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Monday, 29 April 2013


Can you imagine the problems of the President of France, who has never married, who had never held high office, who made 60 Promises in his Election Manifesto and more afterwards, but who has introduced marriage by same sex Homosexuals ?  Except for the last Promise, he has recently put almost all of his 60 promises on a back boiler !!!

Socialists are in a real quandry.  In fact not just the "Socialists" but also the Communists and other smaller factions (Greens) who supported his call to defeat the Right, the Sarkosists !!!  Catholics now are split and have apprehensions. 

After his election, François Hollande attacked Merkel and the EU and Germany because he wanted to introduce new orientations in the EUROZONE policies,  to maximise industrial regeneration.  He wanted a positive drive in ideas and actions.  Beyond this initial blast his contributions at Summits have lacked punch !!!

12 months after his election as President, François Hollande faces a mini revolt in his ranks !!!  All his passionate supporters, Politicians or even Electors, are proposing ideas of what should be done to recover from a disasterous first year in office !!!

This coming week will be critical, not to say crucial.  Traditionally in France on May 1, and during the following days, Trades Unions express their Socialist "support or ideas" and all political parties, right, left or centre will underline their intentions to old and new adherents !!!

Will François Hollande dare to continue to take his time ?  Or will he just watch ?  France awaits with baited breath !!!


Sunday, 28 April 2013


The need of one "World-Wide Code of Respect" has become more than urgent recently because of the numerous scandals revealed, not to mention scandals which have been covered-up or are not yet known !!! 

The main problems are the following;

   1) There are many sports but not all have Governing Bodies.

   2) There are many rules but they vary widely from the point of view of respecting basic rules of conduct.

   3) There are Professional Sportsmen; are they centrally registered and do they have a recognized  "Sportsman Identity Card" ? 

   4) Are Professional Sportsmen obliged to submit to regular medical examinations by each sport they practice ?

   5) Are all Professional Competitions exclusively open only to registered professionals ?

There are many other problems and the case of Armstrong the Cyclist who used dope to win Cycle Races and now wants to change sports to continue competing, is a clear example of what is not covered at present.

Every Professional Sportsman must clearly know what to expect if he cheats.  Any Lifetime Ban must be respected Worldwide by all Sports.  This should also apply to Coaches who refuse to follow the rules.

To be quite clear, there are Sports like Football, Rugby, Cricket and Cycling which have their rules.  They too must  also participate in the introduction of a World-Wide Code of Respect. 

Which internation Organization is the most apt to create a competent "Sports Control Body" ?  Do any readers have any suggestions ?


Friday, 26 April 2013


President Hollande has been in office for only one year, but already his Popularity Polls are the lowest of any  President of the Fifth Republic !!! 

Everything cannot however be ascribed to the downturn of the World Economic Climate !!!  He made more than 60 promises as a Presidential Candidate but has now delayed beyond 2013 any real implementations due to the World Depression.  This delay will perhaps be repeated next year !!!

He is a "hands on" leader but his Government has not yet achieved anything noteworthy in an economic sense.    As an EUROZONE leader and in his first speech as such,  he insisted that efforts must be made to increase productivity in the EUROZONE (and France) to combat the World depression.  Nothing has really happened.

On the contrary, his 60 + promises await being fulfilled.  He has pushed the introduction of "marriage for same sex partners" but this has irritated almost all sections of French society.  He has also scratched around to find new tax sources !!!

The big, fundamental, unsolved problem remains unemployment, which is the highest in the 5th Republic, and which still increases relentlessly each month.  All efforts to prevent mass lay-offs by companies which must down-size not to close, have failed.

The Economic Spiral of increased unemployment which leads to more Welfare Costs and increases of income and sales taxes, has not been cracked.  It is impossible to stop unemployment rising in a depression without new ideas !!!




Tuesday, 23 April 2013


The theory of Merkel is transparant.  In order to make GERMANY  the Leader of EUROPE more is necessary than just the present  EUROZONE countries and its rules !!!  

The 27 EU countries, which are at present members, plus the next enlargement of the EU (there are at least six with real hopes) would perhaps be more than willing to support the objectives that Merkel presents !!!

However, there are more serious considerations to be taken into account !  Above all, one must question whether the Propositions of Merkel are aimed at "improving" the future of the EUROZONE or the EU, or are her propositions aimed at securing another term as Chancellor of Germany !!!

