bear the cost !!!   Even countries in the E U can go bankrupt !!!

None of the leaders in the E U seem to question the decisions by the Court.  Is this  not alarming ? Should all the Leaders in Member Countries of the E U not meet to hammer out the "limits" of what is acceptable:  to define the limits of any intrusion in the judicial jurisdiction of Member Countries ?   


For years the Accounts of the European Union have not received a clean Audit Certificate !!!  Why ?  And why is there no one who seems to worry about this unacceptable situation ?  The E U is forever imposing new rules and regulations, yet does nothing to ensure a clean Audit Certificate for its own activities !!!

 Who is responsible in the E U for the accounts ?  European taxpayers have, as a matter of principle, the right to a clear answer on this question !!!


Once again E U politicians have floated the idea that they need an increase in their budget above what is theoretically allowed for E U member states.  Like last year, the forecast increase is to be about 6% !!!  WHY ?

Should European Leaders of member countries not insist that there will be no more increases in the E U budget as long as the E U accounts are not certified ?  In addition should not "normal" reporting schedules and information be prepared and supplied before the Auditors sign the accounts ?

Should E U taxpayers be obliged to sign blanc cheques when accounts are not certified ?

Finally, who is responsible for Budget controls ?  What is his name ?  What are his qualifications for the Job ?  How much does he earn ? 


In the past there have been numerous "parachuted " politicians, surplus to the requirements of their country or an embarrassement for their countries, who have been "booted" into the E U !!!  Is this necessary ?  These "SUPER POLITICIANS" are highly remunerated and directly paid out of E U funds. Therefore the taxpayer ultimately pays the cost !!!

Is there no definition of, or limitation of,  top  jobs which are only available to candidates who have been elected ?  Something seems to be wrong somewhere !!!

THE ULTIMATE CONSEQUENCES FOR THE E U  !!!           If things go on as at present, if the politicians in place in the E U at present do nothing to change matters, if no one really cares a damn, there will be some unilateral decisions by National Leaders to withdraw from the E U.  Not only from the E U but other uncontrollable organisations.  In this way countries will be able to recover their independence !!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


If Donald Trump, three years ago, had raised the issue of where President Obama was born, he might have been taken seriously !!!  He could then, perhaps, have found favour with some voters.

He now wants cheap publicity, and he has got it !!!  But, he is short of credible new political ideas !!!

Donald Trump was born in 1946.  Does he realise that if he becomes the next President he will be 67 years old ?  However, whether or not he is elected in 2012 and beats President Obama, in 2016 he could be faced by a yellow candidate of Chinese origin and born in, why not, New York !!! 


I was still just seventeen, when I stood on the Embankment of the Thames in 1953 with my school friends, for the cavalcade which passed by on the way to the Coronation of Elisabeth, to become the Queen of Great Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth.

As the cavalcade went by, we all tried to peer inside the cars, hoping to see someone we could recognise.  Suddenly, the cavalcade stopped right in front of us !!!   To my surprise the window of the car in front of me was wound down. When I looked closer I saw Nehru.  He was all smiles and spontaneously he shook hands with me, and probably others too !!!  

As loyal citizens of the Crown we all wish you, William and "Kate" (sorry, but I think that is how we, loyal subjects, will forever remember you and call you), a long and happy life together !!! 

Monday, 25 April 2011


The press reports today say that Alister Darling will reveal all during his time as Gordon Brown's chancellor, in a book to be published shortly.  Does he also explain in his "memoires" why he accepted Gordon Brown's point of view and did not resign ?

"Scorned Women" frequently want revenge,  and compensation  !!!  Politicians who have lost out seek at least a little comprehension but also attack to get the book's royalties !!!  Gordon Brown may suffer but will not have to pay !!!

When Gordon Brown, in turn, publishes his "memoires", Alister Darling's political career may well be buried forever !!!


