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Friday, 30 August 2013


After one of the most impassioned speeches ever seen  in the House of Commons yesterday, on the eventual participation of Britain in Syria, David Cameron was defeated in the subsequent vote.

This delays any thoughts of a British intervention in Syria following the suspected use by Bachar al Assad of Chemical Weapons to crush his opposition.

David Cameron has always said that a second vote was necessary in the House of Commons early next week to determine what Britain should do.

This intention seems to have been "Highjacked" by a collection of "wets" as Margaret Thatcher would no doubt have labelled them.  Are they scared of Britain acting ?  Have any of these MP's ever "done National Service" ?  Are they scared they might be called up ?

At this point let us not forget that the world is watching Britain but also judging it and its countrymen !  

The solution might be that Britain should now lead the eventual arraignment of Bachar al Assad for the violation of "the universal humanitarian rights of man", the act of which most leading countries in the "Syrian Problem" have signed.  (See the article in this Blog dated 27/08/2013 entitled "For Humanitarian Reasons Bachar al Assad must be judged").

The verdict of the United Nations Inspection into the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria, will be known this weekend.  Perhaps this will influence the next vote in the House of Commons.  Let us not forget that this is not a party political problem.  It is a Humanitarian Question ! 




Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Le candidat François Hollande l'avait promis: "J'engagerai une nouvelle réforme des retraites".

Or la grande réforme tant attendue se traduit par des "mesurettes" : pour l'essentiel, allongement progressif des 41,5ans, déjà prévus en 2020 par la réforme Fillon, à 43 ans en 2035 et augmentation des cotisations salariales et patronales dès 2014.

A la trappe, l'unification des régimes spéciaux et des régimes de retraites des fonctionnaires... Ni juste ni courageux!

Certes, on ne touche pas à l'âge légal de départ à la retraite, mais en repoussant la possibilité de partir à la retraite à taux plein, on  reporte implicitement l'âge de départ à la retraite.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013


John Kerry, the USA Secretary of State condemns the "moral obscenity of the Syrian Government's use of Chemical Weapons against its own people" in the on- going civil war.

Direct evidence of the results of the atrocities were visible in News Reports on European television and in newspapers yesterday (26 August 2013). 

It seems evident that President Obama's "large red line" has in fact been crossed !  Countries everywhere want action but the question is "What can be done ?"

Is the present situation not a perfect opportunity for the USA and Britain to engage talks with Russia and China, who apposed their "Veto" in the UNO Security Council, with a view to normalising relations and to avoid, even to "forget", the present stand-off ?

All four Countries are signatories of the "UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS", and Syria also in fact !  In the present circumstances does this count for nothing ?

Should at least these four nations not jointly sign a Declaration that the use of Chemical Weapons by Bachar al Assad in the civil war in Syria constitutes a violation of fundamental Universal Humanitarian Rights of Man ?

Should Bachar al Assad not be captured and judged ?
Other former dictators have already been judged and forgotten !

He will never again be able to "reign" in Syria in a calm climate and with "democracy" !  Russia and China must already realise this !

The only alternative seems to be a "war" in the Middle East with even more "dead".  Is this really worth while ?  



Monday, 26 August 2013


As expected, Greece will need more aid in the near future to avoid a National Bankruptcy, which would entail leaving the EURO, adopting a new currency and then announcing a devaluation. 

That Greece could "dump" the EURO sends shudders throughout the EUROZONE world !  It cannot be allowed to happen based on current "theories" and practices in the EURO world !

Germany in particular but other EUROZONE countries and International Banks have up to now, made countless billions of loans and issued garanties to Banks, yet now want to drag non EUROZONE countries in the EU, into schemes aimed at spreading the cost of saving the EURO !

This cannot be allowed to happen.  This exact same situation was clearly foreseeable when the first country was "bailed out" ! 

The flaw in the EUROSYSTEM is the basic principle that no country, large or small, can be allowed to leave the SYSTEM because this could provoke a run on the EURO itself ! All other countries in the system could suffer !

