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Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Bashar Al Assad in Syria is orchestrating the butchering of thousands of "REBELS", with the benign benediction of the United Nations and the approval of Russia, which imposed its veto to stop any interference by other countries !!! 

The force used to kill residents in HOMS and which the world saw on television yesterday, seems to have had no effect on politicians or high ranking diplomats !!!

How is it that Russia can use its Veto in the UN to prevent anyone from stopping the GENOCIDE by ASSAD in Syria ?  Why must the genocide go on ?  Is it because Russia has a key Naval Base there, or is it because Russia sells armaments and missiles to Syria ?

What will happen next ?  ASSAD and his wife ASMA, born, bred and educated in Britain finally manage to flee SYRIA with their lives and then settle in RUSSIA ? Or they ask Russia for help and troops are sent in to "occupy" the country ?

What will the UNITED NATIONS diplomats then decide ?  Or will it be too late ?