Sunday, 24 April 2011


Demander la suspension de l'application du Traité de Schengen  au motif d'un afflux des immigrés en provenance de LAMPEDUSA, génant pour la France et pour  l'Italie, n'est rien d'autre que du bricolage !!!  Ainsi que le souligne Marine Le Pen, présidente du Front National,"une préjudiciable perte de temps".

Ni le Président Sarkozy en France, ni le Président Berlusconi du Conseil italien, ne se sont jamais penchés sérieusement sur le problème de l'immigration.  Les frontières de l'Union Européennne sont des passoires !!!

Certs ces deux Présidents ne peuvent rien faire sans l'appui de l'Union Européenne  et force est de constater que, depuis  l'élargissement de" l'espace de Schengen", il n'y a jamais eu de contrôles efficaces et strictes des immigrés !!!

Au contraire, il y a beaucoup d'élus dans l'U E qui veillent au respect du principe de libre circulation !!!
Les difficultés actuellement rencontrées sont une nouvelle illustration des conséquences de l' élargissement de l' Union Européenne.  En 1985, l'espace Schengen se limitait à la France, l'Allemagne et les trois pays du Bénélux...

Saturday, 23 April 2011


The FIFA Presidental election will take place on June,1 2011.  There are only two candidates !!!

   - Sepp Blatter, the current president, who stands for re-election having already completed three terms as President.
   - Bin Hammam, who is president of the Asian Football Association.

Neither candidate has really made known why he is standing for the post of President.  What is known is that Sepp Blatter wants and peads for stability and no real changes.  Bin Hammam wants change and Goal-line technology .

This Blog has many times criticised FIFA for being a closed shop !!!  The voting procedures are secret, discussions on key changes awaited for years (video technology for example), age limits for key directors, televised debates, are all examples of what football followers expect to be covered by candidates for the Presidency of FIFA !!!

Goal-line technology is one easy problem, but more difficult would be the modernisation of  the FIFA statutes. This too must be tackled !!!

Would it not be possible for FIFA on the one hand,  and the Televsion Chains on the other hand (they provide so much of the funds for FIFA), to organise a professional debate, with a professional interviewer, so that cash paying spectators of football can understand what the candidates would do during the next four years ? 

Would such a debate (in mid May) not be first step of many, to render less opaque the whole FIFA organisation ?   FIFA would then learn from their comments, what spectators really want !!!       

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


At present Britain has, since longer than 100 years, maintained the simple principle that in an election the candidate who has the most votes, is elected to serve his constituency. The candidate "FIRST PAST THE POST", is elected (FPTP). 

The "ALTERNATIVE VOTE" (A V) procedure lengthens the voting countdown in constituencies when no candidate has been elected, where no candidate has 50% + 1 vote !!!  The A V is taken into account, eliminates the last candidate and his A Vs are credited to other candidates until one candidate obtains 50%  + 1 vote !!!

This system gives second or third or fourth placed candidates another chance to be elected !!!

If, politically, this system is played out logically, it could easily thwart the election of a candidate placed first but without the necessary 50% of the vote.

The consequences of such situations could be a stale mate in the House of Commons !!!  This would lead to more numerous coalition governments than we have had in the last 100 years !!!

In fact, when the British voter wants a change, up to now he could get it.  In future this would be problematic.

This Blog knows what happened in France with the 4th Republic.  De Gaulle was begged to return, to take charge to avoid the numerous coalitions, and to create the 5th Republic !!!       


From press reports it appears that David Cameron would oppose any bid on behalf of Gordon Brown to become a recognised candidate to replace the current President of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Khan (DSK).

All the reasons given by David Cameron fully justify this position. After all, he is still sorting out the financial mess he inherited after the last General Election from Gordon Brown, the "the saviour of the world" during the recent Financial Crisis.  The "recent" World Financial Crisis is still far from being solved, particularly in the European Union !!!

