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Thursday, 28 February 2013


With a regularity that defies comprehension, the EU regularly faces criticism over laws that have been passed  by it in the past but which have been abused to such an extent that a crisis point has been reached.

Examples of EU laws passed and which are never "professionally" audited are Illegal Immigrants, internal EU Turnover Tax (sales tax, added value tax, etc), Customs Tax on Imports into the EU from Asia and elsewhere, etc; etc .

Passing laws has become an EU "Sport" !!!  Politicians are seen to act !  Bravo, but they are nowhere to be seen when scandales erupt !!!  No one wants to be involved, not even the President of the EU Commission, Mr. Manual Barroso !!! 

As for updating long standing "treaties" like the Human Rights act or the EU Treaties that bind all the EU countries, or the limitation of Duties of the European Court of Justice, those considerations are well beyond the horizons of the mortals now governing the EU !!!

The EUROZONE has created its own problems, but EU problems must be tacled.  David Cameron is the fly in the ointment at present !!!  He wants changes because he does not want Britain and other EU countries either,  to pay for unaudited and unjustified expenses in the EU !!!  The current situation just cannot go on !!! 


Tuesday, 26 February 2013


In Britain, Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has not been a comfortable sleeping partner in the Coalition with the Conservatives !

He has never missed an opportunity to criticise what David Cameron is trying to do at Home or in Europe.

Now Clegg finds himself in the middle of "Problems" concerning unspecified sexual allegations concerning a leading member of his Party Heirarchy. 

Clegg denies knowing anything specific about these matters.  Today no one knows how things will finally pan out !!!

There is only one guide of how to judge situations like this.  Normally, the first reaction is "I knew nothing".  When subsequent questions must be and are answered, the real picture becomes clearer !!! Journalists are in fact paid to report the real facts.

Historically, hiding the truth is a dangerous policy.  There are countless examples worldwide of what happens when finally the real truth emerges !!!

All politicians everywhere should heed this fact !!!  Hiding the truth, gagging the press or Judges, is not an option !!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Commentant la renonciation de Benoit XVI, FRANCOIS HOLLANDE avait déclaré la semaine passée:  "Pour succéder au Pape, la France ne présentera pas de candidat".  Indignation immédiate à droite qui a vu là désinvolture et irrespect.

Hier au Salon de l'Agriculture, à une enfant qui l'interrogeait sur Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande a  répondu "tu ne le verras plus!"   Dérapage, petitesse, s'est on aussitôt offusqué à droite.  Les français ont élu un Président et non un chansonnier, a-t-on entendu.

L'humour serait il devenu seulement l'apanage de la gauche et la droite, ronchonne, en serait elle dénuée?



Panic has set in this week after the revelation that certain well known products, widely sold throughout Europe, contained not only beef but also horsemeat !!! 

Large Companies and Groups, either of National or Multi-national dimensions, "suddenly" tested products they produced or simply re-sold.  The results have sometimes been astounding !!!  "Suddenly" certain goods have been withdrawn from sales counters !!!  

Suddenly, also, other Commissions have been set up to make investigations. 

This in fact reveals the lack of "Diligent Management" or "prudent controls" which should have been in place beforehand. Originally, was this not really a policy to cut costs and maintain profit margins ? Now top Directors and Managers are engaged in a face-saving exercicse, but  must they not be made to account or to explain ? 

Shoppers, as far as they can, control what they buy. They are entitled to expect a clear and informative description of what they buy, not only concerning meat products but other products.  

Alas shoppers pay for misdescribed goods and small print conditions, but they are never compensated, even when Companies or Directors are prosecuted and found guilty.  Nor are Directors obliged to renounce their "Super Bonuses" of previous years !!!

Friday, 22 February 2013


The Motor Industry in France is facing a crisis point.  Statistics reveal that the production of cars in France is falling because sales inside France are falling;  abroad the sales of "cars produced in France" are also falling.

For the last "ten" years the Governments in France have not realistically addressed this problem !!!

The cost of maintaining a car on the road in France has increased with relentless fervour. Beyond normal insurance and maintenance costs there are also other costs which motorists cannot control.

Prime examples are;

    -  Parking costs at key points in Town Centres, at Airports and Railway stations, etc.

    -  The general absence of any free parking areas

    -  The relentless increase of tariffs on Motorways

    -  The high "taxes" on Petrol for cars and lorries. 

Added to the above problems is traffic congestion in large towns, particularly in Paris, where Public Transport and Taxis benefit from reserved traffic lanes. 

