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Thursday, 30 May 2013


One of the 60 promises by the candidate François Hollande, to become President of France, was to permit homosexual marriages.  This promise finally became law on the 17th of May 2013.

Yesterday, in Montpelier, "Vincent and Bruno", two men, were legally married in accordance with this new law in France.  

They were legally married by the Mayor, surrounded by their families and by more than 200 journalists ! 

They announced their intention to adopt a child.

To all intents and purposes the idea is that "Vincent and Bruno" will have all the same rights as all married heterosexual couples.  Just how this will work out will be seen in due course. 

Will both "Vincent and Bruno" get "maternity leave" after adopting a child?  Will both be entitled to alimony if they separate, or to a subsistence allowance, or a pension on the death of one or the other ?  Could there be a plea for "adultary" in the case of divorce ?

Case law, or jurisprudence, will certainly decide the future rights !

There has been much social upheaval in France recently because this law cuts across many religious beliefs and,  what can be briefly termed as "family law". 

François Hollande certainly gained many floating votes in his quest to be elected as President last year, but it is not certain, at present, that this same "subject" will ensure his re-election next time !

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


There are three very fundamental principles in national life which must be cherished and defended at all costs.  These  are the following;

1)  The Parliament in Britain must always be in a position to be able to decide and maintain its independence.

2)  Keeping control of the local currency is essential.

3) Justice must be sacred, whether in criminal cases or in civil  cases.

Just to "privatise" criminal justice, or only civil justice, leaves the door open to consequences which will multiply further litigation.  Lawyers are hungry like everyone ! 

In the simple case where a woman proves in the criminal court that she was agressed sexually, would she then have to sue in the civil courts to obtain damages ? 

David Cameron and Chris Grayling are perhaps "flying a kite" to test public opinion but they should beware of the  possible consequences !  Are cost savings worth it ?

Monday, 27 May 2013


Every day, in Europe and in the World generally, Terrorists attack !  No country expects the attacks and no country is forearmed against them !

Innocent victims are killed, but their families afterwards grieve in silence.

Politicians Worldwide obey only the "advanced laws" of Society, the "Human Rights Laws for Everyone" !

There is ;

     -   No Capital Punishment even for Mass Murderers
     -   No compensation of any kind for families of victims.

Politicians at all levels, National or International, are FACELESS, they only seek to avoid direct confrontations with the electorate !  Nationally or elsewhere.   

When terrorists "KILL", do they not abandon or forfeit  their own "HUMAN RIGHTS"?  Should they not face the "Death Penalty" if judged guilty ?

Should such guilty terrorists be wartered and fed for countless years with "TVs" in their cells ?

Will National Politicians now act ?  How long will it take ?

The next Terrorist attacks can be expected this Week !!! 

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Terrorists are striking everywhere. One has seen this in Britain but also in France and elsewhere in the World.  Is it not time that International Organizations like the EU or UNO, which have been elected to protect "civilians", as well as "Human Rights", should update, redefine, all their principles ?

How can politicians, at any level, not act and thereby "condone" the acts of terrorists ?  Is this an acceptable policy by elected Politicians, at any level ? 

The EU has Treaties that are sacrosanct.  To change anything is anathema !  It goes against the rigid rules that represent the EU "Constitution" and that of "UNO".  Hence the turmoil in the EUROZONE and the problem of seeking a solution to confront TERRORISM.

If no EU politician dares to act, or to make proposals to counter TERRORISM, EU citizens will suffer and currently elected national MPs will lose their seats !

Are there National MPs who have the guts to act ?.  To make a name for themselves ?  To attack their National Leaders to make them act on the International Stage ?

Friday, 24 May 2013


Un très bon moment d'écoute ce matin sur BFM - TV: Jean Jacques Bourdin recevait le philosophe Michel Onfray qui s'est exprimé notamment sur le meurtre  terroriste survenu à Londres.

Michel Onfray a déclaré en substance: Si deux chrétiens assassinaient en pleine rue un musulman, les banlieues s'enflammeraient !