This Blog would also oppose any nomination on behalf of Tony Blair to replace DSK !!!  The reasons are the same as those for Gordon Brown.  Both, with no hesitation, squandered billions of pounds which must now be recovered by David Cameron with draconian policies to put Britain back on an even keel.  Brown and Blair were opportunist politicians, they were far from the caliber of World Statesmen which the IMF will need to replace DSK.

If DSK wants to be a candidate for the Presidential election in France in May 2012, he must officially announce his intention on the 16 March 2012 at the latest.   He must have, like all the candidates, the 500 signatures of elected politicians, but must also have resigned from his post at the IMF. 

Candidates for the post at the IMF will in the meantime be thoroughly scrutinised !!!     

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


This Blog has already clearly stated that no country can really control International Banks, let alone Intercontinental Banks !!! Banks of this magnitude can circumvent or even circumnavigate any legal restrictions any country may wish to impose upon them !!! (article dated 4 August 2010 "Politicians and Banks)

One must not ignore the fact that these banks have shareholders.  Their directors must act to serve their shareholders and thus merit their annual bonuses !!!  Limpid local national restrictions or laws will never really deter Multinational or Intercontinental Banks. President Obama said it simply: " Banks are too big !!! "

All the recent top level discussions aimed at averting another Banking Crisis ignore the basic principle of law enforcerment which is:- "If you cannot penalise those who break a law, don't make the law" !!!  Those who are "guilty" will hold the "law" up to ridicule and contempt !!!

Unless there is an immediate intercontinental agreement to control certain activities of Banks and their directors nothing will change. To imagine such an agreement is utopian.

At present the most important consideration is to determine what the Westminster Parliament can do to protect National interests from a future demise of Banks which operate in the United Kingdom.

This Blog has already proposed that "National Banks" only, which have no foreign shareholders or subsidiaries, should be favoured with loans from the Bank of England !!!

Recognised National Banks only should be favoured with cheap "Tap Loans" to permit the furtherance of Government policies.  In particular this could apply to mortgage loans:  did MacMillan in the Fifties not give hope to many in this way ?

Westminster, and the Bank of England, must reconquer its control of the financial market !!!   Bankers who gamble must understand that they do not have a devine right to resurrection if their banks fail or make losses !!!    

Friday, 8 April 2011


At last the millions of football followers of smaller clubs than those in the Premiership can take heart !!!  The F A have stood firm and punished Rooney who acted like a typical hooligan in the match he played for Manchester United against West Ham.

A policeman has said that if Rooney or anyone else had acted like that in the street, he would have spent the night in a police cell !!!

Rooney is an international footballer. He gets high rewards. He must learn that he must always set a high example, to the public and his young fans !!! 

Thursday, 7 April 2011


The Criminal Laws of Great Britain enshrine the punishment that judges are expected to apply when making Judgements. It is not quite as simple as this, but normally judges are (were ?)  free to ensure that public safety is protected and that criminals are fairly punished.

Alas, regularly one reads in the press that a judge, who has the courage to say so, that he cannot punish a criminal the way he should be, because sentencing guidelines, issued with the benediction of the Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke, restrict his "independent" powers !!!  All hell breaks loose when a Judge is too soft, but the Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke,  never suffers any inconvenience !!!

This was not right when Jack Straw and Labour were in power, and it is no less right now when the Coalition Government rules.

In fact what nobody in politics wants to admit is that British prisons are old, decrepit and too small.  Their capacities are insufficient to be able to handle the various categories of criminals, some extremely dangerous and others less so !!!

Less than 100 years ago, the thought of a prison sentence was a deterrent !!!  It was considered a disgrace !!!  Nowadays if prisoners do not have a television set they consider their human rights have been breached !!!

David Cameron, Kenneth Clarke, and, of course, the Chancellor George Osborne, must recognise the fact that if they do nothing to secure the justice that their electors have a right to expect, the next 
general election will be their swan song !!!