Britain in particular has the Pound Sterling to defend and other EU countries have their local currency to Manage.  This is in fact the same thing, on a smaller scale, as managing the EURO !

If EU countries must now pay to save the EURO, every country in the EU will have the same problem !  Helping Greece again with more money or aid, will not cure the basic EUROZONE flaw. 

Germany, Angela Merkel and Günther Öttinger who is Germany's EU Commissioner, must dream-up another  proposal which solves the basic EUROZONE flaw !


Sunday, 25 August 2013


With FIFA, unexpected news items of problems have suddenly surfaced concerning the forthcoming World Cups scheduled in Bresil in 2014, in Russia in 2018 and in Qatar in 2022.

For an Intercontinental Organisation like FIFA, which has  representatives from almost every country in the world where football is played, this becomes a mystery !

When a small business wants to expand, when one wants to launch a new product, or when one wants to invest shareholders money, a project is defined, a Project Manager is Named and given the support of other experts around him (Financial, Marketing, Production, even Linguistic) to ensure all the critical aspects of a planned investment are properly covered.

FIFA, with respect to the coming World Cup Organisations does not appear to be armed in the same way as other multi-national organisations !

FIFA it appears, are pledged to hold the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.  The most recent problem is "At what date ?". In the Qatari Summer or in the European Winter ?  Was this question never decided or foreseen before FIFA signed the contract ?  The weather there is not like in Switzerland !!! 

 Who was the Project Manager ?  Did anyone from FIFA ever go to Qatar before the contract was signed ?

It seems that Qatar will before 2022 make significant investments to build football stadiums in its country.  Where will they be built ? Is there a plan ?  Will there be a big enough infrastructure to house, feed and entertain the expected international guests and supporters with western or international food ? One just assumes at present that transport will be available.

Will Supporters who between matches will become Tourists, be able to wear western clothes, drink a glass of beer or wine ?  Will western women be able to circulate in dresses as in Europe or must they be veiled ?

When even now FIFA does not know the date of the 2022 WORLD CUP, one is inclined to ask what does FIFA in fact really know ?   Has FIFA got a "reserve venue" if Qatar cannot "deliver" ?  Where ?



Saturday, 24 August 2013


Threats are one thing, but action is another problem, at least for Obama and the USA.  What can be done to stop Bachar al Assad from the genocide of everyone of his opponents in Syria ?  

Russia and China must have very solid reasons for maintaining their backing of Bachar al Assad, in spite of him being the exterminator of civilians in "his" country, the country he wants to lead !   

Russia and China must realise that their political reputations will be nailed to the same cross as the name of Bachar al Assad by historians !

William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, said yesterday that the world cannot ignore the Syrian crisis !  Can Obama and other normal, level headed leaders in the world not recognise that now is the time to "ignore the UNO Security Council Veto" by Russia and China ?

The USA and Britain and other right thinking nations must act now because UNO and its "Security Council" no longer fulfills its original objectives !  More diplomatic talks at present are absolutely useless, futile !  More innocent civilians will die with each passing minute.

Not to act now, immediately, invites more trouble in the future !  There are other would be tyrants in the world !  Furthermore, UNO must reorganise, must change its rules, to again serve peace but this will be a slow, long term occupation !



Friday, 23 August 2013


The pictures on page 3 of the Daily Mail to-day, Friday 23 August 2013, reveal that David Cameron is more of a man than pundits like me ever thought ! 

His Political oponents should heed this warning !

In France the story is quite different !  President Hollande has this year deprived himself and those around him of "profiting" from extended holidays.  

In spite of this everyone has noticed how chubby he has become !  This must be due to the weight of the Problems of State on his shoulders !  Is this not in fact  somewhat similar to Cameron's problems !

The last Medical Report on the Health of President Hollande in March 2013 stated his condition was "Normal".  No real alert or change is expected in the next Report !  As he has repeatedly said he is a "normal President" !




Thursday, 22 August 2013


As the leader of his country who kills anyone who opposes him or his ideas, who ruthlessly wages a civil war in his country, Bashar al Assad has lost all respect in Syria and in surrounding countries and in the diplomatic world. 

