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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


The principle which seems to guide appeals against referee decisions in football matches is sometimes difficult to comprehend and to explain !!!

The basic principle "seems" to be that if the referee has seen the incident he is deemed to have made a decision, whether this has stopped play or not. 

If the referee has not seen an incident (because he was unsighted or it happened behind his back) then punishment could be meted out after a game by the Football Association of the clubs involved. 

Queens Park Rangers lost their appeal because the referee "saw" the incident, decided that Ashley Young of Manchester United was "not offside", that Shaun Derry of QPR "pushed Young to the ground" and that "Young did not dive into the penalty area" !!!  This justified the red card for Derry (and his suspension for one match), and the subsequent Penalty, which Rooney converted !!!

To think that FIFA are still scratching around with the aim of testing and introducing "Goaline Technology" !!!  Only Video Replays could have brought justice to the incident in the MU vs QPR match.  The QPR manager, Mark Hughes said as much four years ago, that Video Replays should be introduced !!!   The final irony is that he was a star Man. United player in his heydays !!! 

FIFA did nothing wrong !!!  They have delegated this problem to the English FA who are emprisoned and bound by FIFA laws. FIFA ON THE OTHER HAND REMAIN A BUNCH OF ANGELS ABOVE ANY LAW !!!

When will Blatter "GO" ? When will he retire and give a chance to others to modernize this wonderfull "Game of Football" ? WHEN, WHEN Mr Blatter, name the date if you dare !!!