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Friday, 28 June 2013


Tomorrow the 100th Tour de France begins but the real question all observers are secretly asking is "What has really changed since Tom Simpson died on Mount Ventoux ?" during the 13th stage of the Tour de France on the 13th of July 1967. 

After his death everyone involved in sport and the public, wanted more strenious and strict controls in all Sports, not only in Cycling !   Has Cycling since then really changed ?  Not really !

It is history that Jacques Anquetil, five times winner of the Tour de France always refused to submit himself to anti-doping controls.  He died in 1987 from cancer at the age of 53.

Recently the record of Lance Armstrong, as a seven-time winner of the Tour de France was erased from records.  He said to win the Tour de France without doping is impossible !  Other cyclists have concurred with him.

The real question therefore becomes, "What has the Tour de France organisation changed since the death of Tom Simpson ?"  Has he died in vain ?  Just recently newspapers in France headlined the fact that Jalabert was controled "positive" 15 years ago, but this fact was only made public recently !
Rigorous doping tests are not made in Cycling.  Selective tests are made, but cheats can avoid them.  The crux of the matter is that sponsors of publicity would withdraw if key riders are disqualified. 
A really rigorous system of controls would mean disqualifying doped athletes for life from all sports as well as their trainers and managers.   To do this Cycling rules must be very clear about what "doping" covers. Such precise rules do not exist yet, even 46 years after the death of Tom Simpson !

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Le 5 juin dernier, la mort de Clément Méric suite à une bagarre entre jeunes extrémistes, à la sortie d'une vente privée de vêtements, en plein Paris, avait soulevé l'indignation de nos dirigeants politiques, engendré un emballement politico médiatique, suscité diverses manifestations de partis de gauche et de syndicats, accompagnées, le 23 juin dernier, de violences et de dégradations.

 Aujourd'hui, une vidéo de surveillance de la RATP tendrait à démontrer que la victime aurait porté le premier coup... Ce qui explique l'incrimination retenue par le juge d'instruction à l'encontre de celui qui, agressé, a ensuite porté un coup mortel à Clément Méric: violences volontaires ayant entrainé la mort sans intention de la donner.

Cette affaire rappellera à certains l'affaire du 9 juillet 2004, dans laquelle une jeune femme avait affirmé avoir été victime d'une agression à caractère antisémite dans la ligne D du RER alors qu'elle voyageait avec son bébé. Une fièvre politico-médiatique s'en était alors suivie. Jacques Chirac parlait de "son effroi devant cet acte odieux".
Le MRAP dénonçait "avec la plus grande fermeté un insoutenable acte fasciste".
Lutte Ouvrière faisait part de son "profond dégoût" et appelait à une manifestation organisée par le Parti communiste au métro Belleville...

Le 13 juillet la jeune femme avouait avoir tout inventé !



Friday, 21 June 2013


Are there any real differences between company accounts and country accounts ?  It is certain generally accepted accounting principles should be applied to set up accounts.  

The next stage is to report the results to shareholders or, in the case of National Accounts, to electors ! 

Company Directors are obliged to report formally every year at Annual General Meetings.  Company directors are fired and new ones hired if shareholders so wish.

National Accounts are "explained" continuously during   the term of Government and/or the term of the "Presidency".  This can often cover a period of 4, 5, or 6 years.  The accounting rules used stretch the imagination of "historical accounting" professionals like me ! But electors finally have their say !  They vote !  The Government then stands or falls. 

If Company Accounts are wrong, a liquidation could follow !  If National Accounts are wrong, the next elected Government will quickly realise that, what it planned to attain must be delayed.  If there is no money election promises must normally wait.

Many EUROZONE countries are facing dilemmas.  These dilemmas originate mainly from the blind defence of the "EURO" which forbids countries to withdraw from the "EURO".  A subsequent adoption of a new local currency followed by a devaluation, is totally forbidden. 

EUROZONE accounting principles are rigid but flexible at the same time. These are what one can describe as being "Political Accounting Principles" !  Alternatively they are "fexible" management principles.  There is always a "margin" to delay the finality of a EUROZONE
collapse !

This explains why the result of the German General Elections on 22, September 2013 is so nervously awaited.  What will happen afterwards ?  Will German EURO financing suddenly dry up ?



Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Continuously one sees articles in the British Press which lament the fact that criminals are not properly punished:  too often they receive lenient custodial sentences and their string of previous convictions are never "taken into account" to make them change their ways ! 

Is the object of criminal justice no longer to protect the public by "deterring" criminals, particularly habitual offenders ?  When criminals use violence should they not expect serious punishment ? That is what the public expect !