Et d'ajouter: "il y a deux poids deux mesures; on peut tirer sur les catholiques mais on ne touche pas à la religion juive ou musulmane; sa vie peut être en danger quand on parle de certaines choses".

Bravo à Michel Onfray pour avoir transgressé les règles du "politiquement correct"!



Once again, this time in London, like in other EU cities in the past, terrorists have struck. They killed a soldier haphazardly "because he had served in Afghanistan" ? Or had they identified their target and were laying in wait to kill him ?

The death penalty, or Capital Punishment, was finally abolished totally in Britain in December 1969.  Since then Terrorists, whether they are linked to organizations like Al Qaida or ETA etc, whether they act indepently for other objectives, cannot face a sentence of Capital Punishment !

Why was Capital Punishment Abolished ?  Was it because of the advances of Human Rights Culture, or to be specific the "Human Rights Act" ?

Politicians must understand that Laws must be updated, not only for economic reasons but also for "Human Rights" reasons!  Society changes and terrorism has also changed !

If David Cameron now feels that he wants to change the laws in Britain, to reintroduce the rules that pervaded more than 50 years ago, when killing a policeman merited the Death Penalty, then he must put this on his Agenda of points to be raised at the next meeting of the EU Council of Ministers.

If  no one acts, nothing will ever change !

How can you justify the protection of Terrorists at the expense of normal law abiding citizens ? 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling seems to have suddenly discovered something the British public and electors in particular, have lamented for a long time;  criminals are sentenced but released too early without having really served their sentence !

All that is wrong in the current system represents a minefield of problems.

The first and biggest problem is the lack of prison space.  How can one punish or deter criminals if they are "let out", released, simply because new prisoners need to be housed ?

For years it has been clear new purpose built prisons must be constructed, and why not in areas where there is unemployment ?  Old Victorian prisons must be replaced or modernised. 

When there is more space criminals could be made to serve the sentence they deserved.  Do-gooders would not be able to justify early releases so easily.

The hands of Judges are tied by present conditions and they are frustrated by soft sentencing guidelines.  In fact they cannot at present protect the public which is their vocation.

David Cameron must pledge his full support to Chris Grayling if he wants what the whole British Electorate also wants.  More security !  This problem needs a long term investment plan.  Just praying that this problem will go away all on its own, is not an option, nor is it a solution.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Statistics on the "Wealth Tax" in France have revealed disturbing consequences on some of the "wealthy" !  The basic idea is to provide revenue for the exchequer.

However, it appears that some 6 000 wealthy citizens are now paying more tax than their taxable income.  This is really entirely due to the fact that they earn their income in France, but then are also taxed on their wealth !

The "Wealth Tax" takes into consideration the market value of propery acquired and owned.  It includes the family residence for example.

In fact, what is considered as "wealth" is the "unrealized value of potential "capital gains" !   Obviously when such gains are realized they are again taxed !

Some of the wealthy 6 000 citizens have discreetly indicated that they will emigrate fiscally.  They include not only Actors and Company Directors, but also well known Sportsmen who have a short "high income" working life !

What can policians expect when they chase the wealthy into "Foreign Tax Havens" ?  When politicians become "Rich", will they not also protect their Riches ?

Monday, 20 May 2013


As the outgoing Bank of England Governor, Sir Mervyn King blames "The System" rather than admit what he did not do to correct matters when everything was going wrong !

To say that low interest rates provoked Bankers to search desperately for higher returns is too facile.  Bankers abandoned normal City and Financial principles when they started "gambling" on stock exchanges. 

Normally Bankers are not expected to "gamble".  True for many years Bankers made "turns" on the variations of "currency exchanges", but their potential losses were covered on a daily basis. 

Recently the "gambles" by Bankers were much more "long term", but due to the use of computers, daily coverage was not verified "daily" by Directors !  It is at this point that enormous risks were taken and later big  losses were discovered !  Directors were at fault because the internal control system of banks was at fault !