The latest solution is to introduce electric cars for hire in Paris to encourage the production and sale of such cars.    Not a bad idea except that this will probably encourage Parisiens to sell or abandon their petrol driven cars. 

They have become an expensive burden in Paris rather than a real help or pleasure !!!  Short term Hire Car costs would seem to be a better solution for the motorist, but this will not cover the lost production of cars in France. 

When finally the motorist provides less income for the Government the next question really becomes "how will politicians then react" ?


Wednesday, 20 February 2013


If one has to describe the aims of the Berlusconi election Campaign, it is to promise everything tomorrow, after his election !!!

Berlusconi promises tax reductions but without recognising the plight of Italy today. He is in fact a showman without any solid political promises !!!  

To say that EU leaders do not like "Il Cavaliero" is an understatement !!!  The "Bunga Bunga" showman is considered as being an incuriable optimist who protects only his personal interests.

His main oponent in the election is Mario Monti who was brought in to reorganise the frail economy of Italy, which like other countries is in recession.  It is easy to criticise a technocrat who is obliged to make decisions which are necessary but not popular. 

Roman Catholic Italy may, in the end, condemn Berlusconi to oblivion for his "Bunga Bunga" parties.  Is he, after all, at the age of 76, not too old to change and to revise his political orientations ?

The Elections in Italy take place at the end of this week, i.e. Sunday 24 February 2013.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Whoever has the duty to advise the Queen on the bestowal of "Knighthoods" must revise the conditions being used to determine who merits such an honour !!!

A Knighthood was and should remain to be an honour gained by merit !!!  It is not supposed to be "a perk", an incidental benefit due because of someone's regular employment !!!

There are all too many recent instances when candidates have qualified and then became "Knights" and then  failed in their duties. Knights should be an example and inspire all those around them and to Society !!! 

Friday, 15 February 2013


All was well until the public discovered that certain beef products in reality also contained Horsemeat ! 

Suddenly this became an international crisis, and suddenly "experts" from somewhere in the EU are going to revise the rules !!!  Suddenly another EU Directive is in the making !!! Politicians are involved !!!

The "Horsemeat Crisis" is breeding even more problems.   Is the real question not "What went wrong?"  From what can be understood it seems that along the line someone  sold Horsemeat and described it as Beef.

In simple English, if this is true, this is a Fraud !!!  Normal commercial laws will recognise and punish situations like this anywhere in Europe, Worldwide in fact !!!

Many Directors of companies concerned in the "chain of events", are squealing that they have been deluded.  It is true that the "chain of events" is complicated and very long.  However, in the "chain of events" should Company Directors not apply tests of "due diligence" to ensure that what their companies ordered corresponds with what was in fact delivered ? 

The punishment for Fraud is often a term in prison.  When Directors do not do their job, Shareholders decide their fate !  Shareholders suffer the costs of mismangement !

Does the Horsemeat Scandal therefore really merit another "Directive" ?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Berlusconi, now aged 75, after more than 20 years in Politics, in Italy as well as in the EU, is again a candidate  at the coming General Elections in Italy on February 24-25 !

Will Berlusconi win his seat, become again a leader in Italy, form a coalition and represent Italy in EU negotiations ?  That seems to be the his aim !!!

The Press in Italy a few weeks ago gave an indication of the mood of electors.  "Basta, Basta", or "Enough is Enough !"

He has not enhanced the reputations of Italian Politicians or of Italians either at home or abroad, even as tourists !!!   His legal problems in Italy will be stayed  as long as he has his immunity from prosecution because he is a politician !!! 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


UNO has at last proposed to intervene in the Conflicts in Mali, which France has fought, with no little success, and no help, from the outside world, not to say UNO !!!

The "War" against Al Quaida Terrorists in Mali is far from finished.  There are still many Terrorists standing, hiding in the dunes of the Sahara, ready to plot and lay traps to destroy their enemy, namely France, whenever possible.  Local residents know this and live in fear !!!

A UNO peacekeeping force should be respected !!!  Will Terrorists respect such a force ?

Will the UNO peacekeeping force be situated in Mali, or in surrounding countries ?

Will the UNO forces be deployed in key points of the Sahara Desert where Al Quaida can be expected to be entrenched ?

At the moment FRANCE decides and acts !  UNO must be very positive, and quickly, if it really wants to be of any help at all !!!

Monday, 11 February 2013


The "Catholic Pope" Benoit XVI, at the age of 85 has decided that after nearly 8 years in office he feels he should retire !!!

He has realised that a younger successor would perhaps be more apt to ensure the future of the Catholic Church.