There are always excuses.  Judges say their hands are tied by the lack of Prison Space.  Barristers plead for "another chance" for their client.  Well intentioned do-gooders (social workers) want to protect the family unit of the offender.  In the end the human rights of the criminal are considered, but not those of the victim ! 

Human Rights also exist in prison.  Television is provided and visits are accepted.  The cost of the Prison and its Services is of course paid for by the Taxpayer !

The real problem is that not one person alone is responsible for everything in the Justice System (except the Prime Minister) !  A special task force to examine, report and make suggestions, would seem to be required.

All these problems have been growing for a number of years.  It is true to say most of them exist also in France, and probably in other countries too.




Monday, 17 June 2013


Why the red carpet for Mr Putin when he visits Downing Street ?  Does Putin roll out a Blue Carpet when Cameron visits Moscow ?



Saturday, 15 June 2013


This is the unknown factor in the EUROZONE !  Before the General Election in Germany no one really wants to commit themselves.

The basic facts are that five countries were loaned Billions of EUROS at a time when they were financially almost insolvent !  They were obliged to reorganise their finances, slim-down costs, etc and not to withdraw from the EUROZONE, i.e. the EURO. 

Alas at the time the World, particularly Europe, was in a recession and these countries have not been able to recover ! The five countries concerned (Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Greece and Cyprus) are still in difficulties and are now burdened with enormous debts which they in fact have little hope of being able to reimburse !

The real question appears to be whether their sole way out of this financial mess is not to withdraw from the EUROZONE, readopt their former currencies and declare a devaluation.  This would slim-down internal costs (particularly salaries and pensions and Financial oblgations).  It would make their country competitive on the export markets again !

Other countries have taken such action frequently in the past, but it would destroy destroy some of the objectives of the EUROZONE.  

The real question today is, therefore, what alternative solution is available ?

Friday, 14 June 2013


No politician in the EU at present is prepared to discuss what could happen.  The only open secret is that nothing "should" happen before the General Elections in Germany on 22 September 2013 !

When the result of the General Elections is known, when the fate of Chancellor Angela Merkel has been determined, (but not before) the German High Court will publish its opinion on what Germany is obliged to do with respect to the financing it provides to defend the EURO !

Indirectly Germany has underwritten and directly financed many loans made to EUROZONE countries in difficulty.  The sole objective has been to protect the recognised stability of the EURO.

The real question now is, "Will Germany pursue the same policies after 22 September 2013" ?

If the reply is not a frank "YES", there will be an upheaval on Financial Markets worldwide !  There will be panic !

The next question would then be :  How will different EU countries react ?  

At the EU or EUROZONE level there will be numerous strategic meetings !  The results of these meetings will not be clear immediately, alas ! 

EUROZONE countries will be like ships in a tempest without their captain !

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


The question is not "WILL the Eurozone collapse ?" but "WHEN will it collapse?".

Europe is in turmoil !  For a multitude of reasons there are social upheavals everywhere.  There is discontent even in non EUROZONE countries, but these countries also fear for their own futures just as much. People are worried !

The "EUROZONE " has dominated politics for the last ten years after the introduction of the "sacred" "EURO" which has been defended by Germany at all costs, come what may. 

The situation now is that Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Cyprus are heavily indebted:  but Italy is also "bankrupt" and France is on the edge of seeking "help".

If Germany must again "help" this is not the moment.  Angela Merkel and her "Coalition allies" face elections on September 22, 2013 !  Will the "right" "bite the bullet"  and beat the Socialist left ?  Nothing is sure !

Before or after, will the "EUROZONE" revise its principles and permit, for example "Little Greece or Cyprus" to leave the Eurozone and re-adopt its former local currency after a devaluation ?  And what about Italy afterwards, and then France ?

Above all, will the "EUROZONE DICTATORS" then hesitate or even refuse, to help Banks which have cross- guarantees of Billions of EUROS of loans which could fall due, just to maintain the present "status quo" ?  That is the real crunch question !



Saturday, 8 June 2013


Tout au long de sa campagne présidentielle, François Hollande avait souhaité une République exemplaire et apaisée, contrairement, selon lui, à Nicolas Sarkozy qui avait opposé les groupes sociaux les uns aux autres...

Or, de l'aveu même de François Hollande, lors de son intervention le 28 mars dernier, "il y a une montée de la violence dans la rue mais aussi dans les expressions".

Assassinats en Corse, règlements de compte à Marseille, bandes de voyous déferlant à Paris lors de la fête du PSG, et le point d'orgue, une bagarre entre skinheads et militants d'extrême gauche à la sortie d'une vente privée de vêtements, en plein centre de Paris, et qui se termine tragiquement par la mort d'un jeune homme de 19 ans,Clément Méric, le 5 juin.

