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Friday, 6 April 2012


When critics attack from every angle, after just two years of Conservative rule, an analysis is necessary to find out "Why" ?  Whatever the result, changes will be necessary to maintain an equilibrium !!!

For a Briton like me watching from the outside, it seems that there are two forces which want change.  Those which want to leave the EU and those which want more liberal "respect" !!!

Leaving the EU is not, in my opinion, a viable option in the immediate future !!!  It would mean not only leaving the EU but also abandoning the Human Rights Act, to recover in fact the authority of British judges !!!  However, in order to be able to recover the control of UK borders, Identity Cards must be introduced.  This cannot happen overnight !!!

Liberal respect is another important issue !!!  The Coalition with the Liberals must be reappraised.  Liberals  in Parliament, are working against the Government.  With a pro-EU Minister of Justice, Kenneth Clark, who in fact almost "advocates" soft justice, Liberals are buoyed !!! This ties the hands of judges which is not right !!!  Is the answer not to build more prisons to give judges more freedom ? 

Finally, increasing taxes, shifting the burden of the cost of the unemployed on their families, is not an acceptable solution !!!  The Government must build Motorways and Prisons and Nuclear Centers for the future. This would for example, provide work for the unemployed !!!