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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


The basic EUROZONE fault is to defend the EURO at all costs, even when money is lent to insolvent countries !
There are many schools of thought.  However, in the face of worried electors, like at present in Germany, the consensus of politicians is not to "rock the boat" !

This is tantamount to saying that the less said is the best for politicians seeking re-election !

So what is this problem ?  Is it not Greece, Cyprus, and other small countries who do not have the option at present to leave the "EUROZONE" ?  Is it not the countries, who have Debts in EUROS after they were obliged to accept "financing" ?  These are Financial debts and in the present structure they just cannot repay these debts?

Is this "Impasse" not due to the fact that the EUROZONE principles protect only "lender countries".  Borrower countries cannot at present "devalue" and they do not have the means to repay lender countries.  

The same perfect principles which Germany wants to impose on all the EUROZONE countries are not adapted to countries which live from "Tourisme", for example.   Latin people do not have the same German Tutonic mental capacity ! 

Smaller countries in the EUROZONE no longer have the right to "devalue" and reorganise.

Should  these  EUROZONE rules and principles  not be revised and even modified ?

When countries need to "opt out" of the EURO and adopt their previous local currency, in order to reorganise their financial rules concerning pension entitlements, taxation rules, National Health benefits, etc. the ultimate aim is also a devaluation of the local currency.  This in fact makes countries competitive again !

By permitting this, the EUROZONE could also oblige  EUROZONE countries to publish the amount of unrepaid EURO loans on their Balance Sheets, and indicating when repayment of loans is expected during the next 25 - 30 Years.

There is a 3% rule in the EUROZONE which seeks to limit overruns of budgeted expenses. At the end of the 25 year period the Present day value of the EURO would be reduced by 50%, if not more !

At present activity in the EUROZONE has stagnated.  This is dangerous for the future of the ZONE and the EU !!!   Other areas of the world are watching closely !



Sunday, 28 July 2013


The answer is a loud "NO" !

All definitions are an open ended, non committal "NO" !

Politicians are afraid to propose limitations anywhere where "human rights" are concerned !

For example, the biggest conumdrum, riddle, on this subject are supported by non-committal speeches by politicians who do not want to be seen as going against the "tide", who therefore welcome all the costs that countries must bear !

A precise question which needs to be answered is, "Do EU taxpayers from richer countries when they need help in poorer countries, have the same rights as  "immigrant" visitors from poorer countries, when they need help in richer EU countries ?

When politicians want to be generous, they regularly choose not to comment, or ignore,  the reality of the eventual costs !  Prime Ministers, however, have to account for such costs and report to their electorate !
These invisible overhead costs of this problem are never clearly raised.  Taxpayers would be very sensitive to such discussions, whether they are in France, Britain or elsewhere ! 



Thursday, 25 July 2013


At last someone with influence expresses a sentiment which reflects the feelings of not only the British Sporting Public, but also what is felt in other countries , like France and the EU in general.

Firstly, Lord Coe wants a wider "Drug Net", to cover sports in general !  This Blog has aimed at such a wider net for a long time !

Sport has become as Professional as any other activities, which one would like to mention !   Alas the real question is "Where does Amateur Sport end and where does Professional Sport start ?"   

There is no definition !  Should there not be a "cut off" ?

The second real problem concerns the punishment of "Sportsmen" who have used dope !  At this point one must be clear,  very clear.  What is "Dope", where in any sport is this defined ?

The simple answer is "NOWHERE" !   All sports organisations, which depend on "publicity" to cover their costs, do not want scandals !  The "Tour de France" is a perfect example.

Lord Coe must know this, but one must admire his initiative. 

What this Blog would like to see is the all-time disqualification of any "sportsman" AND his trainer, when it is proved that he has taken drugs.

Lord Coe, I wish you well !




Have these "experienced" Doctors who want to claim overtime "pay", anything special to offer for their services ?  In fact, to be quite simple, what special experience do they offer to merit "overtime" pay ?

As a well qualified Chartered Accountant I never refused to work overtime when it was necessary.  I was "on call"  many times.  

Have things changed to such an extent that now "qualified" Medics , Doctors recently qualified, can now demand "overtime" ? 

Somewhere something seems all wrong.  Doctors have been educated, the State has paid, yet they refuse to respect their Code of Ethics ?   They are supposed to come to the aid of the "needy" anytime !

When a young doctor  wants overtime on weekends,  should the Medical Council not come up with remedies to cure this inacceptible abuse of the Ethical Code of Doctors ?


Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Guessing the name of a probable future King of England (and other countries) is like laying a bet with the  bookmakers !  If you are wrong you lose what you have bet !  On the Internet, you only lose your reputation !

One always talks about the "Royal" baby, but there is a second side to the family !  Do they not have a 50% say in the naming of "Kate's" baby ?

Grandfather "Charles" is already well known.  He is destined to become King Charles III, but Michael Middleton ?  Does he not have a legacy to leave ?  Would  he not wish that his Grandchild could be known as Michael ?   And ultimately King Michael the First of England ?

Our happy congratulations to the parents, William & Kate. 



Monday, 22 July 2013


 For the last six months, since Princess "Kate" had a bout of morning sickness, since when everyone except the Press knew it would seem, that the expected date for the birth was the 22nd of July 2013, the public has had unlimited updates about the "Birth".

Journalists have spent hours scouring history to find something new to say !  They have spent hours every day at key locations, saying nothing but just being ready in case there is a surprise !

What a life !  What a job, but at least they are paid !

Can you imagine the incredulity if the Official Announcement finally reveals that twins have been born ?

At least that would be real new News !  A double dose of delight for the Public, but also particularly for all the members of both families ! 

Think about it.  Would we then have two Kings or Queens sitting on the throne ?  Or would they draw straws to decide who should ultimately be the sole Heir to the throne ? 


Thursday, 18 July 2013


A report in the "Times" this morning reveals that Britain, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands were seeking the right to limit State Benefits" for new arrivals from Bulgaria and Romania.

At last other countries besides just Britain are alarmed at the influx of endless immigrants who want equal rights to state hand-outs AND of course, Human Rights !  

This Blog has published two articles recently which reflect clearly what suffering EU citizens feel on this subject:
           1) "Roumanian Travellers invade France", dated 31/01/ 2013.
           2) "Benefits Tourism to UK is a myth says the EU Commission", dated 7/03/ 2013. 

The EU has all the means it needs to block unwanted, poor  "tourists" from invading the EU or, in particular, the EUROZONE. The obvious way is to close the doors of the EU.  

In particular, a general revision of treaties which govern the rights of EU citizens is required.  David Cameron and Britain have pushed for changes which have been coldly refused.  

The imminent General Elections in Germany (22/09/2013) are serving as the reason why nothing will be decided in the EU before then.  If then there is a melt-down in the EUROZONE, the last quarter of 2013 could become historic !  In fact, anything could happen !


Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Why do EUROPOLITICIANS prefer to dictate EURO zone principles ?  Is it because there are no problems in the EUROZONE WORLD ? 

Is there really a secret answer to the fact that Germany has provided Financial Coverage amounting to at least 1,000 Billion EUROS ?  Will German taxpayers not suffer ? Or will German voters finally decide  "enough is enough" !  Merkel will be the first to know !

This Blog published an article on October 28, 2011 entitled "The European Union, does it still Exist ?"   which clearly set out what could be expected at the time.  To put it simply, the EU and the EUROZONE must each define its objectives clearly, preferably with an updated LISBON TREATY.    

David Cameron needs changes to different EU Treaties to update policies in the UK.  The alternative would be to accept a vote in the UK to leave the EU.  

Is it normal that a Prime Minister of the UK, and its judicial institutions, are governed by EU principles which take no account of changing factors during the last 50 years ?  

In the opinion of this Blog, what really needs changing are the outdated principles of "THE HUMAN RIGHTS COURT"  which only ever defends the "Criminal", and the extension by the EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE of its own ever growing "duties" !  Does either court defend the interests of the innocent victim ?

There are many other changes which other countries outside the EUROZONE are waiting for !  David Cameron must know this but is biding his time !

At the end of September the EU will suddenly come alive, (Germans will vote !) or ........ will the EUROZONE explode ?   Things cannot just go on as before !


Monday, 15 July 2013


It is sad to record, to repeat even, that in 1945 the EU countries were agreed that the next "WAR" would not be in Europe ! 

They were of the opinion that the next war would be in the Middle East !  Europe had suffered enough losses.

No one who had suffered, one way or the other, wanted a repeat of either the first world war or the second which ended on 8 May 1945 !

Now wars are "underway" in many midle-eastern  countries.   The issues are not very clear.  Are these religious wars lead by Islamic extremists ?  Or are these "revolts" based on socialist principles ?

Does anyone know, politicians or other leaders, what the enfranchised voters  really want ?  

That countries want more elections of a democratic nature is understandable.  However, must there be bloodshed all the time ?

Do none of the agitators want to accept Democratic Elections ?

Finally, all the "powerfull countries" stand by.  The issues are more political than anything else ! That is why no one moves !

