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Saturday, 21 April 2012


I watched Murray lose against Berdych but I think that was because he played like a base-line slogger !!!  I realize that hard courts are perhaps not his favourite surface.  Nonetheless, as a seasoned professional, the World N° 4 must look at how his old friend Djokovitch adapts to new challenges !!!

Murray has all the shots but lacks surprise techniques, like going up to the net in the case of Berdych.  Another problem he has, in my opinion and in simple English, is that he suffers from "butterflies in the belly" !!!  He does something perfectly then ruins the effect by losing the next game or two for no evident reason !!!  It happens too often.

To put it another way, he lacks the "killer"instinct !!!

Andy, the whole of Britain watches you and suffers with you !!!  Think it over, you have a good coach so why not talk to him about this ?