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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


François Bayrou, the candidate of the Democratic Party, said on the French television that if he was elected President of France he would reduce the number of MP's from 577 to 400. Of the 400, 100 would be elected on a proportional basis.

This is a clever proposition on his part to reduce costs, but also to correct an injustice.  His party polled 10% of the votes in 2007 but only obtained 3 seats.  In the same way this would also favour the National Front of Marine Le Pen.  On the other hand the two major parties would never dare to make such a proposition for obvious reasons !!!

François Bayrou, of course, limited his proposition to the French Parliament in this Presidential election.  What I and many other people really think is that there are too many politicians and not enough taxpayers to bear the costs !!!   This is true in many countries other than just in France.  

It is true too in numerous international organisations (The United Nations Organisation, the EU and soon the Eurozone, the World Health Organisation, The Human Rights Organisation, etc. etc.) which are there for the benefit of taxpayers, but sometimes I wonder whether these organisations are as efficient as private industries or companies, which can only continue to exist if they make a profit !!!