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Friday, 3 February 2012


Improving the rights of cyclists in GREAT BRITAIN, as  the TIMES NEWSPAPER aspires to promote, needs to be very carefully studied.  I am fully aware that leading cyclists in Britain, the Real International Champions of whom Britain is so proud, want to improve the lot of cyclists in cities and towns.

The mayor in Paris has done exactly what I think THE TIMES and others may have in mind !!!  One-way roads for cars have been turned into two-way roads for cyclists.  Cyclists have been liberated and now ride down pavements, across pedestrian crossings and ignore red traffic lights.  That is what residents in Paris suffer every day !!!  Alas there are no official accident statistics available !!!

As for motorcycles, they are parked on pavements everywhere with impunity.  The problems concerning cyclists and motorcyclists is that they are never brought to book !!!  This is a serious problem in Paris. 

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London would be well advised to contact and visit his opposite number in Paris, Bertrand Delanoë !!!