There are few in this World, in particular old Dictators or Despots, Senators and Politicians, who would have the same "Courage" as that of Benoit XVI !!! 

The name of Benoit XVI will go down in Catholic history as an example to his successors. 

But now the election fight for the next "Pope" will begin in earnest !!!  And all the pretenders are real "Politic Polititions" !!!  The infighting will be real and in public from now on !!!


Fait rarissime au Vatican, le Pape vient d'annoncer qu'il démissionne à compter du 28 février prochain.

Saluons cette décision lucide et courageuse à une époque où les dirigeants politiques n'ont pas cette sagesse et s'accrochent à leurs fonctions alors qu'il est évident qu'ils n'en ont plus les capacités physiques ou intellectuelles.



The "Horsemeat in Beefburgers" scandal has hit the headlines and one sees Directors of companies all over the EU scurrying to avoid accusations of guilt.

The whole situation is reminiscent of the News of the World phone hacking scandal which was also ferociously denied.  The newspaper was later liquidated.

First of all, it is quite clear that to eat Horsemeat is not dangerous.  There are more than one thousand salespoints for Horsemeat in France with faithful customers, like my son, who enjoy eating Horsemeat !

The real problem is that Beefburgers contained Horsemeat and this was not mentioned on the labelling of the products concerned !  Some customers have definite personal and/or religious reasons for not wanting to eat Horsemeat. Jews refuse to eat porc. 

The next real problem is: "Who is responsible for this to the ultimate customer or consumer ?"  Is this not the ultimate supplier if he is responsible for the ultimate wrapping and who sells it to the shop ?  It cannot be the shopkeeper who is responsible for the labelling of packed products he resells !!! 

On the other hand if "private lable companies" impose, a description on wrappings, one can suppose that they did this fully knowing that the content of the product described was correct.

If companies buy food or goods to resell, are they not responsible for "quality controls" ?  Should they not check what they buy?  If the goods are not up to standard, do they not return them, or sue the producer ?

The real scandal is that efficient checks were not made.  Only the cost of the goods invoiced was really checked !!!  A good profit was made but Directors did not ensure that the trade description of what they were selling was right !!!  Did they do their job ?  That is the real problem !!!

They did get their bonus !!!  But are their Shareholders now really satisfied ? 


Sunday, 10 February 2013


EU Leaders have finally accepted that the EU Plan for 2014 to 2020, must include "Objectives" to reduce expenditure costs and overheads.

Prior to this week's meetings in Brussels EU Leaders had chosen to interpretate the Cameron "Wake-up Call" as his attempt to pacify attempts in the opposition he faced in Britain.  

They now recognise that he was seriously worried by a   multitude of shortcomings in Europe and that measures must be defined in order to reduce costs !!! 

This may seem to be a victory for David Cameron, but above all it is a victory for "Economic Common Sense".

The EU and the World is in an Economic recession !!!  Every businessman is obliged to take measures to avoid losses and to protect the future of his businesses !!! 

Is the top Management of the EU excused from and not obliged to revise its Policies ?  Taxpayers will be delighted !!!

Friday, 8 February 2013


At the moment in France, but in Europe generally, we are facing an influenza epidemic.  Many people are sniffing, many have sore throats.  This year the "flu", it has been announced, appears to be particularly vicious.

The net result that can be expected is that there will be more than usual number of deaths among the elderly and frail !  Social services, hospitals in particular, have been allerted to prepare for this expected emergency.

Politiciens have done all they can, social services are there to cater for a normal crisis.   What they know is that the more pensioners who do not survive the crisis, who die in fact, the better it is for the Exchequer !

There would be less pensioners and less pensions to pay and there will be more Inheritance Tax receivable on estates passing to those who inherit.  Rented accomodations, Council flats for example, would be freed-up !  Heirs are also compensated in their grief, but then taxed on their new riches !

All this would be a political windfall if it happens well before the next General Election !!!  It "arranges" the presentation of statistics !!!

One can understand the politicians who are reluctant to comment !!!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013


When I searched the Web to get the ongoing results of the ENGLAND LADIES prowess in their match against, the West Indies, I got the details of the current "batsmen" involved.

Are Women really  "Batsmen" ?  Can they not be covered by more normal terminology like "BATTERS" ?

There are Fielders, Bowlers, Catchers, Stumpers, Hitters, Wicket-keepers and only "batsmen". Are they not all "batters" like "Men batters" and "Women Batters" ? Should women they not be respectfully described ?

