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Friday, 15 June 2012


The EUROZONE "has" :

   - 17 members, small countries and big countries,
   - countries which live from what they produce, countries which live from services they supply.
   - all these countries have independent Governments.
   - all these countries have the EURO as their currency,
   - all these countries could "benefit" from the "Stability Fund" which has been created to protect their "EURO", but,
   - all these countries could be obliged to contribute to the "Stability Fund"  if "rescues" incurr losses !!!

EUROZONE "has not"

   -  the control over the management of affairs in each member country,

   - if coutry members overspend, for whatever reason !!! 
   - if budget structures are "wrong"(structures justifiably vary in each country), 
   - there is no central Eurozone control.

Effective Eurozone control can only come when the 17 countries in the Club adhere to the rules of one and the same TREATY !!!

The EUROZONE Club needs an independant TREATY away from the EU to properly govern its 17 members !!! 

The imminent crisis during the coming days, will highlight the present shortcomings;  other EU members are not directly involved and will oppose all and any attempts to prevent "EUROZONE" legislation to be introduced in the framework of the "EU" !!!  Is that not normal ?