It is true that Bank Interest Rates are low everywhere except in countries where there is hyper inflation.  Why, however are rates low ?  Is it not so that Banks can obtain "Tap" money more cheaply, and then to lend and provoke a "kick-start" of industries and consumption ? 

Low Interest Rates have destroyed Private Pension Funds in Britain and elsewhere but they were not destined to destroy Banks !   Now the aim is to "Save the Euro" at all costs. The result is that there is stagnation in the EU and elsewhere.  

What will happen next ?  What will the next aim of Bankers be ?

Saturday, 18 May 2013


François Hollande pratique volontiers les formules alambiquées!  Deux exemples tirés de sa conférence de presse du 16 mai dernier:  

"L'idéal serait de ne pas augmenter un taux de prélèvement pour les ménages en 2014", sauf taux de TVA déjà prévus.  Traduction: des augmentations de prélèvement pour les ménages ne sont pas exclues... 

"Dès lors que l'on vit plus longtemps, on devra travailler un peu plus longtemps".  Traduction: la durée de versement des cotisations retraite sera allongée. 

Comme on entre plus tardivement sur le marché du travail, l'âge auquel on pourra prétendre à une retraite à taux plein sera de facto repoussé... 

 En clair, les français sont prévenus ! 



Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission has been very adept in twice procuring for Portugal the financial aid from the EU it required to avoid an economic catastrophy.  

The question now is "Can he help in the Madeleine McCann case ?"  The facts of the case are simple:

The McCann family went on holiday to Portugal in 2007 and while they were there their 4 year old daughter was abducted.  Subsequent Portuguese police investigations proved to be unsuccessful. The McCann family hired private detectives and now want to provide fresh evidence to reopen the case.  They want several known "witnesses" to be interviewed. 

The Portuguese Police refuse to reopen the case due to Portuguese laws !

Is this an example of co-operation in the European Community ?  Mr Barroso could create some public goodwill by intervening !

Friday, 17 May 2013


President Hollande spoke confidently during almost three hours at his Conference with the Press.  The whole of France watched closely and was surprised by his competent presentation followed by answers to the questions of Journalists.

Popularity Polls will probably credit him and enable him to rebound during the immediate future.

However, in spite of his performance, his speech was bereft of any meaningful new ideas destined to cure the slump in the French economy.  He does not expect an upturn in World or French affairs much before the 2013 year-end.

With respect to Pensions, President Hollande said that it will be necessary to contribute longer to obtain a full pension...

President Hollande pointed out that there were problems in the EUROZONE and that France and Germany must continue to work together.  These two countries have been and must remain the "backbone" of the EU.

He underlined the importance of Foreign Affairs during his first year in office, not only the intervention of French troops in Mali, but also the dangers of Al Quaida.   

He repeated his intention that in due course the 60 promises he made in his election manifesto will be implemented.

There will not be a shuffle of Government Ministers in the immediate future and he affirmed his appreciation of the efforts of his Prime Minister, Jean-Mark Ayrault on several occasions.


Again "Words, words and more words" at the UNO Conference to find a way to stop the assassination of oponents by the Bachir al Assad administration !  He will never stop killing opposition "electors" because he only wants to save his own skin !

How can UNO accept the "genocide" of almost 100 000 civilians in Syria during the last two years by the forces of Bachir al Assad because Russia and China have used their "Vetoes" to prevent any UNO sponsored army entering Syria ?

The civilian population in Syria is "suffering" from  malnutrition, while Bachir al Assad and his henchmen eat caviar and lack nothing ! 

The UNO secretary BAN KI-MOON must act now.  He must move fast to change the UNO organisation;  why not give every country the "Veto" and thus force a free vote to come to a decision on matters ?  UNO voting rules must be changed.

UNO inertia has already killed 100 000 people and made no progress !  It will soon kill another 100 000 !


Thursday, 16 May 2013


The Meeting with the Press is scheduled to take place today at 16.00 hours (4 pm) Paris time.

Having already delayed the introduction of his famous 60 election promises to become President, the question now is what President Hollande has instructed his Government to do to make France competitive in the face of the Recession in the EU and in the World as a whole ?

