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Monday, 31 December 2012


You all have a fervant character, you all defend your opinions, whether you are on the right or the left.  You may be white, black or coloured but you are forthright, whether others agree with what you say, or not !!!

Critics hit back at you but you have the thick hide of  mammals. You know how to embarass your critics and  adversaries, but you also know how to defend yourselves !!!

You may be an elected leader like Obama, Putin, Cameron, Merkel or Hollande, (there are so many others) and also some who are retired, who hit the headlines regularly.      

May I and the readers of this Blog, just like other critics, Sincerely wish You All , 

    - A Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013 !!! 


Sunday, 30 December 2012


One of the aims clearly expressed by François Hollande, among his 60 historic promises when he was the Socialist Candidate in the Presidential Election was to tax the income of  "over rich earners".

When the law was drafted this became a tax on those who earned more than 1 Million Euros ! 

It ignored the rules of the taxable basis of a family !  It was thrown out by the Constitutional Court for this reason ! It was against a fundamental Principle of the Constitution.

Socialists are in uproar because they consider that the intended Law was thrown out because the majority of the members of this Court are "Right Wingers" !  The reality is that the law was badly drafted and contravened the Rules of the French Constitution. 

Former President Sarkozy, now a lifelong member of this very Court, also had a law invalidated in 2009 !

The current  problem revolves on the principle that one must respect the rights of all citizens !  The rules must specify the rate of tax but must also recognise the allowances already available.

Many "Tycoons" who want to avoid additional high taxes envisage emigrating to more favourable tax countries, not to say tax havens.

Ultimately President Hollande may have to weigh the "pros and cons" to decide how far he wants to go !  This is but one additional problem that has surfaced recently.


Saturday, 29 December 2012


Pour ne pas heurter l'opinion, le mariage homosexuel  est présenté par le Gouvernement Socialiste comme "le mariage pour tous" !  Cette expression est à la fois inexacte et trompeuse.

A cet égard, l'argumentaire de l'église catholique est tout à fait intéressant.  Il y est rappelé qu'un mariage, c'est une union entre:
   - deux personnes,
   - deux personnes de sexe différent,
   - deux personnes qui ne sont pas de la même famille.

Le "mariage pour tous" ne concerne pour le moment que l'extention du mariage à deux personnes du même sexe.  Cessons donc l'utilisation hypocrite de la formule "mariage pour tous" !



Once again "Honours" have been bestowed on worthy people.  But, have all those who have been "gonged" or "honoured" really earned what they have got ?  

In Victorian times there were no "Sportsmen or Women". But later there were Politicians and Civil Servants. Even later leading Civil Servants and Politicians "expected" a "Gong", to be elevated to the rank of "Sir or Dame".

I think it is high time that one should rethink the "Honours System" !  It needs to be modernised, completely revised.  How can politicians or Civil Servants expect "Gongs or an honour" just because they are in their job, presumely doing what is expected ?

To be quite clear, a one time hero, or a Sportsman or Woman, like Sir Bradley Wiggins, who is not destined to dominate his sport as an Athlete into the unforeseeable future, needs national recognition.  There are also other "Sportspeople", but who have not been "recognised", or let's say, rewarded, for their efforts !

If British Honours are to retain their value, should the Prime Minister not provoke a "re-evaluation" of the entire system to avoid a devaluation of the "initial" intentions ?


Friday, 28 December 2012


Dur, dur pour François Hollande de se démarquer de son prédécesseur Nicolas Sarkozy!

Sur les traces des Présidents Sarkozy et Chirac, François Hollande s'est ainsi rendu au marché de Rungis ce jeudi le 27 décembre à 4 heures 30 du matin avec les ministres délégués de l'agroalimentaire et de la consommation pour une "visite surprise" de 5 heures!

Mais pour qui était la surprise ?  Certainement pas pour les journalistes déja présents en nombre!

On se souvient, lorsque Nicolas Sarkozy s'était rendu à Rungis en 2007 et en 2008, pour saluer la France qui travaille et se lève tôt, François Hollande, premier secrétaire du PS s'était gaussé: "se préoccuper des Français, ce n'est pas se lever nécessairement tôt le matin, c'est être capable de répondre à leurs questions."

