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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Until the outgoing President, Nicolas Sarkozy, announced his intention to stand for a second term of five years, there were regular meetings almost every week on the EURO crisis with EU partner countries.

Sarkozy then announced that the EURO had been saved and since then there have been no real discussions in the French Presidential Elections of problems still facing the EU and the "Eurozone" which will be created very shortly, i.e. after the Presidential Election and the General Election in France.

Various candidates have raised and identified problems but there has been no serious discussion !!!  What is absolutely clear is that no one really seems to know how all these  problems will be resolved,  some even in 2012 !!!

I have just read a book written in French by Claude All├Ęgre entitled "Peut-on encore sauver l'Europe ?" (Can one still save Europe ?).  This book is simply written and explains clearly the hidden problems and complexities of   solving  them and the EU.   

This Blog has frequently alerted readers to problems not addressed by politicians, to the structural problems of the EU which are "brushed under the carpet" to avoid closer inspection.  This same style pervades the French Presidential discussions.

Will Sarkozy be re-elected or will it perhaps be Hollande ?  How will France be represented in Europe ?  Mme Merkel has finally decided not to speak on Europe and help Sarkozy which means there will be no big speeches on the future of the EU nor the cost of bailing out perhaps Spain and other countries !!!