Qui maintenant pourra mettre fin à ces excès et à la violence qui se banalise ?


Thursday, 6 June 2013


C'est sans doute à l'aune des solutions retenues pour la réforme des retraites annoncée pour fin septembre que l'on appréciera le courage et la détermination de François Hollande.

Saura- t- il par exemple, imposer aux fonctionnaires un nouveau mode de calcul de leur pension, comme le propose le rapport Moreau, sur la base, non plus des six derniers mois de traitement, mais sur les 10 dernières années, primes incluses ?

Une question d'équité puisque depuis 1993 pour les salariés du secteur privé, la pension d'assurance vieillesse est calculéé sur la base ...des 25 meilleures années !



Whether politicians are at Local Council level or MEPs at the EU level, they all want to maintain their previously acquired rights. 

Presented like this, it appears to be normal, but not in the face of current depressive economical conditions where there is high unemployment, high social unrest and where almost every country is seeking new "taxable measures" to replenish state coffers !

EU or EUROZONE politicians always have the "medicine" to correct the wrongs of "National Economic" policies.  

The main proposal of EU politicians is to reduce the "overhead costs" of the civil service, which is needed to run any country's political strategies.  True, there are often cost reductions which could be easily obtained.

However, does the EU or the EUROZONE ever propose that its own overhead costs, that salaries etc and extras, like indexed pensions, should be reduced or even reviewed ?  Never !!!

Just two years ago, the remuneration of all EU deputies was increased;  the same salary level for "all" "MEPs" was decreed.  If that is not sufficient there are also "allowances" which can be claimed without any expense note justification being necessary !  

In fact this is what is called "the gravy train".  It is the high life with no questions asked !  The same esprit, spirit, exists at all National and Local levels ! 

All EU nations should tackle their Governments and MEPs to provoke a "rethink" on why EU costs are ever increasing.  If David Cameron and Britain want to provoke a revision of EU rules and Treaties, now is the time !

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


"J'irai jusqu'au bout de la transparence" avait déclaré François Hollande à propos du patrimoine des élus, et après "l'affaire Cahuzac" son ex-ministre du budget...

Las!  Les députés socialistes refusent de suivre, et adoucissent le projet initial en décidant que les patrimoines des élus ne seront pas publiés, mais pourront seulement être consultés, à titre privé, en préfecture, leur diffusion étant par ailleurs interdite et pénalement sanctionnée.  6000 élus sont ainsi concernés par ce simulacre de transparence.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013


The  "ORDER" of the "EUROPEAN COMMISSION" to France reflects perfectly an accepted basic economic principle.  It is what one terms as being a good "household keeping" principle for any family anywhere !

Although the orders came from the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, of which Barroso is the President, they reflect totally what the EUROZONE wishes, which is to solve the immediate problems of the "EURO". 

It is true that France, like certain other Eurozone countries, or even EU countries, has problems at present but which for a large part are due to the World-wide economic downturn and the consequent high  unemployment.

The immediate reaction of President Hollande, that neither he nor France has any obligations to obey the injunctions of the "Barroso" Commission, is more than just correct.
France as a nation has been summoned to cut its "overheads", i.e. the costs of running the country by its civil service or by reducing the work sub-contracted to "Quangos".  This is not wrong but has Germany lead by Merkel, also summoned Barroso, with insistence, to cut the EU Overheads ?

The fundamental problem for Germany is that the reputation of the EURO must remain solid, come what may.  Germany has always "financed"  the "solidarity" of the EURO and wants other countries to participate actively. 

Nothing can or will change in the immediate future.  Merkel hopes to be re-elected as Chancellor of Germany on 22 September 2013.  Will German Socialists unseat her ?  Merkel is part of a right-wing coalition and nothing is really clear at the moment !

Sunday, 2 June 2013


In the "Mail on Sunday" today Tony Blair, a former Prime Minister of Britain, identifies the different hotbeds of Terrorism centered in the Middle East and elsewhere but which are now spreading like gangreen into European Countries. 

Tony Blair also says one cannot condemn the Muslim Religion and other Religions just because a small number of members have become extremists and have been trained as Terrorists.  This is quite true. However what is even much truer is the fact that if political leaders do not act, Terrorism will flourish even more and forever !

Terrorism is not a religious war.  The aim is mass murder to create fear.  Minorites want to force changes which are not possible politically, which are only possible when terror is used and when Governments are overthrown by street violence.

Several earlier articles in this Blog have clearly stated that the Death Penalty should be reintroduced to deter indiscriminate acts of Terrorism.  The EU and UNO should lead the way !

If no one acts, Terrorism will increase !