That is "DIPLOMACY" ! 


Sunday, 14 July 2013


Countries in the EU have National Pension Scheme liabilities, i.e. pensions payable to retired workers, which are funded by the contributions made by current active workers. When contributions comfortably exeed the cost of pensions payable, there is no problem. 

However, when the retirement age of workers is reduced and pensioners also live longer, a shortfall of funds available for the payment of pensions due quickly becomes a problem !  

Added to these "variable" factors is another element, the fall in the National birth rate, which long term can have a big effect.  The birth rate in Germany has  decreased and for this reason immigrants are more welcome there because they compensate birthrate shortfalls. Their work also benefits National Pension schemes.

In the Private Sector,  Insurance Companies are obliged to follow closely these problems and must therefore make actuarial appraisals for the funds they are managing.

In the Public Sector, Governments well know all the problems involved but they have serious political hesitations. No one wants to lose their seat or even their majority by making unpopular increases in pension contributions or by reducing pension benefits.  At present they prefer to absorb any immediate, smallish  shortfall of funds out of current tax income. 

To put it another way, the next Government can deal with the problem if it thinks a review is necessary !

There are no EU directives which specifically impose rules on governments.  Long term rules should impose actuarial valuations and the effect of shorfalls should be covered.  

Have we not already seen problems in this area in the case of  Greece ? Are there not now problems in Portugal ?  What about new countries which are on the verge of joining the EU ?  Do they have coverage for their National Pension liabilities ?      

Should not the President of the European Commission, Manuel Barroso, provoke a review of the situation.  Or are EU national accounts always accepted at their face value ?




Pendant une trentaine de minutes, le Président Hollande s'est exprimé depuis le Palais de l'Elysée en ce 14 juillet 2013, le second de son quinquennat.
Répondant aux questions de deux journalistes de FRANCE 2 et de TF1, il a tenu un discours embarrassé, terne, sans révélation et sans élan.

Après avoir maintes fois répété au cours des mois antérieurs qu'il n'y aurait plus d'impôts nouveaux, François Hollande a nuancé aujourd'hui avec le flou qui le caractérise: "je ne ferai d'augmentations d'impôts que si elles sont nécessaires et dans l'idéal, le moins possible".
Les Français auront apprécié...


Saturday, 13 July 2013


A Pakistani girl aged 16, named Malaya Yousafzai, who a year ago had been shot in the head by a Taliban gunman, because she said she wanted schooling for girls, addressed the UNO Assembly yesterday and said she would not be silenced !  Education should be free for all.

She received a rousing, standing ovation from the UN Assembly after her speech in perfect English.  She had been inroduced by the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Since her operation she has been living in Birmingham, England.  The real questions are:

     -   Will she continue to get help from the UN even after Ban Ki Moon leaves his office end 2015 
     -   Would UNO be prepared to intervene in China and other Asiatic countries to promote schooling for children under the age of at least 14 ? 

Everyone knows that cheap goods, produced by child labour in Asia, flood into Europe and other places on a daily basis.  This creates unemployment in Europe. 

MALAYA YOUSAFZAI is fighting for the Human Rights of children !   But will UNO help or intervene in any way ?  Alas any hopes of an intervention sponsored by UNO to stop the extermination of citizens in Syria by Bachar al Assad, have already come to nothing ! 



Friday, 12 July 2013


The Daily Mail newspaper reports this morning that more than 137 000 Whitehall Officials and Civil Servants have been given "taxpayer funded credit cards".  Costs for last year (2012) amount to 1.1 billion pounds despite promises by David Cameron that the use of Credit cards would be "curbed" !

This Blog published an article on October, 14, 2009 entitled "BRITISH MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT FIDDLE THEIR EXPENSES" when the scandal hit the Socialist Government.  Now it seems to be more a question of Civil Servants rather than British MPs.  However, the control of expenses by a British Government, left or right, seems to be a complete mystery !

One cannot expect the Prime Minister to supervise personally a system of Credit cards usage, but should the Minister of Finance, like Chancellor George Osborne, not be responsible for, or aware of, what is going on and control matters ?

When a Father gives his Children credit cards to pay  expenses, he still has to survey the costs which are being charged to his Bank account !  If the father does not check what is going on, he still has to pay !

However, if the Father places a limit on the Credit Card, so that there is what is called an "impressed limit", expenditure above this amount will not be paid by the Bank !  The card holder must replenish his credit card account ! In the case of civil servants this would mean submitting expense accounts.