Trade Unions and Socialist Electors expect clear guidelines.  They essentially want no additional unemployment, or company closures.  This is quite normal.

Industrial Leaders want more State investments in projects to absorb unemployment and to put more money in the pockets of consumers.  They also want less taxes of all kinds to encourage consumer spending.

The Social and Political context at present is not favourable for President François Hollande.  In France there is a mood of Social Unrest.  In the EU, or should one say the EUROZONE, there is apprehension about the EURO and the General Elections in Germany in September.  Will Merkel survive or not ? 

Added to all this is that recent Popularity Polls have made President Hollande the most unpopular President of the Fifth Republic, created by General de Gaulle in 1958 !

Somewhere something must give.... must change !


Wednesday, 15 May 2013


All the medias in France (TV, Radio and Newspapers) have covered in detail the problem of the Riots which occurred when PSG (the 2013 Football Champions of France) tried to parade their team among their supporters  last Monday, 13 May 2013. 

The facts are simple.  Having obtained the permission to parade their team, true supporters were infiltrated by the unforseen presence of hooligans from Parisian suburbs.  The police were incapable of controlling the vandals who set fire to parked cars, damaged shops and in fact rioted for the sheer thrill of creating a havoc.

The key question at the moment is to find out who is reponsible ?   

The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls says he and the Police Force did all that could be expected. The Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoé said it was not his job to control what the police had to do.  The head of the police force in Paris, Bernard Boucault, said the number of people taking part in the celebrations was much higher than expected.  However, one already knew from experience that there is a lunatic fringe of PSG supporters which attends most of their matches.

President Hollande, who is already beleaguered by countless economic problems in France, must take action shortly.  The general expectation is that Bernard Boucault, now aged 65, will carry the can and must be replaced.




Tuesday, 14 May 2013


There were riots by hooligans in the confines of Paris yesterday when Paris St Germain, the Football League Champions of France, wanted to parade the team in the streets of Paris.  

Such a parade happens all over the world, in Manchester for example, as was justly said in discussions on French TV last night. There are never any riots ! 

There is now a real political fight about who was responsible for quelling the rioters who caused a lot of damage to spectators, cars and other property, all filmed and relayed by TV.

The background to these disturbances in France is not really only about Football.  There is an economic depression, linked directly to what is happening (or not) in the EUROZONE.

The unemployed but also the Politicians, are anxious !!!

No politician wants to be held responsible for the result of these gratuitous and unforseen riots !  Was it the fault of politicians like the Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, or the head of the Paris Police Force, Bernard Boucault, or even the Socialist Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoyé, who permitted these celebrations by PSG ?

Of course it might be the management of the PSG Football Club who are the culprits !!! That idea is non political and will die a natural death !!!

We shall never really know who did not perform, but President Hollande will certainly be distributing "black marks" to his entourage, his Prime Minister and others !  



Commentant les débordements qui ont eu lieu lundi 13 Mai face au Trocadéro à Paris, Bernard Boucault Préfet de Police a parlé de "15 000 supporteurs venus fêter leur club de foot et de plusieurs milliers de casseurs, face à 800 policiers"...

Comment plusieurs milliers de voyous peuvent ils ainsi déferler sur Paris en toute impunité sans que le Préfet de Police ni les Services du Ministre de l'Intérieur ait eu vent de quoi que ce soit ?

Naiveté ou angélisme ?  Tout ceci n'est pas de bonne augure !  Les coups de menton de Manuel Valls  suffiront ils à endiguer les violences urbaines ?


Monday, 13 May 2013


There is a "waiting game" going on at present by Politicians, not only by those in the EU but also those in local National Politics.

The real, basic, problem which provokes this turmoil is the unknown result of the coming re-election of Merkel and her Coalition in Germany. 

If one way or another if she loses her grip on events in the EU, or more precisely on the EUROZONE, EU historians like all "politicians" now, will closely follow the effect on German policies in the EUROZONE and at once calculate the "knock-on effect" for their personal interests and then also for their countries !

