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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


President Holland's second "Companion", Valerie Trierweiler, sent an unexpected "tweet" to Olivier Falorni, saying "Have courage, you who have had the courage to fight the cause of your electorate for so many years !!!".

This has been a real "bombshell" for President Hollande and the Socialists !!!  The other Candidate who opposes Olivier Falorni is none other than the first "Companion" of President Hollande, by the name of Segolene Royal, who is also the mother of their four children !!!

The President was certainly happy to accede to the request of Segolene (who devotedly served him during his election campaign) to be the next Speaker in the National Parliament.  For this she needed a "safe seat" in the current General Election.

She got the "seat", except that afterwards a former well-known local political agent of the Socialist Party decided also to stand !!!  He has refused to withdraw !!!

This "Tweet" has provoked more than 50 000 others, perhaps 100 000 by now and has made President Hollande a laughing stock in France just one month after his election !!! 

All the "Heavyweights" in the Socialist organisation have flown to the aid of Segolene !!!  Will this have any effect ?  We shall see next Sunday !!!