Souhaitons à François Hollande d'apporter aux Français les bonnes réponses au cours de l'année 2013 !

Friday, 21 December 2012


INDIA won ! Well done !

But should England not have chosen Panesar or Swann to play ?  Would they not have had the capability to "dumb down" the Indian sloggers ?

If England cannot beat India in the Twenty20 games, India will never accept that they lost against the England Tourists !!! 

Thursday, 20 December 2012


Amnesty International criticises Greece in its report published today because Greece does not respect the Human Rights of unwanted "Illegal Immigrants" from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Is Amnesty International not guilty of the same crime ?  It criticises a country which is financially on its knees, but it does not provide the remedy !  Greece does not have the means to ensure the Human Rights of unwanted "illegal immigrants" !

Is Amnesty International prepared to finance Greece for the cost of providing and ensuring the Human Rights of "Illegal and Migrant Immigrants" ?  Does no one in the Amnesty International Organization realize or understand the Greek problem ? To be quite blunt, Greece is "bankrupt" !!!

Does Amnesty International have the right to criticise Greece ? Is that not too easy, facile in fact, if no real solution is proposed ?  Should it not criticise the EU or the EUROZONE ?  None of their Leaders have ever done anything effective to stem, on a long term basis, Illegal Immigration into the EU ! There are also other places than Greece in the EU where the Human Rights of Unwanted Illegal Immigrants are not respected ! 

The criticisms by Amnesty International are probably very well founded, but misdirected !!!  One should not attack the weak:  one should attack the root cause ! One should not attack the Organisations which do not have the means ! One should attack those which could bring about change yet still do nothing, to change matters !  

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Origially, the idea of "Diplomatic Immunity"  was conceived in an era when "diplomats", "envoys"', were confronted with real physical harm !

Why now do we see, in Paris where I live, and elsewhere where I do not live, numerous "diplomatic vehicles" which park anywhere they wish, but with impunity ?  

In fact, is the problem not much more profound ?    Should "Diplomatic Immunity" not be redefined from the point of view of those who could or should be covered ?

The smallest "Diplomatic Embassy" seems to have the same rights as those of the "biggest embassies"  in any country !   

That there are abuses is clear !  What is not clear is how anyone could restrain these abuses !  Diplomats are in a club !   Does anyone in the "Club" really want to disturb the comfortable lives of Diplomatic Life ?

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


All recent Opinion Polls in France have been very negative in their perception of President Hollande and his chosen Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault.  

Although they are old political "buddies" they do not  give the impression that they are working as a team !!!  Ayrault runs his team of "ministers" but in the final ressort it is Hollande who decides what must be done !!!

Socialist aims, entrenched in the "60 promises" made by Hollande to become President, have now stagnated in the face of reality;  one cannot push through idealistic goals when there is increasing unemployment and no money in the kitty.

Many decisions on the "60 promises" made have now been revised, watered-down, or their implementation has  been delayed.

As the Minister for "Industrial Reorganisation", Arnaud Montebourg discovered recently that partial, temporary or total nationalisations are not possible without legislation.  He was overruled but not sacked !

One says in France that electors have a short memory.  That may very well be true but only for fervant party supporters.  Floating voters perhaps have longer memories, but, when the time comes their votes could count double if they change sides ! 


Sunday, 16 December 2012


C'est bien connu, les assureurs savent encaisser les primes dues par les assurés au titre des contrats souscrits mais rechignent à les indemniser lorsque ceux ci sont victimes de sinistres.

Mieux, lorsque les sinistres sont trop fréquents, la compagnie d'assurances résilie purement et simplement le contrat.

Je viens d'en faire une nouvelle fois l'expérience:

Cette année, je subis un nouveau dégât des eaux imputable encore à l'occupant de l'étage supérieur (mon voisin est dans ce domaine un "récidiviste").

