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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Top diplomats everywhere, in EU countries or in the UN, seem not to have the slightest idea how to stop Syria slaughtering its inhabitants.  Added to this, it also seems that the "Freedom Fighters" who are opposing the Government of Bashar Assad, are Islamists who have connections with Al Quaeda and who want to introduce sharia laws.

Russia and China, two of the 5 members of the UN Security Council who have a Veto,  used their Veto to prevent action by the UN in Syria !!! One must ask why !!!  

Press reports state that Russia has a fleet of boats in a port on the Syrian Coast and other reports state that China supplies "weapons" !!!  In this context Qatar also has interests in Syria.  It would seem that the use of vetoes in this case is unacceptable. To fulfill its role the UN must continue to pursue even more rigorously its aim to limit the use of vetoes. 

Nontheless, the EU Leaders could usefully consider blocking entry of all Chinese exports into the EU if it continues to sell to Syria !!!  This would lead to more production in the EU but also require a better customs control at EU frontiers, one of the big weak points of the EU !!!