The current Dominance of Germany in the EUROZONE  cannot be denied.  If Germany now wants to controle (via the EU) the Budgets of all EU countries this is quite another Question !!!    Why does Merkel propose this just now ? 

Her re-election is due in September 2013 !!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013


D'après un sondage publié dans Le Journal du Dimanche daté du 21 avril, seulement 25% des sondés se déclarent satisfaits de François Hollande et 74% se déclarent mécontents.

Comparaison est faite avec Nicolas Sarkozy qui, au plus bas, avait enregistré en avril 2011 70% de mécontents...

Toutefois, il faut noter que cette cote d'impopularité de François Hollande intervient un an à peine après son élection tandis que celle de Nicolas Sarkozy était enregistrée un an avant l'élection présidentielle, après donc 4 ans d'exercice du pouvoir et la survenue de la crise économique.

Où en sera François Hollande en 2016 ?


Friday, 19 April 2013


What can you expect in the upcoming EU elections in May 2014 ?  Are Conservatives really aware and ready ?  Will they fight the election of candidates everywhere in Britain ?  With the same fervour as if this is a national election ?

This Blog has often drawn the attention of Prime Ministers and others to the consequences when one prefers to "ignore" dangers in the EU !!!

Is it not "now" that Political Parties must decide, to firm up on,  what they expect from EUROPE ?

It is next year, but will they be prepared in advance ?


Thursday, 18 April 2013


President Hollande has enough problems in France at present but he still prefers to be seen visiting regional areas of France rather face politicians in Paris !!!

What are his problems ?

     1) His popularity polls are the lowest of all Presidents of the current Fifth Republic, founded by De Gaulle in 1958.
     2) There are daily protests about the introduction of "Marriage for Everyone", i.e. one sex marriages.  In Catholic France this does not go down very well !!! There are as many "for" as "against" !!! 

     3) He really did not need the Scandal of the Cahuzac Affair, the Minister he chose to supervise Budgetary and Financial Stability.  Cahusac finally admitted to being a serial liar about his offshore accounts in Switzerland or Singapore !!! 

     4) President Hollande is now faced with the economic decline of France;  

    - there is mass unemployment,
    - this leads to more social benefits payments,
    - which means higher "tax income" is required by the Government !!!

     5) President Hollande has already promised that "income tax" will not be increased !!!  Great, but what will increase to provide the "income" his Government needs to cover just "benefits payments" ?

     6) Cutting the cost of running Civil Service Departments, Government Agencies etc. is out of the question !  Sacking people to make more Unemployed ?

     7) The obvious "gamble" will be to increase the rate of Sales Taxes !!!  Will anyone really notice, beyond those in real  need ?  Other "taxes" as well, on petrol for example ......

Scratching around for possible new revenues was not included in the "60 Promises" Hollande made to convince voters that he should replace Sarkozy as the  President of France !!!         

The promised introduction of his "60 Promises" has been put on a back burner !!!  The real problem for the French is to know what they can expect next !!!



Dans son interview confession diffusée sur BFM mardi 16 avril, Jérome Cahuzac, a reconnu "ne pas avoir dit la vérité au Président, au Premier Ministre et à Pierre Moscovici".

Toutefois il a ajouté ignorer quel était, dans cette affaire, le niveau de connaissance du Président. Une petite phrase qui ne peut que contribuer à entretenir le flou sur les informations dont disposait François Hollande.

"Et quand c'est flou, c'est qu'il y a un loup" disait la grand-mère de Martine Aubry...


Tuesday, 16 April 2013


This little Blog searches to improve the well being of not only USA citizens but of mankind worldwide.

The Boston "agression" cannot be tolerated, or even be accepted without high level political intervention !

It is for this reason, Mr Obama, that I ask if you should not apply pressure on UNO !

To put it another way, who does UNO support ?  What does UNO achieve ?  UNO always sits on the fence !!!


Whenever there is a serious International Question the UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION (UNO) seems to be incapable to come to an agreed consensus of opinion !!!

To be precise, no final vote is ever clear and never leads to any real action !!!  This Blog has several times highlighted this state of "inertia" or inefficacity in UNO.

The latest incident concerns the "Boston Marathon". Is it not time to propose an International Condemnation against "ALL" "gratuitous and unprovoked" Terrorist Attrocities, large or small ?

Will UNO for once lead from the front ? 


