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Monday, 16 April 2012


This week will see frantic attempts by the four leading  candidates, to hammer home to electors their policies in order to attain the next round of the Presidential race !!!

Fran├žois Hollande has been surfing on a comfortable lead against the outgoing President for the last few weeks.  Can he maintain this lead ?  His "big" meeting yesterday in front of 100 000 supporters just outside Paris, was not really that of a showman.  He did not inspire "new" hope because he did not pepper his speech with "new" ideas.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, who represents the extreme left, Saturday in Marseilles, put on a real show particularly when one knows that he has already amassed many left wing "floating" voters with his extreme left promises.  He in fact hopes to be able to negotiate favourably with  Hollande for future political favours if either of them is first or second next Sunday.

Outgoing President Sarkozy put on a spectacular "show" when he adressed 100 000 spectators on the "Place Concorde" in the center of Paris yesterday.  He admitted that he had not met all the promises he had made 5 years ago as Candidate, but he promised some of them again.  He again spoke of the Past World Events which obliged him to change his program, but he never spoke of the problems awaiting France in the immediate future.  In one word these problems all concern the EURO !!! 

Marine Le Pen, the Extreme Right candidate of the National Front is very sensitive of the fact that Sarkozy is overtly "stealing" some of the National Front ideas, particularly with respect to immigration not to speak of migration in the EU, and simply the EU itself.  Marine Le Pen is also hoping to spring a surprise in spite of the Opinion Polls because just like 5 years ago, Sarkozy is again wooing her electors but not having delivered on his promises since, they may not want to be duped for a second time !!! 

The coming few days will be turbulent.  Opinion Polls will try to gage the temperature.  This Blog will follow things closely !!!