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Sunday, 3 June 2012


The  EU, because of its treaties, never takes into account the effect of elections in any of its member countries.  EU politicians are elected every 5 years and afterwards, nothing, not even national elections can interfere with their EU  "sinecure" !!!

This Blog has stated several times that this is something which must be changed when ultimately the Lisbon Treaty is revised !!!  The EU must be made to feel the wind of change in each country member !!!

The coming two or three weeks will see the result of  elections in France, where the Socialists will probably obtain a good working majority in the National Assembly.  This would enable the new President Hollande to consolidate the good impression he has made in the international arena recently !!!

Also on the 17th of June the result of the Greek vote will be made known !!!   Will Greece remain in the EUROZONE or not ?  The repercussions of the result of this vote will be many.

Inside Greece there could be panic.  There could be a civil war.  What else can one expect when the rights of civilians are flouted ?

In the EU there will also be panic, but also, perhaps, relief !!!  If Greece leaves the EURO it will be the end of more aid to Greece !!! 

Then however, the spectre of helping SPAIN will arise immediately !!!  And then ITALY ?  And then Portugal again ?  And so on, and so on again ?

No !!!  There is another solution, if, and this is a big if, there is a politician with character and guts who insists it is time to revise the Lisbon Treaty (and others) to update the rules of the EU !!!

The Lisbon Treaty has created "current" problems, but it also has "permanent" flaws which must be revised !!!