En obligeant ses ministres à dévoiler leur patrimoine et en proposant aux parlementaires de faire de même, François Hollande est parvenu à focaliser, momentanément, l'attention des médias et des français sur "le choc de la transparence patrimoniale"...!

Cela suffira-t-il pour que les français oublient " la légèreté" du Président dans le choix de son  ex-ministre du Budget en charge de la lutte contre la fraude fiscale(!!!), l'aggravation continue du chômage, la diminution du pouvoir d'achat et l'augmentation des impôts ?


Monday, 15 April 2013


What every Frenchman really wants is to know what the "imminent" reshuffle of the Cabinet will change !!!

Obviously Cahuzac, the former Budget Minister (and his Crystal Ball) has  been replaced. 

Will the Cabinet of Prime Minister Ayrault be contracted ?  There were 34 members, but at times they appeared to be really too many !!!

Speculation is rife but the feeling is that Hollande's faithfull servant Ayrault will remain.  This raises the question whether more former Mitterand Ministers could be added to a smaller team.

One can only "wait and see" !!!  One can speculate !!!  Recently however, Martine Aubry was seen smiling like  a cat which had stolen the cream !!!  Who knows ?

What is clear is that Hollande must decide what to do !!!



President Hollande is taking his time to decide what measures are required to calm criticsms in France.

There are many talking points at present; 

   1) The publication by French Ministers of their "net worth", their possessions, during the next hour !!!  President Hollande wants the Cabinet to be beyond any possible criticsm. Will this be the case ? Debates will be heated !!!

   2)  There are at present many "demonstrations, even riots" about "marriage for everyone".  Catholic France does not really seem to be ready to accept homosexual "marriages" !!! Dare one add, "above all" not by priests !!!  These "riots" are "heated" and one cannot relegate them to "temporary oppositional activisms". 

   3)  France at present is not the only country suffering from the international economic depression, but President Hollande made 60 promises in his "Election Speech" and even more later, but now, almost a year later, has delayed the introduction of his promises because conditions are not ripe !!!

It is always easy to criticise !!!  However, even the EU wonders if France will not need "Help" from the EUROZONE sooner or later !!!


Thursday, 11 April 2013


Pierre Moscovici rendra public son patrimoine lundi prochain, comme tous les autres Ministres. Mais d'ores et déjà, il a indiqué lors du club LCI que l'essentiel de son patrimoine se résumait à son duplex de Montbéliard dans sa circonscription du Doubs, qu'il a évalué autour de 200 000 euros, et qu'il était locataire de son appartement parisien.  Un patrimoine si modeste qu'il en a lui même sourit...!

A notre tour de sourire également !  C''était déjà folie de confier le Ministère du Budget, chargé de lutter contre la fraude fiscale, à Jérome Cahuzac, Spécialiste de l'évasion fiscale !

Est ce également raisonnable d'avoir confié le Ministère de l' Economie et des Finances de la France à un homme si peu compétent dans la gestion de son propre patrimoine !!!



The British Press published the joyous dancing in the streets after the death of Lady Thatcher.

One could see youngsters still not in their twenties, apparently happy but who certainly do not understand the impact she had on British politics, at a time when Britain was in need.  

In 1979 it was the Trade Unions and extreme left Agitators who brought Callaghan with his Labour Government and the whole of Britain, down on its`  knees !!!   Britain was then in a mess.

Similar senseless Agitators are now whipping-up animosity again.

About 40 years earlier, in 1939,  it was Churchill who saved Britain from the Nazies.  Thatcher and Churchill were both "Great Leaders" when Britain was in need. 

They merit the respect of all British Subjects, particularly now, so that these senseless Agitators do not destroy Britain and its youth again !!! 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Obliger nos élus à déclarer leur patrimoine suffira-t-il à moraliser la vie politique et redonner confiance aux électeurs ?  On peut en douter...

Un petit patrimoine serait il le garant de l'honnêteté de celui qui le possède ou bien les conséquences de son incompétence et de ses erreurs de gestion?

Un petit patrimoine ne révélerait-il pas l'aspect "cigale" de l'élu politique et serait il alors judicieux de confier la gestion des affaires publiques à celui qui est incapable de gérer ses affaires privées en "bon père de famille" selon l'expression consacrée ?

Les oeuvres d'art exonérées de l'impôt sur la fortune (ISF) seront elles également exclues de la déclaration de patrimoine des élus politiques?