Cette même année, je suis également victime d'une tentative de cambriolage, mais ma porte super protégée résiste vaillamment à la tentative d'effraction et les dommages, bien que limités, entraînent une réparation de 1200 euros. Somme immédiatement remboursée par mon assurance, la compagnie "A..", après déduction de la franchise de 300 euros prévue au contrat.

Deux mois plus tard,l'assurance "A.." m'informe qu'elle met fin à mon contrat d'assurances!

C'est donc une double peine qui vient de m'être appliquée alors que je n'ai aucune responsabilité dans ces sinistres !

Ironie du sort:la société d'assurances "A.." vient de m'adresser un questionnaire de satisfaction !


Thursday, 13 December 2012


The "Economic Theory" that saving Greece with repeated loans of billions of Euros, could also "save" or "prevent an attack" on the EURO, has never enticed contributors to this Blog !

The national accounts presented by Greece which enabled it, which qualified it, to adopt the EURO as its currency were completely flawed.  All the "Economic" facts were false !

Politicians in the EU "Come and Go".  No one now accepts any responsibility that Greek accounts were not "professionally" audited, but simply "adopted" !

Today, we learn that Greece has again obtained 34.3 billion Euros to comfort the slide into 2013 !!!

When finally Greek citizens decide that they can no longer bear to suffer the pain of continued EU demands to "reduce their living standards", they will perhaps march with their feet and force political changes and elections.

What Greece needs economically is a complete overhawl, a purification !   Every Greek elector knows, better than any Greek politician, or EU politician, what is really required !!!

Greece is bankrupt !!!  All EUROZONE countries will have to  "pick-up the bill" ultimately.  The sooner the better, or is there still more new hope ?  Current top EUROZONE politicians will soon "retire" anyway or will not be re-elected !  Will they "ever" accept to answer for these current problems or anything else after they are gone ?

When Greece votes to abandon the EURO and to adopt the former Drachme, EU taxpayers will finally, perhaps, be able to count the cost !!!


Le départ et l'installation en Belgique de l'acteur français Gérard Depardieu afin d'échapper au fisc, a ému et scandalisé nombre de nos dirigeants politiques. Pourtant en l'état actuel de la législation, rien ne s'y oppose...

Certains ont alors proposé d'instituer une déchéance de la nationalité française à l'encontre de ceux qui se domicilient à l'étranger pour se soustraire à l'impôt en France...

Nos politiques jamais à court d'idée, songeront ils  également à sanctionner financièrement les français qui partent à l'étranger  pour y passer leurs vacances au lieu de rester dans nos régions françaises et de favoriser notre activité touristique ?

Passer ses vacances en France serait ainsi élevé au rang d'acte patriotique, d'acte de solidarité au même titre qu'y payer ses impôts ...


Wednesday, 12 December 2012


These two giant, international politicians, are "Hogging the Headlines", but perhaps not for the best political reasons !  Neither is yet out of the woods !!!

Both face further criminal accusations, either in France for DSK or in Italy for Berlusconi, for accusations of a sexual nature.

Having agreed a settlement with Nafissatou Diallo, DSK avoided a court appearance.  Political commentators are of the impression that he may never again play a part in  politics.  But who knows ?  He will only be 64 on his next birthday in April 2013. 

In the case of Berlusconi matters are "ongoing" !!!  He is a multi-millionaire aged 76 but does not seem to want to realise that the end of the "political" road is near.  He is clearly aiming to become the next Prime Minister of Italy.  

Is his real, private, aim not to recover his former rights when then it could be impossible by law to level criminal accusations against him ?  

Is there really nobody in Italy who is, after all the years when Berlusconi was in power, capable of doing a better job to save Italy and, to be blunt, to save the EU and also to avert the crises on the horizon ? 

Monday, 10 December 2012


What are "Gay Marriages" ?  A legal marriage in most countries represents the union of a man and woman, after a legal ceremony, recognised by law, which implies the acceptation by both partners of the obligations of the Marriage contracted.

The consequences of a "marriage contract" are binding until the death of either contracting party, man or woman, unless a divorce is legally pronounced beforehand !!!

