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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Yesterday, February 21, the Constitutional Court declared that the publishing of the names of Mayors who sponsor a candidate  is in line with the Constitution.  The request by Marine Le Pen (and two other Candidates, Corinne Lepage and Christine Boutin) that the names of sponsors  should not be published, was therefore refused.

The article in this Blog dated 25 December 2011 "French Presidentials: "The race for 500 Sponsors"  details the background to this problem.

There are at present 7 candidates who apparently already have the 500 sponsors, but there are 6 candidates who only have between 490 and 275 sponsors.

Marine Le Pen, who needs another 80 or 90 sponsors to be safe,  decries the situation as being undemocratic.  The two favourites to top the poll are haunted by the thought that she could perhaps beat either one or the other !!!  Although they could help her, neither will dare to do so.

Marine Le Pen, the President of the National Front Party, who in Opinion Polls is in third place with 17% to 20%, has managed to scrape together only 430 sponsors.

Candidates must file the names of their Sponsors on March 16.  They will then be checked and the list of valid candidates to take part in the first round of voting will be made known on  March 20.   The first round of voting will be on April 22.