It will then no longer be the fault of the Socialists !!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


This Blog, in an article on February 15, 2011, entitled "Will the E U limit Immigrants ?", asked this very question.  We now have the answer.

Italy has started issuing temporary entry documents valid for three months. These documents are renewable !!!  They are available today in Vingtimiglia, the border and crossing point between Italy and France.

In this way Italy wants to rid itself of the cost and burden of the refugees from, at present, Tunisia and in the very near future, from Libya, a former colony of Italy !!!

What does Silvio Berlusconi think ?  Anything worthwhile, or is he still too preoccupied with his private problems ?

How will President Sarkozy welcome the costs of these additional, illegal and non European refugees ?    How will he explain this to the Nation ?  Is Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front Party, not right on this whole issue ?

Lady Ashton, the E U Minister for Foreign Affairs (not elected but nominated by Gordon Brown !) has travelled extensively, even to Tunisia, but has been diplomatically brilliant on this problem by not saying anything worthwhile !!!   Could David Cameron not nominate someone else in her place !!!

The E U in fact has done nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigrants into Europe.  This problem is not new either !!!  It has been there for years and never has there been any politician who has proposed that the E U frontiers should be made safe from illegal immigrants.    

The time really is ripe when David Cameron should make a statement of intention about British membership of the E U .  If Europe does not accept to revise fundamentally all its basic principles in the light of the changing world during the last 50 years, Britain must consider withdrawing and in this way recover its independence !!!

Monday, 4 April 2011


The English Football Association is scared stiff at the thought that it must again decide whether to reprimand someone connected with Manchester United !!!  The player concerned is Wayne Rooney !!!

The last time they threw the book at Sir Alex Ferguson; the habitual villain was sentenced to five games in the stands instead of being on the bench.  Fine !!! Sir Alex moved five or ten yards away to the nearest stand seat and used a direct line telephone to remain in contact with the trainer's bench !!! (See the article in this blog on 22 March 2011).

Wayne Rooney, a star, an international footballer, very highly paid, used foul language when directly in front of television cameras filming and transmitting the match between  West Ham and Man. United last Saturday, 2 April 2011 !!!

Will the FA again do nothing ? Will they again be petrified of what could happen if Rooney is suspended or if Manchester United is inconvenienced ?  It would have been a lot more easy for the FA if this incident had happened in the match between Burton Albion vs Barnet !!!

Will the FA take into account the fact that Rooney is a role model for all young footballers, who will copy him because he is their idol, their star ?  Will the FA have enough courage to explain the reasons for its ultimate decision, not only to fans but also to the parents ?   

Sadly this is not the first time that Manchester United and its players or manager have failed to be a good example.   Everyone in the game of football will be watching how the FA reacts !!!       

Friday, 1 April 2011


Sepp Blatter, aged 75, after 12 years as President is seeking to be re-elected for another term of 4 years.  He promises this will be the last time that he seeks re-election !!!

He will woo with all the ardour he has, his old cronies of the last few years.  He will make promises with all the sincerity he can muster.  Will that change anything if he is re-elected  ?

Could he again promise the next World Cup (in 2026) to another unexpected country ?  Would there not be a revolution in FIFA ?

There are many unsolved problems in the modern game of football that have been negected for too long;  anyone can add to the following list:-   

 -  Will he introduce new FIFA laws ?
 -  Will he introduce video technology like in other sports ?
 -  Will he in any way protect referees ?
 -  What will he do with the Monetary reserves FIFA has ?
 -  Will the voting system in FIFA remain totally secret ?
 -  Will there be age limits for members of the Executive committee ?
 -  Will the number of members entitled to vote increase ?
 -  Will the remuneration packages of leading FIFA managers be rendered public ?
 -  Will the FIFA statutes be changed ?

These are some of the questions Sepp Blatter has neglected but must address when he goes wooing for votes !!!  Sepp Blatter is not the only candidate for his succession.  Bin Hammam of Qatar is the other candidate. There is therefore hope that there can be changes !!!