Comment seront organisés les contrôles ?  Quelles seront les sanctions en cas de dissimulation ou d'évasion fiscale ?

Dans ce grand déballage patrimonial, à vouloir trop prouver, ne risque-t-on pas de ne rien prouver et d'entretenir la suspicion ?


Tuesday, 9 April 2013


There is a "Dictum" in English which says: "He who hesitates is lost" !!!  

When this concerns a leader, a President or a Prime Minister for example, the situation begins to worry all those around him and, of course, the electerate !!!   

This is the feeling in France at the present moment.  The President has many problems to sort out.

The most recent is that of his Budget Minister, Jérôme Cahuzac who is suspected of "laundering or hiding" money in Tax Havens !!!

Recently Hollande has admitted that the "International Economic Crisis" is longer than he expected. This means that he cannot implement "certain" of his 60 election promises now.  Funds are not yet available.

In fact, Hollande "murdered" President Sarkozy because he had not implemented some of his own election  promises "due to world circumstences".  Hollande now finds himself in the same situation !!!

Hollande must now decide and act !!!  Whatever he does  he will have to face even more criticism !  He is on a loser !!!


Everyone has a lingering memory of the effect of Margaret Thatcher on politicians of her era.  She was a true British Leader and dared to oppose anyone who crossed her line of principles.

I have two revealing memories of her. 

The first was when she forced a General Election by obtaining a vote of confidence against Callaghan, the Socialist Leader at the end of 1979.  There had been a six month strike by bus drivers in London, the Unions were ruling the roost.  Britain was at a standstill.  Socialist MPs were even transported from hospitals to vote in Parliament !!!  Still Callaghan was beaten and then in the  ensuing 1980 General Election was ousted from power !!!

The second memory concerns the attack in 1982 by Argentina, lead by General Galtiery, to wrest the Falkland Islands from Britain !!!  No question was asked whether the British inhabitants of these islands wanted to accept Argentine Rule or domination !!!  Margaret Thatcher, 6000 miles away, organised the defences and repelled the Argentine attacks, much to the joy of Britain !!!   Winston Churchill would have been very proud of Margaret Thatcher !!!

Margaret Thatcher will remain in the History of her times long after others have been completely forgotten !!!


Sunday, 7 April 2013


At last there is political reaction following the outrageous evidence which came to the attention of the British Public during the "Philpott Trial". This follows his trial when he was convicted of murdering by arson six of his children. 

How can anyone like him, who has never worked, morally justify that he prefers to father numerous children and then claim all the State benefits available to pay for their and his own his living costs ?

Mick Philpott fathered 17 children by 5 different women.  In the circumstances one could also ask a simple question: only 17 children by 5 women ?   Did none of his conquests ever get away ?

The Government but particularly the Socialist Opposition, must clearly explain why they did not deign to apply any limits to the amount of benefits that anyone like Philpott could obtain, or extort, from the National Health System (NHS) !!!  Were there really no internal checks, or limits, or controls ?

Either legislators badly failed or civil servants from the top to the bottom, did not do their job properly !!!  Were there never any reports or observations about the exceptional "Philpott claims " ? 

These failings go back at least 10 years !!!  Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were at the helm of affairs then and are guilty, one way or the other, like the entire front bench of the Socialist Party.  This is all part of the Heritage which David Cameron unexpectedly has finally discovered !!!


Saturday, 6 April 2013


"C'est un homme qui a failli, le Gouvernement n'est pas mis en cause" a donc déclaré François Hollande lors de sa visite au Maroc en s'exprimant sur l'affaire Cahuzac. Même tonalité dans les propos de Jean-Marc Ayrault en déplacement en Bavière.
Ainsi le Président de la République fait le dos rond et attend que la tempête médiatique se calme.
Toutefois, le Président de la République et le Premier Ministre pourront ils nous faire oublier qu'en choisissant Jérome Cahuzac comme Ministre du Budget chargé de lutter contre la fraude fiscale, ils ont agi avec une impardonnable légèreté et commis une grave faute de jugement !
Dans une entreprise, l'employeur qui engage un directeur financier a le droit et le devoir de se renseigner sur l'intégrité de son collaborateur !
C'est justement ce que l'on reproche à François Hollande: n'avoir rien su et ne pas s'être donné les moyens de savoir ! 
P.S.  Harlem Désir, 1er secrétaire du Parti Socialiste, souhaite un référendum sur la moralisation de la vie politique..   Peut on imaginer des opposants à la moralisation ?  Ce référendum serait sans nulle doute un véritable plébiscite !!!