The European Press is full of articles about what needs to be done.  Every politician wants to be heard, to be seen in the media.  Soon, however, they will all be away on their summer holidays while the debates, for the General Election in Germany on September 22, 2013,  gather pace and intensify !

After the result, the fate of EUROPE will be revealed.  Will Germany and its newly elected majority still be prepared to foot the cost of saving the EURO ?  Or will "insolvent" EURO  countries then be allowed to withdraw from the EUROZONE and then declare themselves "bankrupt" ? 


Sunday, 5 May 2013


Just when Britain could rejoice in the fact that new methods of detection have accelerated the arrest of criminals who would otherwise remain free, DNA files are being destroyed  after a period of six months in order to respect an EU Human Rights ruling !!!  This protects the rights of criminals.

Have the Human Rights of potential victims been considered ? 

Britain at present does not have enough prisons or enough money to build more specialized modern buildings to house criminals. This simple fact fetters the hands of judges when they want to incarcerate criminals to protect the public !  As a result, a possible prison sentence in Britain no longer acts as a deterrant. 

The next thing one can expect are appeals when DNA evidence has been used to prove the guilt of offenders.

Electors will be watching very closely the decisions of  other countries.  In Britain abandoning the DNA files will almost certainly be a vote loser at the next General Election !!!


Saturday, 4 May 2013


The recession in the EU is expected to continue well into 2014, beyond the previous "optimistic calculations" by EU experts !!!  Their Crystal Balls and calculators all seem to be in agreement !!!  Superb !!!  The real question is "what needs to be done to fight-off another recession in mid 2014 ?

EU experts are bereft of any new ideas that need to be undertaken to ensure the future of the EU !!!

EU governments fight any attempts that could lead to reducing Government Overheads by trimming civil service costs.  Increasing taxes is better than increasing unemployment statistics !!!

Increasing Taxes means there is less spending power in the pockets of the public !!!  Less consumption obliges companies to reduce costs, which leads to more unemployment !!!  It is the vicious circle !!!

The cost of politicians at all levels of Society in the EU is astronomic !!!  Will anyone ever dare to attempt to reorganise this pyramid of uncontrolled costs ?


Friday, 3 May 2013


If the World Renowned impartiallity and application of legal principles in British Courts is to be maintained, it is time that in future Police activity and inactivity is better controled by more specific legislation.  

It seems that well known Public People are always given the benefit of any doubt and thus escape like angels !!!  No record of any kind, above all "National", is available, of serial "offenders" pardoned or not prosecuted !!!  Recent scandals have revealed that "inaction" has been condoned at a low level of Heirarchy !!!

This also means that a deaf ear is turned when victims want to lodge a complaint !!!  Are "Public People" or even "Politicians" above the law, even when something  criminal has occured ?

Paradoxically, the Press has also reported the names of people suspected but who have not yet been "charged" of any crime.  Is this not an infringement of "British Human Rights" ?

To restore the reputation of "British Justice" the Prime Minister, David Cameron must act with the help of not the Justice Minister, but the Lord Chief Justice and a "Panel of experienced Judges".  

Judges know full well, better than anyone, what is wrong with the system at present and from their experience can propose impartial, practical solutions !!!

Anyone likely to be judged cannot, logically, provide a practical solution or law !!!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Marine Le Pen as Leader of the National Front, soundly criticized the leading political parties in France for  acting like lame ducks, more interested in preserving the "Establishment", rather than worrying about the needs of the unemployed and lower classes !!!

She vows to change the "comfort zone" of current and recent Politicians, and to introduce judiciary independence.

Her Speech in Paris at the "Place de l'Opera" was forceful and she hopes that the voices of the people will be heard !!!

Recent Opinion Polls reveal that support for her and her Party has been climbing. 


Entendu, ce 1er Mai, la retransmission du discours de Marine Le Pen prononcé sur la place de l'Opéra à Paris.
Un discours très mobilisateur, fédérateur et de bon sens. 

Certes pas de nouvelles propositions mais pour aujourd'hui, les militants et tous les déçus de l'UMP et du PS n'attendaient rien de plus...