Politicians or other important people generally do not want to be bogged down with administrative duties.  In particular they do not like refusing expense claims. This alas is the reason why expenses are not properly checked !  However, if the money is coming out of private pockets, instead of Company or Government accounts, checks are made ! 

Professional Accountants know full well what happens when expenditures are not properly controlled.  Thieves get rich but it is never anybody's fault !  In the end the unwilling taxpayer has to pick up the bill !



Thursday, 11 July 2013


A well merited accolade for ANDY MURRAY winning the Wimbledon Tennis Championship,  after a lapse of 77 years since Fred Perry became the last British winner in 1936, would be to mark the occasion with a special postage stamp !

Have we all forgotten that all British winners of Gold Medals at the London Olympics last year were honoured with a postage stamp of their achievement ?  Incidentally Andy Murray then also featured on a stamp as he won the Mens' Tennis Tournament ! 

Other countries have already featured great athletes on stamps.  In particular, Switzerland issued a stamp in 2007 in honour of ROGER FEDERER ! 

This could once again serve to encourage young sportsmen to emulate their stars.  The problem is "Who in the Government will give the instructions to make this "honour" possible" ?  


Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Most of the European National Parliaments, as well as that of the EU, will close shortly for a well earned Holiday.  At last our elected and "appointed" politicians can get away from their chores.

For some this will be the chance to spend more time with their families and friends.  For others this will be the chance to go on expenses paid Fact Finding Missions to one of many exotic locations to find ways to improve the living conditions for their electors.

Something electors could ask themselves is "How many local MPs in their area could they name ?  Also, what is the Name of their MEP who represents them in the EU Parliament " ? 

The reality of political life in the EU will quickly return after September 22.  Then a General Election in Germany will reveal if Merkel has been re-elected and also if she has managed to keep her position as Chancellor with the help of a coalition.

That there will be no changes in EUROZONE politics concerning the future management of the EURO is, in the opinion of this Blog, not at all certain.

How long can Germany continue to underwrite financially the EURO by averting the Bankruptcy of EUROZONE countries ?  How long will German electors be prepared to back such a Policy ?

The countries in the EUROZONE or even in the EU, are not like the States in the USA.  EU countries generally want to protect their National Traditions and ways of life.  Their aim in the EU is to profit from what they can get. 

They are so heterogenic, or widely different, that they do not want to adopt all the mandatory EU principles in all their walks of life. They also want control of their local currency and even have the right to devalue when necessary, which was the rule before the EURO was adopted.

The last quarter of 2013 risks being turbulent !




In his CNN interview, DSK evokes the horrible night in May 2011, after which accusations appeared in the world Press, concerning his arrest.  All attempts to indict him as a criminal who attacked a Chambermaid sexually at the Sofitel Hotel in New York, have failed.

The fact that it has taken almost two years of costly pleading by the best lawyers, to ensure that DSK managed to avoid a direct confrontation with the chambermaid and thus managed to avoid answering her allegations, is now trivial or unimportant detail. 

Albeit, a financial agreement was concluded with Nafissatou Diallo in December 2012 !

DSK resigned his post as Managing Director of FMI and also any ambitions he harboured of becoming the leading contender in the 2012 French Presidential Elections !

There are many other details but what is quite clear in France is that he has lost the political backing he had to become President of France !  He not only lost his chance but most people are thankful that he was not elected !


Tuesday, 9 July 2013


David Cameron has expressed his personal delight and that of the whole of Great Britain at the achievement of Andy Murray when he won the 2013 Mens Wimbledon Tennis Championship title.

Inviting Andy, who is a teetotaller, to 10 Downing Street for drinks to celebrate his achievement is a real cost saving exercise compared with the beneficial publicity for Britain and for all the other political guests invited !

David Cameron like all his guests were relieved that Andy won the tournament, together with the 1.6 million pounds which came with this victory ! 

As  Prime Minister he could go a big step further.  Instead of waiting for Andy Murray to pay his taxes on the winnings of 1.6 Million pounds which came with the Wimbledon title, he could declare his and the whole of Britain's gratitude by making the entire 1.6 million as an exceptional tax deductible amount in Andy's next Tax Declaration !  

Would any British MP dare to vote against such a proposition in the House of Commons ?  If there are any, their names should be made public so that their electors can decide what they really think of their MP ! 



From newspapers it appears that Sir Alex Ferguson gave you the keys to "success" !

You must be careful even though you may know Sir Alex Ferguson is Scottish but he may want to claim a slice of the 1.6 million pounds you won at Wimbledon this Sunday ! 

Such advice could be expensive !