Friday, 5 April 2013


In two simple words, what France now expects are "Decisions and Actions", now, but not sometime in the unknown future !!!

President Hollande has already abused his period of "grace" which is generally accepted as necessary to assume "the Reigns of Power" when there has been a change of political power, as in the case of the last Presidential election between President Sarkozy and the now President Hollande !!!

Now France awaits but not alone !!!  The whole EU community wants to know, to discover, the fall-out effect of any decisions that Hollande will make !!!

In France it is clear.  Hollande was in Morocco on a State Visit until last night.  He rightly deferred any decisions on ongoing scandals with, or without, any connection with the "Cahuzac" problem !!!

Will Hollande decide any changes or not ?  He will not be hurried, but France awaits with baited breath !!!


Thursday, 4 April 2013


François Hollande vient de tenir une conférence de presse au Maroc et  semble écarter tout remaniement de son gouvernement ...
François Hollande a-t-il pris la mesure du séisme politique et de la crise de confiance engendrée par l'affaire Cahuzac, le Ministre du Budget qu'il avait nommé il y a dix mois seulement, alors qu'il demande dans le même temps, aux Français, des efforts exceptionnels?
François Hollande évoque le roi Louis XVI qui , au soir du 14 juillet 1789, prise de la Bastille, avait noté sur son agenda: RIEN.  Chacun connait la suite...


On March 7, 2013, this Blog published an article to counter the anonymous criticisms by a faceless member of the EU Commission, (the President is Manuel Barroso), who said that Tourists who go to Britain just to sponge on the Public Health System, is a myth !!!

This is a problem but which is well known in the UK.  EU "hospitality" laws ensure that anyone who needs help cannot be refused !!!  This was even the case with the woman who managed to get to the UK and then gave birth to Quintuplets.  This story comes from the Daily Mail of today !!!

Anonymous Politicians are a scourge.  As long as they do not have to pay, or even need to be elected, anything goes !!!  In this case what every British taxpayer wants to know is what Lady Catherine Ashton, First Vice-President of the EU Commission, thinks about Benefits Tourism, particularly to Great Britain ?  On March 7, 2013, her voice was not heard or reported !!!  Why ?  Was she too busy ?

One must rely on David Cameron again, to make his voice heard.  In the true style of Lady Thatcher, everyone knows that he has already started !!!



The denials and lies which have emerged on the French political scene after Cahuzac finally admitted that he had an account in a Swiss (or Singaporian) Bank, has aroused vehemous criticisms at all levels of French political life !!!

Simple voters ask a simple question.  Who can we believe ?  More directly they say "We voted them in" but what will happen now ?

Elected Politicians are venemous, depending on their allegiance.  Melenchon of the extreme left, following his interview on Prime Time television by Bourdin, however, seems to see things clearly, but do his Socialists friends also recognise the plight of the AFFAIRS of the STATE ?

There is at present a  "Ground Swell" of criticism against the Socialist Government at all levels.

President Hollande must act !!!  The question is will he impose changes in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister ?

That, in fact, is almost sure !!!  He must be seen to act !!! 

Will his long-time friend, the Prime Minister, Jean-Mark Herault remain ?  One could say that is perhaps also certain !!!  But the unknown factor is who will replace which other Minister ?

Is this the moment when Martine AUBRY could claim a leading role in French Politics again ?  As one says, follow this Blog !!!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Jérôme Cahuzac, Minister of the Budget until March 18, 2013, repeatedly denied that he had an Account in a Swiss Bank, but yesterday he admitted his guilt and was finally prosecuted !!!

He lied in a spectacular manner to everyone;

   -  to  President Hollande,
   -  to  the Prime Minister,
   -  to  the French Parliament,
   -  to  the French Public and Electors when interviewed  at Prime Time on French Television.

President Hollande has always insisted that he wants an "exemplary Government".  Alas this pious wish is now in shreds, particularly after recent revelations seem to indicate that attempts were made at a high level three months ago to organise a cover-up !!!  Several Ministers were aware of the problem.

