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Sunday, 3 June 2012


With reference to story N° 2 (The war of the new leaders) published on 27 May 2012, an Opinion Poll has just been carried out for the French newspaper "Parisien Libéré".

The object was to discover the popularity of the three main leaders of the UMP party.  The results were as follows;

   François Fillon                     48%
   Alain Juppé                          33%
   Jean-François Copé            12%

The general impression today, one week before the first round of voting next Sunday, is that the Socialists are actively campaigning to get a working majority in the National Assembly.

The National Front is also doing all it can to get its first MP's elected.

The UMP party is making a less impressive impact, which may mean that the Socialists may get the working majority they are aiming for.  This in turn may lead to changes in the organisation of the UMP party at its annual convention in the autumn.