There are also other legal conditions which are applicable immediately.  Besides the obligation to mutually support each other, in sickness and in health, the State taxes the family income and provides pensions and benefits during the marriage and even after the death of either the husband or wife.  Likewise inheritance rights are also recognised by the law even if  one or both parties to the marriage contract dies.

In France "gay marriages", known as "Marriages for Everyone", will be recognised by Parliament early next year (2013).  "Marriages for Everyone" means only marriages between two partners: love is not enough to justify the marriage of three people !!!  

Do "gay partners" understand that they may need to divorce if after a certain time they "want to separate"?  

Would "infidelity" or mental cruelty be an acceptable  ground for divorce in a gay "marriage" ? 

It would seem that everyone only ever talks about the rights of "gay" partners !!! Never their "obligations", either to each other or to Society.  Will the Laws, in any country, clearly cover all these aspects, in detail ?  

Saturday, 8 December 2012


This is not a problem which has "suddenly" surfaced ! It has now become evident, because even laymen realise that there has been abuse !!!  It is incomprehensible when international organisations with sales of millions if not billions, avoid paying tax on abnormally low profits.

If this is not a "new" problem, has it not been going on for much too long ?  Have international organisations, Groups and Companies not been burdening subsidiaries  in other countries with barely justifiable costs ?

Are "Head Office" costs for "guiding" or "directing" subsidiaries acceptable to be booked as real costs for the subsidiaries concerned ?  Are invoices for "Royalty" payments for the use of  group inventions acceptable ? 

There must be a limit !!!  No company has the right to avoid paying a normal rate of tax on operations !!!

Countries, wherever they are, must legislate to protect their rights and their citizens !!!  The use of tax havens by companies must be justified !!!  More stringent tax rules must be introduced.

Should the term "pre-tax profits" not be redefined to exclude, to prevent, the booking of spurious costs ?


Friday, 7 December 2012


As a Briton, born, bred and educated in England, it is necessary now and again to confront the current options of the British Government (and the Governments of other countries), with some economic truths ?

In the 1920's, after Germany had lost the first world war, when the country was economically in a state of meltdown, financial ruin, Hitler rose to power.  He got the wheels of industry turning, partly, by building Motorways, which became the admiration and envy of many other countries. 

When there is a depression, when the wheels of industry are not turning, should a government anywhere increase taxes and the costs of living ?  Reduce benefits to make cost savings ?

Is the real alternative not to create more jobs by more Capital spending like building Motorways, Railways, Hospitals in the regions outside main towns, new purpose-built Prisons in outlying areas instead of inside big cities and towns and why not, Nuclear Power plants ?  Is this not also the opportunity to encourage the  decentralisation of certain Government departments ?

In this Computor Age, must everything be concentrated in London ?  To reduce endemic unemployment should governments not dangle a carrot to industrialists who want to expand ?

In this way governments could reduce unemployment benefits and restore the hopes and aspirations of the neglected members of our society !!!  That is what they all really want, not to be dependent on Social Handouts.


To "tweet" on Cricket in a Blog like mine, can deroute normal readers !!!  Cricket is not Baseball (or Rounders) but a serious Sport or Game played in English speaking Commonwealth countries, but also in one or two other countries like Holland.

To say that the tail is "wagging" is perfectly understood by all adepts !!!  In this case it means that England is doing very well, on top, at a moment when their oponents are suffering !!!  Some players are surpassing themselves !!!

As India is a serious "foe", Englishmen are exstatic whereas Indians are forelorn !!!  This is quite normal.  In England in Summer, up to a million people could be watching or playing Cricket during a weekend !!!  Likewise in other Commonwealth countries !!! 



Manuel Valls était l'invité de l'émission "DES PAROLES, DES ACTES" sur France 2 ce jeudi 6 décembre. Il était notamment confronté à Marine Le Pen forte de ses 18% à l'élection présidentielle.

Manifestement, la Présidente du "Rassemblement Bleu Marine" avait oublié que la campagne présidentielle était terminée.  Le thème de "l'immigré, responsable de tous les maux", n'a été que trop utilisé !

