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Monday, 30 April 2012


In a powerful campaign speech yesterday, Sarkozy sumarized the events of recent years by saying that he wanted a return of the values which the French cherished most.

Particularly in the context of the EU and the "Eurozone", he  thinks that it is necessary now to update Treaties and the general organization.  Europe cannot continue with  "open frontiers", uncontrolled immigration and migration,  and be submerged with cheap imports from Asian countries using child labour.

Third World countries, before exporting to France or Europe must also have trade agreements to buy products from France or Europe.

France cannot accept unlimitated immigration, either directly or via other EU countries.  Border controles must be reintroduced to limit immigrants and also the import of goods. Social benefits must be earned by immigrants just like they are by French nationals.

From very recent Opinion Polls, Sarkozy is facing defeat in the election next Sunday !!!  However, one could also say that his speech yesterday, albeit very powerful, was too little and much too late to save his skin !!!

However, he still has one major, last chance !!!  That is the face to face debate which pits him against Fran├žois Hollande on French Television, on Wednesday May 2, at 20,50 French time.