In his Blog, Jérôme CAHUZAC is totally contrite.  He had a political career but this is now finished.  But even now he is not without means !!!  He still has his account with, it seems, at least 600 000 euros in it and owns a clinic. 

President Hollande affirms that he was not aware of this situation.  Can one believe this, or was he only naïf ?  This is the real question being debated in French political circles today and perhaps elsewhere as well !!!  

Of course, some opposition politicians already demand that the Socialist Government should resign.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Apres avoir nié avoir eu un ou plusieurs comptes à
l'étranger, Jérome Cahuzac, ex ministre du Budget a avoué. Aujourd'hui le parquet de Paris a ouvert une information à son encontre pour "blanchiment de fraude fiscale".

Ce même Jérome Cahuzac assurait devant les députés le 5 décembre dernier: "Je n'ai pas, je n'ai jamais eu de compte à l'étranger. Ni maintenant ni avant".

Le Président de la République et le gouvernement avait alors affiché leur solidarité envers le ministre du budget.

Le 19 mars Cahuzac remettait sa démission mais
François Hollande affirmait encore sa confiance en la parole de son ex ministre du budget qui pour les socialistes était un homme intègre, forcément victime d'une cabale... .

Comment François Hollande a-t-il pu faire une telle erreur de discernement, une telle faute de jugement en nommant Jérome Cahuzac, ministre du budget, lui qui nous promettait une République exemplaire ?

Que François Hollande s'explique !!!



Sepp Blatter is in favourof Goal-line technology, but Michel Platini is against it.

It would seem that the introduction of Goal-line Technology for the next World Cup in Brazil next year, would be the culmination of his many years as President of FIFA !!! 

Alas, there are many others besides Michel Platini, the President of EUFA and potential candidate to follow Blatter as President of FIFA, who are against this technology !!!  Not only is it very expensive but it is very limited in how it can help referees.

Everyone knows the usual arguments for or against the system, and other systems that are proposed.

Last night I watched, on Television, a "dog fight" relegation match between Fulham and Queens Park Rangers. Several times we saw Video Replays of incidents which gave the spectator the chance to judge the decision of the referee !!!   This was not Goal-Line Technology.  They were of incidents all over the pitch.

In fact, it was my impression that one incident the referee did not see was when the QPR player missed scoring the penalty.  The goalkeeper palmed the ball out and a Fulham player then kicked the ball away from the goalline.  The Video-Replay posed the Question, were there not two, three or four Fulham players already in the Penalty area even before the penalty kick had been taken !!!  Should the referee not have ordered the penalty to be retaken ?

The best use of Video-Replays is to be seen in Rugby Matches.  Such technology would also permit changing the RED and YELLOW card system in Football.  Referees quite rightly hesitate using them.  An immediate time-out penalty could often be more just or appropriate.



Cyprus is in turmoil, unemployment is widespread, Banks squeal for more funds and guarantees, taxpayers await the next demand for more taxes !!!

To put it quite simply, top Politicians, Diplomats and Ambassaders, regional politicians and Top Civil Servants are a protected species !!!  Unemployment is not a serious concern for them.

More than 60 years ago Europe was recovering from the second worldwar.  There was then little unemployment.  Then there were fewer Diplomats, less regional politicians, less international organisations like the EU, the Court of Human Rights, Central Bank Organisations, but national Banks provided the finance for Industry.

Now everything has changed.  Now we have the EU, and of course the EUROZONE, with high-powered diplomats everywhere trying to dictate what should be done to solve all the problems on a Europe-wide basis !!!  They are the "Experts". 

Democracy has disappeared !!!  The highest-paid EU technocrats are "nominated" not elected !!!  MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) are elected every 5 years.  Come what may, they are never elected at the same time when there is a General Election in the country they are deemed to represent !!! 

The EUROCRATS have a comfortable way of life and are protected, aloof in fact, from "local" upheavals like in Cyprus at the present moment. 

TAXPAYERS cringe, because they know they will have to pay the bill in the end !!!


Monday, 1 April 2013



" Moi Président de la République, je ne traiterai pas mon Premier Ministre de collaborateur" avait solennellement déclaré François Hollande dans sa longue anaphore prononcée le 2 mai 2012.

Devenu Président de la République, François Hollande dix mois plus tard, dans sa très longue interview sur France 2, le 28 mars 2013, ne mentionne même pas le nom de son Premier Ministre !

Oubli ou Mépris ?