Il fallait plus longuement insister sur le fait qu'accueillir de nouveaux immigrés sans être en mesure de leur fournir un travail qui leur permette de trouver un logement décent et de subvenir aux besoins de leur famille aggrave leur situation et ne peut qu'engendrer misère et désespoir.


Thursday, 6 December 2012


The "Smog" (SMoke + fOG) was an unforgetable experience for all Londoners in December 1952.  I knew my area of London, the Kennington Oval area where the Surrey Cricket ground is still today, like the back of my hand !!!

Yet, when I came home on Fridays from my Boarding School I got "lost" in an area I knew well !!!  The Smog was thick and one could not see more than 10 or 15 feet in any direction !!! Traffic just crawled !!!

I now live in the centre of Paris, but almost each week, on a Sunday morning, I say to my French wife "There is no haze, the Sky is blue, ..."

In fact, there are no cars, or very few, in Paris between Saturday lunchtime and Sunday  evening !!!  There are less foul emissions from cars, and, let's be clear, less Buses !!! 

This problem has now been raised because something must be done !!!  However, politicians should not rub their hands at the thought that this is another good idea to create a tax on Motorists in France !!!  Or on Motorists in major cities in France !!!      

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


The European Union gives the impression that its Leaders no longer know how to give it the impetus to solve current problems.

The evident current problems concern,

1) The adoption of the seven year EU Expenses Budget

2) The continued EUROZONE determination to save Greece or any other EURO currency country, from  Bankruptcy

3) The non control of immigration into the EU

4) The denial of Democratic principles concerning elections in the EU !!!

In fact, if one can think clearly, without  preconceived ideas or ideals, about the above problems, one could come to the conclusion that it is the lack of Democracy in the EU that is the root cause, of the stagnation in the EU !!!

Every voter in the EU knows his local Member of Parliament (MP).  Do all voters know the name of their "local" MEP (Member of the European Parliament) ?

The EU has 27 EU member countries and there are several elections each year when local MPs are "voted out".  Does this affect the EU MEPs ?  Not at all !!!  They are elected every five years, come what may !!!  Always at a different date from any National Elections, of course !!! Locally when MEPs are elected they are not really judged on the effects of their efforts in the EU.  The percentage of voters proves this !!!  Should MEPs therefore not also be elected at the sme time as MPs ?

Whatever the problem, if elected MEPs (or even MPs) are not made to account for their efforts, the "gravey train" attitude in the EU will continue !!! It is already a proven, comfortable life-style for failed MPs !!! 

Nothing will really change if there is a continued lack of Democracy in the EU !!!



Britain and the Whole Commenwealth and even other Nations, will be more than delighted with "the" News that William and "Our Kate" have annouced the imminent arrival of a future "Heir to the Throne" !!!

Speculation is rife everywhere.  What will be the name of the future Baby ?   William or perhaps Diana ?  If one then imagines that Twins could finally present themselves that, would be a double joy ...!!!

"Our Kate" has in fact captured the hearts of everyone.  She has with her radiant smile opened the hearts of everyone, including that of William !!!  He was never so radiant before their mariage. 

"Carry-on Kate" is what everyone really wants !!! 


Sunday, 2 December 2012


Dominic Strauss Kahn, internationally known as DSK, the former President of the IMF, has again hit the headlines.

This time because the Press seems to "half know" that he has concluded an arrangement with one of his adversaries.  What excites the Press is that both parties to the agreement are prohibited from revealing the details of this settlement !!!

There is a "Complete Blackout" on any details that concern this "agreement", which obviously exists !!!

DSK is not yet out of the woods !!!  He still has to face accusations connected with the "Carlton" affair in Lille, but up to now he has never been found guilty of anything, either privately or criminally !!!

In spite of his "Inocence" it seems unlikely that he could return at a high level like when he was President of the IMF !!!  However, as an "After Dinner Speaker" he could have a future !!!  And he, like everyone, needs a "free meal" once in a while !!!