Monday, 8 July 2013


Nothing is better than a role model to encourage others to surpass their own expectations !

For this simple reason some sportsmen merit a knighthood and others only recognition.  Alas, simple recognition is just ephemeral, like a mention now and again in a sports report.  There is no durable accolade for a British Athlete which draws attention to a sportman who has, for example,  beaten a World Record or even obtained a Gold Medal at the Olympic Games but is now retired.

Andy Murray may get a Knighthood but Fred Perry 77 years ago did not ! Likewise, there are sports which are less appreciated, an example being boxing.

The  real problem is that there are no world bodies which could supervise the decoration of deserving sportsmen and women.

However, this is something which could be undertaken in Britain to encourage British youth.   A suitable insignia with letters to be placed behind the Sportsman's name would be a cherished recognition and encouragement !  A top sportsman, Professional or pure Amateur, who has spent years aiming to be the best in his field, has as much merit as a University graduate !  

Could the British Government not set up a Study Group to define the rules which could lead to the recognition of a meritorious sportsman or woman ?




1.7 Million Pounds was perhaps only the direct legal costs of Barristers pleading in all the extradition attempts concerning Qatada !

What the British taxpayer really wants to know is what all the indirect costs were of the surveillance and protection of Qatada and his family between his arrival some 20 years ago and his effective deportation this last week !

Such costs should take into account not only police time and social security costs and handouts including housing costs, but also the cost of preparing and instructing lawyers in government departments.

Qatada pleaded his human rights continually.  Such a possibility for known terrorists must be restricted in future.  This must be part of a revision of the Human Rights which are at present available to Terrorists, but alas not to the victims they may have even "haphazardly" killed !

If David Cameron demands the preparation of a file to determine the real total costs, he will have the means to fight for a reduction of the limits of the E U HUMAN RIGHTS COURTS, and at the same time obtain more respect for judgements of the BRITISH HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE.


Saturday, 6 July 2013


From what appears in the Press in Britain, Socialist Trade Unionists, the benefactors with their donations to the Socialist Party, want to get back to the same situation as it was in Britain in 1979.

Simply said this means Trade Unions want to rule, not only the Socialist Party but the whole of Britain by way of strikes !   In 1979 Prime Minister Callaghan was strangled by the Union strikes but finally executed by Margaret Thatcher in a House of Commons vote of "NO CONFIDENCE".  This provoked an early General Election which Thatcher won and a reorganisation of Trade Union rights was then undertaken ! The Conservatives stayed in power until 1997.

Ed. Miliband has now become the "puppet on the string" of the Trade Unions !  However, should they not reflect on the fact that 13 years of Labour Rule (New Labour or old !) is still fresh in the memory of Voters ?

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown left Britain impoverished in 2010 ! There was no money left in the coffers that Cameron inherited.  After the Election it was quite clear that it would take at least 5 years to get the British Economy back on its feet.

There is still time before the next General Election !  Will Ed. Miliband still be around then ?  The battle to unseat him has started. 


Wednesday, 3 July 2013


In one foul swipe, President Hollande has tried to impose his style and that of his Government.  He has also tried to put the women around him in their place !!!

Whether he has been successful remains to be seen.

Delphine Batho, who was his official spokeswoman during the Presidential Elections in 2012 later became the Ecology Minister.  She has now been "sacked" for being, it would seem, impudent, too pushy and too "green" !  She was sacked after she criticised the Budget Reductions imposed by Hollande on the Green budget and all the other Government budgets. 

One should not forget that Batho supplanted Segolene Royal, the first "partner" of Hollande and mother of their four children in the general elections of 2007.

The "greens" were shocked by this decision and held a long meeting to decide how they should react.  They are part of the "socialist majority" because they prevented the "Right" to get Sarkozy re-elected as President. 

With the help of Socialists they obtained 17 seats in the second round, even though their share of votes in the first round was only 5.46%.  (The National Front obtained 13.6% in the first round but only 2 seats in all without outside help). 

The "Greens" finally decided to remain faithful to the Socialists, but for how long remains to be seen !

Support for Hollande has been crumbling since his election.  His influence in EUROZONE politics has not been convincing and popularity polls in France have been catastrophic.  Only 25-30 % of former voters are still satisfied with his dithering.

The impression is that he does not act but hopes that world trade will come out of the recession and rescue him so that he can start to fulfill his 60 + more Election Promises !  The French are worried.

With the German General Elections coming up on 22 September 2013, the whole EUROZONE is as worried as Merkel herself.  Will she and her coalitition be re-elected or will her EUROZONE policies be "changed" ?