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Monday, 13 February 2012


As expected, whatever the result of the vote in the Greek Parliament, there were thousands of people in the streets in Greece at midnight yesterday. The protests were massive, not by politicians, but by the people who expect to suffer !!!

The politicians in Greece voted and accepted the EU conditions for a further "Bail out Loan" of 130 billion Euros !!!   Have electors in Greece really understood the effect, on their personal lives, of the conditions voted by their Parliament, or which their local Member of Parliament supported, even if only passively ? 

Greek Politicians want to save their "personal acquired rights" !!!  Said simply, this is their retirement pension !!!  These acquired rights are a problem !!!

The next General Elections will take place in Greece in April 2012.   Up to now Greek politicians have, in my humble opinion "saved their bacon", for just a few  weeks !!!  EU electors and taxpayers have been "hung out to dry" !!!

Sarkozy wants to save the EURO with the money of French taxpayers.  He faces elections imminently,  i. e. April /May  2012 !!!  Merkel, likewise, faces elections but in 2013, but is prepared to "support him" with her presence, etc etc !!!

Can the EURO survive, I have never really had any doubts !!!   But if Italy or Spain really needs to be saved, I hope the EUROZONE will hesitate before "jumping in" to the rescue !!! 

With all the re-elections on the horizon, some of the current politicians will be glad to retire if they are beaten !!!