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Saturday, 16 June 2012


Today is supposed to be a day of rest from political campaining in France to give voters the breather required to calmly think about whom to elect !!!

Many candidates however, already know what result to expect, but are wondering how or why or when everything went wrong for them !!! 

36 Candidates obtained more than 50% of the votes cast last Sunday and were directly elected.  This leaves 541 who will be elected to-morrow, even if they do not get more than 50% of the votes !!!

There are numerous seats where 3 candidates are still fighting it out !!!  This includes about 30 seats where the   candidates are from the three major parties, i.e. the Socialists, the UMPs and Extreme Right or National Front.

In fact there is a dog fight between the UMP Party which supported Sarkozy, the former President and The National Front, or extreme right, lead by Marine Le Pen. The UMP secretary Jean-François Copé refused point blank to discuss any mutual withdrawal of candidates with the NF.

In the first round this lead to avoidable gains by the Socialists.  It already means that the Left Wing Alliance of parties will have a majority the national Parliament.  What remains to be seen is whether the Socialists alone will get a working majority.

What also is at stake to-morrow is whether the National Front will get its first elected MPs.  Marine Le Pen polled 6.4 million votes (or 17.6%) in the Presidentials and FN candidates polled 3.5 million votes (or 13.6%) last Sunday, yet FN has no elected MPs. 

Late to-morrow evening France will get the final verdict but already many former MPs have started moving out of their official offices, including 106 sitting MPs who did not present themselves for re-election !!!

Next week the new MPs will move in and fight for the best offices !!!