There are now daily reports together with pictures which  now prove that he is using Chemical Weapons to attack pockets of resistence by the Syrian population !  

How Russian and Chinese diplomats, who in the United Nations Security Council impose their Veto to prevent any intervention by UNO in Syrian Affairs, can now face other diplomats anywhere, is beyond the imagination. It is to be hoped that Diplomats worldwide repeatedly make their feelings felt and that Vladimir Putin of Russia and XI Jinping of China are made aware of the feelings worldwide.

In fact their action is completely opposed to the spirit which prevailed when certain countries were given the right to Veto decisions in the UNO originally !  By acting like this Russia and China are destroying the UNO.

Refugees are fleeing Syria, seeking to stay alive wherever they are permitted to settle, which is often a neighbouring country of Syria.  Families have been destroyed, homes have been abandoned, misery is their future !

As for Bashar Al Assad he probably, and quite rightly,  fears an assassination attempt could bring his life to an abrupt end.  Can anyone imagine him ever again ruling Syria peacefully ?



Wednesday, 21 August 2013


An article in the Daily Telegraph to-day (21 August 2013) reveals that Arthur Hutchinson, a convicted triple murderer and also a rapist, sentenced to 18 years in jail by a British Court, which on appeal confirmed the whole life sentence, has now appealed. 

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) last month ruled that to condemn murderers to a sentence that means they will die in Jail, is "inhuman and degrading" ! 

The sheer facts of this case make me seethe.  Have the Strasbourg Judges completely lost their sense of justice ?  Can they logically explain how anyone who deprives another Human Being the right to live by callously killing him, has any semblance of a right not to be punished severely ?  Has a killer not automatically surrendered all his Human Rights ?

The ECHR has gradually extended its initial terms of reference after the Death Penalty was abolished.  This court seems to have forgotten that "victims" and also "potential victims" have Human Rights !  "Potential Victims" expect the protection which comes when "potential killers" weigh-up what they want to do !

The ECHR has a clear duty to deter criminals !

European politicians also have a clear duty to defend their electors and the time has come to revise the Treaties which cover the Principles and Duties of the Judges of the ECHR !

Should David Cameron not instruct Manual Barroso to put this question on the Agenda of the next meeting of the COUNCIL of the EUROPEAN UNION ?  Only a determined action by the EU as a whole can lead to changes in the habits of the ECHR !  Is this not the hidden message in the remarks by Angela Merkel last week ?


Tuesday, 20 August 2013


What Cameron wants to achieve in the EU, not to say "Europe", was commented on by an Angela Merkel last week while she is fighting in the German General  Elections of which voters will decide the outcome on  22nd of September 2013 !

Her remarks are, in fact quite right !  She said that one "cannot" change the basic Treaties which constitute the EU.  Without saying this, she was saying that Cameron cannot expect to attain alone the goals he has "rightly" set for Britain !

Many other countries would surely follow him if Cameron openly declares that he wants:

1)  A revision of the Principles of Human Rights;
    a)  Should the Death Penalty not be applied in cases          for repeated murders ?
    b) Should Terrorists who kill not be executed ?

2)  Should Al Quaida Organisations not be deprived of any Human Rights protection ?

These are but a few of the objectives which David Cameron may wish to pursue.  This blog has no contacts with him or his organisations !

However, the EU, which does nothing to limit the costs of illegal immigrants is THE real problem !  This is not only a British problem, it is directly an ETERNAL EU  problem whether Merkel is re-elected and chosen as Chancellor of Germany by her Coalition, or not ! 

Cameron wants Britain to be part of the EU.  This is absolutely correct.  This will need negotiating.  I am convinced that certain common sense changes that David Cameron would want to introduce will also seduce other EU countries !



Sunday, 18 August 2013


In a German radio interview Angela Merkel said she was open to renegotiations with Britain aimed at returning some powers from Brussels to EU countries.

