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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


These days David Cameron appears to be a little lost by all the problems surrounding him.  Seen from Europe, Paris in fact where I live, he is fighting on two fronts.

At home he has the Coalition with the Liberals,  with Nick Clegg !!!  Do Liberal members really vote meaningfully when something important comes up ?  Do they contribute ?   Or do they only want to further the aims of the Liberal Party ? 

There is also the Problem of Justice in Britain !!!  Is the Minister of Justice, Kenneth Clark, a real Conservative ?  He appears more like a Liberal who does not want to see real offenders who merit a heavy sentence, get more than a rap over the "Knuckles". 

In Europe, should Britain not seize the chance to impose its will ?  In my opinion the EUROZONE is creating its own problems.  The EU exists and now is the moment to decide what Britain can do to save the EU !!!  What could stop Cameron if he decided to call a Meeting of all the EU Countries now, at a time when Sarkozy is fighting for his political life in France, and Merkel has elections in 2013 ?

Whatever the answer to the last question, France and Germany are mainly, solely, interested in the survival of the EURO !!! 

This Blog hopes David Cameron will grasp the mettle !!!