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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


After the result of the first round of voting became known, President Sarkozy proposed to François Hollande that there should be three televised debates so that electors could understand the position of both candidates in these Presidentials.   Hollande refused point blank !!!  Usually there is only one Debate !!!

Anyone and everyone reading this can imagine what he will, to explain this reaction !!!  Electors, however, need to be informed by both Candidates to come to their best opinion !!!

This Blog author is convinced that in the current political climate, and circumstances,  3 Televised Debates are necessary, not to say essential !!!   The subjects of these debates, must clearly cover ;

1)  Political intentions on reforms inside France during the next 5 years.

2) Political solutions concerning the "EUROZONE" .

3) Steps necessary to revise the major Treaties which govern the EU .

France is a major "player" in EUROPE and Hollande, if he is elected President of France, must step into the shoes of Sarkozy.  Electors in France should be made aware of how François Hollande, if he is elected as the next President, has the intention to tacle all these problems !!! 

In fact, at present only one debate has been scheduled, for May 2, 2012 !!!  Is this enough; will they have enough time to cover everything ?