However different reports say she does not want any basic treaties changed and that any negotiations cannot start before the next German General Election on September 22, 2013.

If Merkel is elected but her coalition does not re-appoint her as Chancellor, David Cameron will lose the best ally he has in the EU at present.

Another important consideration concerns the economic problems in Portugal, Spain and Greece.  Will these countries again need more financing ?  Will Italy for example also need help ?

Finally, will Germany and the EUROZONE maintain the same financing principles that are applied at present ?

David Cameron may find a different "EUROPE" in the next few months !



Le 6 mars 2012, alors que les intentions de vote pour Nicolas Sarkozy stagnaient, nous suggérions, dans ce blog, que Nicolas Sarkozy dresse un vrai bilan d'une part de ce qu'il avait promis en 2007 et d'autre part de ce qui avait été réalisé, ou pas, 5 ans plus tard.

Dix huit mois plus tard, l'idée de dresser le bilan du quinquennat de Nicolas Sarkozy fait surface.

Jean-François Copé, Président de l'UMP, vient de se déclarer favorable à "un débat raisonnable" sur le quinquennat de Nicolas Sarkozy.

Toutefois ce projet de bilan des années Sarkozy ne fait pas encore l'unanimité.

Certains s'interrogent sur l'intérêt d'un tel inventaire: n'arrive-t-il pas trop tard ? Ne risque-t-il pas de tourner au procès non seulement de l'ancien Président mais de la Droite en général ?



In the recent past Christina Kirchner in Argentina sought support by claiming that the Falkland Islands were part of the Argentine Republic.  This regularly happens when there are elections in Argentina just to divert voters from more important problems like inflation.  Britons remember with pride the reaction of Mrs Thatcher in 1982 when the islands, 8 000 miles away from London, were invaded on the orders of President Galtieri !

Now the Spanish are "suddenly" making life difficult for Britons living in Gibraltar !  The real question is why? Is it not because Mariano Rajoy is menaced by a scandal of corruption and the Socialist opposition also has its own  scandals to cover up ?  

Diverting the attention of Spaniards from these woes is therefore a classic sport !  Rajoy even consulted Argentina !   To create six-hour traffic jams because they suddenly suspect visitors to Gibraltar are smuggling cigarettes or using "the Rock" as a tax haven or as a "Financial Paradise", is a superb idea, but evidently just a political ploy to hide the internal problems in Spain.

The real problems in Spain also stem from high unemployment (27%), a declining property market and a  banking sector which has received EUROZONE loans.  

If now British tourists can only expect traffic jams in Spain they will avoid them by simply going elsewhere !  A crumbling tourist industry would solve nothing for Spain !



Thursday, 15 August 2013


Politicians greed for what are "undefined" donations to the coffers of Political Parties in the United Kingdom has caused much mirth this week in Westminster.

The Conservatives and the Lib.Dems hastily pocketed a badly worded legacy which could be construed very differently.  Was the intention of Joan Edwards to benefit a political party or the Nation ? 

She was 79 years old when she gave verbal instructions for her will and she was a frail woman of 91 when she died.  Her legal advisors did not serve her how she should have been at her age.  The Law Society must certainly draw the attention of its members that as legal experts they are expected to protect all clients from unclear phraseology.  Is this not a basic Professional duty ?

Before the Socialists and other parties smirk too quickly about "Political Donations" there is another fundamental observation which needs to be addressed.  Trade Unions, on the left or even on the right, financially fund political parties with hefty donations.  Do these "expected" gifts have no strings attached ?  Are politicians subsequently elected by voters completely "free" of any outside constraints  to serve their constituents ?

There was a perfect example in 1979 when the Callaghan Government was completely strangled by endless strikes and the Trade Unions were in fact "Running the country" !

This whole problem is very murky !  Democracy must be defended !  Laws should be clear !



Tuesday, 13 August 2013


The British Press have highlighted the problems faced by retired British people with small pensions when they seek to augment their meagre income.