Monday, 4 February 2013


The whole world is watching and asking:  where are Al Quaida Terrorists hiding ? In Britain, in France, in Africa ?

The answer is simple.  Al Quaida terrorists are hiding where they can !!!  Their leaders are safely hidden and well looked after !!!  They are less visible !!!

What this really means is that countries facing Al Quaida  menaces are facing an enemy without a recognised leader or face !  No International Leader is available to discuss or reply to Questions in a Television Interview !!!   

There is a dictum:  fight fire with fire !!!  They kill without asking questions, without a trial !  Terrorists like this have long since abandoned any rights they had to any Human Rights considerations ! Any leader as well.

There is THE BIG PROBLEM in North Africa !  Is that not where remnants of Al Quaida are hiding ?  Are they planning elections to get into power or just more bloodshed ?

Why are all the Big Diplomats in UNO just sitting around and talking ?  If UNO cannot or will not act, what are World Political Leaders waiting for ?  More bloodshed ?


Margaret Thatcher, shortly after her election as Prime Minister, faced a nasty problem 8 000 Kilometres away when the Falkland Islands (Iles Malhuines) were invaded by Argentina.  She became known as "The Iron Lady" for her courageous attitude and unfaltering determination while she was Prime Minister. 

François Hollande, shortly after his election as President of France, has also faced a similar problem in Mali, a former possession of France 4 000 Kilometers away, and which was invaded by Al Quaida terrorists. He has very effectively restored the independence of Mali, something  the World, UNO and the terrorists did not really expect !

If the now enobled Lady Thatcher is known as the "Iron Lady" should François Hollande not become known as the Iron President (Le President de Fer) ? Does he not merit this ?

Saturday, 2 February 2013


France took up arms to counter the Al Quaida attacks against Mali and its inhabitants while UNO diplomats talked a lot but stood by and just watched !!!

Mali, a former French Colony was being demolished by Islamic troops with arms they obtained after the defeat of  Gadaffi in Libya. 

Atrocities were being committed in Mali by Al Quaida to attain their avowed aim to introduce Islamic principles and laws, in particular the "Charia".  Every diplomat in the UNO or elsewhere was well aware of what was happening but all they did was to talk, talk and watch !!!

The President of France, François Hollande, should be congratulated, even honoured, by UNO for having acted courageously in these circumstances.  No diplomat helped him !!!

The French army pushed the Al Quaida terrorists into Algeria where they took hostages.  The Algerian Government did not hesitate one minute to repell this invasion by Al Quaida.  The result was bloodshed; hostages were killed, just like Algerian soldiers and Al Quaida mercenery Terrorists.  

Estimates released indicate that there were about 100 dead.  UNO should be thankful.  If Algeria had not put a brutal end to this invasion, we the spectators, would be lamenting at least 1 000 dead now and many more  sooner or later !!! 

Algeria acted quickly because of its experience 10 or 15 years ago when Al Quaida tried to gain a foothold in Algeria !!!  Have all diplomats forgotten this ?  There was bloodshed then which should never be forgotten.

Not one UNO diplomat helped President Holland !!!  This was because once again these high powered diplomats never want to be seen taking an active stand in any problem which could could "ruin" their relations with geographic neighbours or countries with which they have trading agreements !!!

Must one repeat that as long as certain countries have a veto UNO will remain strangled and inert !!!  If UNO wants to become an effective "World Governing Organisation" it must reorganise its voting rules !!!

It is not so long ago, August 2012 in fact, that a former UNO Secretary named Kofi Annan, was chosen to find a solution to the Crisis in Syria, but resigned because the UNO Security Council was deadlocked and thus nullified any attempts to find a solution !!!         

Friday, 1 February 2013


Philatelists like me, but others, vain like me, who want to  promote their personal popularity, can in France, and in Paris to be more precise, obtain official personal stamps with their own portrait on them !!!

It takes 10 minutes, if you are correctly dressed and want  your photograph taken.  The cost for ten self-adhesive stamps was 11 euros 90 cents this week !!!

Your stamp would be sufficiently valid for a delivery in France only and for a letter of 20 grams.  If you send a letter from France to another country, additional postage must be paid.  You should then visit a Post Office.

If you are visiting Paris you can be served immediately at the following address:

Le Carré d'Encre
13bis rue des Mathurins
75009 Paris

The nearest metro station is "Havre Caumartin", which has exits on to the famous Boulevard Haussemann, where your wife and family can visit the "Grands Magasins".  Le Carré d'Encre is two minutes away on foot !!!

If you visit and buy, leave any comments you have on this blog.  Good luck !!!