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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


It was a small candidate, who alas, has no hope this year, of making a big impression on how  electors will vote on Sunday, who ripped into all that is wrong in the EU and other internal problems in France.  He laid bare the problems and proposed the evident solutions for which he will probably never be credited !!!

The Candidate is NICOLAS DUPONT-AIGNON, who has created his Party with the name "DEBOUT LA REPUBLIQUE" (STAND-UP THE REPUBLIC).  Before his hour long, fluent speech yesterday he was credited with about 1% of the votes.  He has a future, and his time may come in 5 years time !!!

The two leading candidates have, I would say, agreed not to reveal to the French electorate the consequences of current problems in Europe.  The consequences would, in my opinion, totally destroy all that either candidate has promised to the electorate if he wins !!!  Both candidates have sidelined all discussions of the EU problems.

Something else which has not been explained is that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who was more than ready to help Sarkozy in his re-election campaign, suddenly disappeared  from TV screens with no explanation !!!  Have they had a rift ? 

One could say that the French Presidential Election should only cover French affairs ?  Alas this is not true.  The Cost of supporting the EURO, the Cost of uncontrolled Immigration, etc, will hit everyone resident in France in the Pocket !!!