Gordon Brown put an end to the Private Pension Schemes of companies with a ruthless "Tax Grab" when he was Chancellor in October 2006.  At the time the cost to companies was estimated at 100 Billion pounds Sterling and most Schemes were obliged to close down.

More recently the EUROZONE with the aim to protect Banks and stabilize the cost of inter bank borrowing, the interest rate for investments has been reduced to less than 1%.  Banks are very reluctant to offer loans for medium or long term periods or to pay interest for small loans received.

While EUROZONE countries are bailed out to prevent a dirty and disasterous devaluation, but above all to save the EURO, Bankers everywhere are congratulating themselves for their achievements with high salaries and bonuses. Some of these "bail-outs" will never be repaid or will be written off. 

British pensioners are the forgotten sector of the economy and cannot even invest their "old age nest egg savings" to stave off selling their homes or possessions.  Their standard of living at the end of their lives declines, they linger and no one really cares.  

The so called  "Labour Shadow Cabinet" also has no real ideas how to propose anything on this subject.  Miliband basically is against everything the current British Conservative Government led by David Cameron  proposes, while Blair and Brown, as their "Heritage", have really left their "New" Labour Party in a complete mess !



Wednesday, 7 August 2013


No Sport, of any importance, wants to accept any outside interference which would infringe in its already acquired management rights.

No Sport, either on a National Level or on an International Level relishes the thought that effective drug controls could, with a lifetime ban, punish a "star" performer, albeit that the performer has cheated to win, to become rich and in the process has destroyed the ambitions of non-cheating competitors !

Regularly, since  Lance Armstrong was stripped of his wins in the Tour de France, other revelations in other sports, Athletics for example, have come to light, have been reported, years after suspected drug abuses had been discovered !  

No one who was involved, cheats, trainers, doctors, agents, sponsors, sports administrators, wanted their reputations sullied before their retirements !  They all wanted to keep their ill-gotten gains !

That is why no sport really wants to banish "drugs" and to lead the way !

Another even bigger reason is that the problem of controlling drugs in sport needs the help of a World Organization which is accepted and supported with standardised legislation by all countries.   Non adherent countries should simply be excluded from all international competitions ! 

Such an international body does not at present exist.  Lord Coe is a well respected former athlete and could with the help of prominent World Personalities find a way out of the present impasse.



Monday, 5 August 2013


This article wants to draw attention to what Sport Followers seek when serious problems arise in any given Sport.  They want,  

-  No Controversy

-  Just + Clear Decisions and Explanations.

-  Use of the best Advanced Technology.

-  Clear Rules on Drug Usage but also DRUG ABUSE ! 

To define these aims and wishes another way, no Sport   really wants hesitation by Amateur Administrators, who often seek to protect personal "glory" !

The last observation implies that Administrators should be "democratically" elected, and then re-elected, not just continued "in office" ! Their total possible terms in office should always be limited in time.

The biggest problem is the definition of Drug Use and Drug Abuse in each and every sport.  When can the same Drug be legally used to cure yet not be used simply to enhance performances ?  A medical definition must be sought. 

Each and every Sport could have varying reasons and reactions as to how the word "usage" should be defined.  

Another on-going problem concerns the scandals which have surfaced these last few days in the USA, Turkey, and other countries like the old East German State.  It seems clear that drugs were used and Olympic Medals were "won". Is it really too late to inflict any punishment ?

The real basic problem is still with us to-day.  If a "World Sports Body" is not created with the power to severely punish "Cheats" at "all levels" nothing will ever change.

A "National" punishment of "Cheats" is "eyewash" - too often too political to be independent and acceptable !  

A World Organisation, a supra National Organisation adhered to by all countries which enter Sportspeople habitually in all the leading sports compétitions,  needs to be created.  Such an Organisation would need a specialised Court of judgement with powers to punish not only athletes but also trainers, organisers, etc, etc.  Agents and anyone connected with Sport must become aware of the fact  that aiding and abetting Cheats is a crime and that there are Sanctions which can be applied !

However, where can one go to get the ball rolling to set up such a Supra National Organisation ?  Can you help ?