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Thursday, 31 July 2014


The sanctions have been directed against Putin and his Oligarch advisor friends and they will ultimately affect Russian citizens.

Why these sanctions ?  Because Putin obstinately wants to "conquer by force" Ukraine, Independent since 1991, after having "snatched- back" Crimea six months ago !  Putin and Russia, no longer respect international treaties when supplying armaments to pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine, not to speak of the Malaysian airliner ML17.
What are the latest sanctions ?  They aim to restrict all trade with Russia and to freeze Banking Assets of Oligarchs outside Russia.

What effect will these sanctions provoke ?  There are several, some short term, others of a longer term nature;

   -  Putin's performance will be judged by everyone
   -  Oligarchs will want security for their assets.
   -  Less exports will mean unemployment.
   -  The Russian Rouble will depreciate on all Money Markets which could lead to a devaluation.

What will Putin and Russia do ?  He has already said that there would be an increase of the price for Siberian Gas !
That is the weak spot in the armour of the West !  Putin will certainly cut off supplies in the middle of next winter if invoices for orders of gas have not been prepaid !

EU countries must now work together as a team and abandon some of their National priorities.  Putin will be fighting for his own political future and therefore will not miss any chance he can muster to split the unity of the West. 


Monday, 28 July 2014


Lu avec beaucoup d'attention l'article de Eric Leser sur "":" Israël Hamas, clarté morale et amnésie".

L'auteur y délivre quelques clefs pour aider à la compréhension du conflit sans se laisser submerger par les sentiments.

L'émotion  légitime , écrit il, ne doit pas faire oublier qui a provoqué la guerre et qui y a intérêt.


Sunday, 27 July 2014


In the current political climate where Russia and Putin seem to be doing what they want without hindrance, the EU does not appear "united", particularly with respect to the new sanctions to be aimed at Russia and its Oligarchs.

The Western Powers (USA + EU) will meet on Tuesday (29/7/14) to announce their sanctions against Russia and its Oligarchs, but is this enough ?

The EU weak point and the Russian strong point is GAS !  Will EU customer countries still be supplied with Siberian Gas by Russia ?  What will the cost of the Gas be this coming winter ?  Where will it come from ?

If gas is absolutely vital to Germany, it is the biggest EU customer Russia supplies, can another supplier not be found ?  Are the biggest reserves of Gas not in Kuwait ?  Should Leaders in the EU Council therefore not launch studies for the whole EU ?

During the coming six weeks, Politicians will all be on Holiday and organising meetings will be difficult if not impossible.  Brussels will be closed !

Putin knows this and will also be "on Holiday", but... refining his ideas and plans with his henchmen !  When he acts, the Malayan airliner recently shot down in Eastern Ukraine will have been forgotten !


Saturday, 26 July 2014


When flight ML17 suddenly crashed over Ukraine, 295 innocent passengers lost their lives.  No country accepts any responsibility for this crash even though pro-Russian rebels have made sure that no evidence lingers which could incriminate them or Russia !

Now, more than a week later, EU politicians are bickering amongst themselves of what should or should not be done to punish Russia and Putin, the prime suspects !

The bickering has revealed that no EU leader wants to stop his country's bi-lateral trade with Russia !  Germany, France and Great Britain all import Gas from Russia, some even sell armaments to Russia, and several other countries also have a healthy balance of trade with Russia, particularly Germany.

The basic fear is that Sanctions could lead to another World War in Europe, particularly if Russia then decides to invade Ukraine.   Russia would have a direct frontier with the EU if ultimately Ukraine joins the EU, which is the avowed aim of Ukraine !

This saga will lengthen.  Putin will wait his time and analyse the bickering and cold bloodedly act when the snow falls in mid-winter !


Thursday, 24 July 2014


Regularly in television newscasts one sees rebels in  Eastern Ukraine armed to the teeth and wearing hoods that cover their faces. They are in fact like "soldiers" but they have no specific markings on them; they cannot normally be identified.  

In a few cases it has been possible to identify a hooded rebel.  This has proved that "Professional" soldiers from Russia are helping local Russian rebels to create disturbances in Ukraine.  This is, in fact, the exact same tactic that Putin adopted when he was organising the annexation of Crimea in the spring of 2014 !  Reports on the Internet confirm this !

Shooting down an Airliner at a heigth of 10 000 meters requires sophisticated weapons and professional skills which normal rebels do not possess !  So who did the shooting, and why the "cover-up" afterwards which prevented inspectors going into the crash area ?

Is there no way to prevent "soldiers" from wearing hoods ?   What are they trying to hide and why ?

How can innocent civilians avoid trouble ? Is the United Nations not there to intervene to avoid more bloodshed in the world ?  Should it not act now and quickly ?

When there are no rules and no regulations and no sanctions, problems just increase, Mr. Ban Ki-moon ! 



Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Putin has already snatched back Crimea from Ukraine while Western Powers were watching, but now Putin is closely following the wrangling EU countries, who cannot define a united Policy to punish Russia and its ruling Oligarchs, for shooting down the Malaysian Airliner and killing all 295 civilians aboard.

It has been clear for a long time that the EU is not "united".  It is a collection of separate countries or nations, each of which wants to milk the EU for what it can get, but none is finally prepared to give up anything in exchange.

The Press to-day is full of the bickering and infighting among politicians all over Europe.  

Typical examples are Germany and Italy who rely on Siberian Gas, France which exports arms to numerous countries, including Russia, and Britain which exports to Russia like several other countries and does not want to stifle business.

