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Sunday, 22 April 2012


The first results of the five major Candidates are as follows:

Hollande (Socialist)                       28,40%

Sarkozy (Centre Right)                 25,50%

Le Pen  (National Front)                20,00%

Melenchon (Left Front)                  11,70%

Bayrou (Centrist)                              8,50%

The first observation one must make is that the number of voters 80% in this Presidential Election is higher than all predictions.  This is particularly striking because families with school children have a habit of going on holiday at this time of the year.  But this also reflects the anxiety all over France where the unemployed represent about 10% of the working population.

In France itself the next milestone for the President is to call a General Election before June 10, 2012.  The result will reveal if he has a working Majority or if he has to work with a "hung parliament".

Other problems in France concern uncontrolled EU migration and  immigration, the National Debt of 1.5 trillion Euros and Asian imports.

The EU, the "EUROZONE" and the EURO, are all problems for France and its electors.  Whatever solution is finally adopted it will cost money and the taxpayers will have to pay !!!  The EUROZONE treaty has not yet been adopted.  I believe a draft is ready.

Will the Franco - German bridgehead still continue ?  Chancellor Merkel has elections coming up next year !!! President Sarkozy may replaced by President Hollande !!! 

The discussions between Hollande and Sarkozy during the run-off debates during the next two weeks will certainly cover all the points highlighted above and many others.  However there is one question which both candidates must clearly answer.  Will they introduce the  legislation necessary which would permit a limited amount proportional representation of small Parties in the National Assembly ?  

Both candidates, Hollande and Sarkozy, have at different times promised to do this.   If they want to benefit from the electors of Melenchon, Le Pen and perhaps Bayrou, it will mean modifying the Constitution.  Likewise the secrecy, or non-publication of the names of Mayors who have "Sponsored" Presidential Candidates !!!  These are two undemocratic problems in France at Present !!!