Putin will be watching, knowing full well that threatening to turn off gas supplies in the middle of winter could create havoc in the EU.  On the other hand Russia's new Gas Customer, China, could get cold feet and cancel contracts !

After the Fukushima tsunami, Germany wanted to reduce its reliance on Neuclear Power. France, however, has a grid which can even supply Britain with electricity.  This type of alternative should perhaps be developed to counter EU dependence on Siberian Gas !

The time has come for EU Politicians to wake-up !  Putin still wants to reclaim Ukraine.  One cannot force him to stop the Rioting Rebels in Ukraine if he is not allowed to enter the country !  And he does not want to oppose ethnic Russians ! 



The Lithuanian President, Dalia Grybauskaite has quite rightly accused the EU being indecisive when deciding the sanctions to be applied against Russia, by saying that European Powers in the 1930s were also "soft" when confronted by Hitler. 

What one should also highlight is that the current Soviet Leaders are not die hard Communists like Lenin was in 1917 when he lead the Revolution which finally exterminated the then Russian Royal Family !  Putin and his Oligarch Henchmen have more riches safely invested outside Russia than any Royal Family or all the current EU Politicians put together !

They will think twice before endangering their personal riches !                           



Sunday, 20 July 2014


President Putin can only ever plead that he never expected  the shooting down of Malay Flight MH17.  If that is his line, the real question for which one must seek an answer becomes:  Is President Putin still in charge of affairs in Russia ?

Recently, "very gently" he requested ethnic Russian Rioters in Eastern Ukraine to stop their anti-Government disturbances.  However, at the same time Russian troops were carrying out military exercices on the frontier between Russia and Ukraine !  

It then became known that the Russian Rioters in Ukraine have Russian made arms, even rocket launchers !  Russian soldiers with hoods seem to be everywhere helping the ethnic Russian Rioters !

Can Putin explain all this ?  The answer is he will never admit anything !   The card he will play is to cut-off the Gas Russia supplies to Europe !  He hopes that Merkel will "arrange things" (because Germany is a major Customer for Siberian Gas) by not following the American line against Russia.  This would particularly suit Putin and his Oligarch Friends who have Billions invested in western banks ! Sanctions against them and Russia are biting !

The USA and the EU must organise themselves before the Winter arrives.  Furthermore, as this blog has already suggested, Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine must request the UNO for an international Peace Keeping Force in Ukraine and on the borders with Russia !

Russia has already "stolen" Crimea when Western Diplomats and Politicians were asleep, but Putin will patiently bide his time and then suddenly try to recover Eastern Ukraine !  That is his dream as the President of Russia !


Saturday, 19 July 2014


With all the squabbling now going on after the shooting down of the Malaysian Airliner MH17 while it was flying over Eastern Ukraine, it seems to be the perfect moment for the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko,  to ask for an important United Nations Peace Keeping Force to be stationed in his country.

Everyone, particularly President Putin, denies any Russian involvement in this incident. In fact, President Putin recently even urged Russians in Eastern Ukraine to abstain from rioting against the Ukrainian Government.  The wish of ethnic Russians however, is that eastern Ukraine should become a part of Russia, in the same way that Crimea was recently annexed.

Ethnic Russians have been "rioting" for months and are  now even suspected of having shot down the Malaysian Airliner and other planes as well in the recent past !  The rioters in Eastern Ukraine have armaments, many of which were produced in Russia !

Ukraine has been a member of UNO since 1942, so if Poroshenko decides he needs help and wants a UNO Peace Keeping force in his country, neither UNO or its  Security Council could really refuse the request.  He is, after all, the recognised elected President of Ukraine,  even by Putin ! 

This situation is therefore not comparable in any way with that of Syria a few months ago when Russia and China vetoed the idea of UNO sending a Peace Keeping force into Syria.   


Friday, 18 July 2014


Recently not only in Britain but also in France and even in the Vatican, there have been examples in the Press of where the normal rules of Justice have not been applied !

"Very Important Persons" (VIPs) have not been prosecuted when they should have been because (one can only suppose) it could ruin a reputation or a career.  Sometimes the VIPs are well known and/or rich, or entertainers, or politicians, and the "crimes" could be abusing young children, avoidance of taxes,  traffic offences like speeding !

It seems that people in authority "turn a blind eye" and do not do the job they should be doing, i.e. reporting that they have used their discretion.  It means the same VIP can avoid prosecution on numerous occasions, because nothing is filed or authorised centrally.  There is in fact no system of control !

Should someone at Government level not be made responsible to monitor these situations ?  When a VIP dies it is too late to destroy his character !

The problem of "Diplomatic Immunity" is more complex.  This can however never justify that victims should not have a right to compensation just because the "criminal" is a foreign diplomat ! 

The system of Justice should normally be in place to protect victims !



The passenger plane of Malaysian Airways flight MH17, with 295 people on board, was shot down over Eastern Ukraine yesterday, near the town of Donetsk.

From reports on the Internet, the "Black Box" containing the flight recorder was found by pro-Russian activists and was sent to Moscow for analysis !  This was then hastily denied !

The immediate question to be answered is; "Who has the legal right to claim this "Black Box" ?  Does it not belong to Malaysian Airlines ?  Why should anyone want to send it to Moscow ?  Does Russia have special rights or reasons ?

This is not the first time that countries have searched for Flight Recorders which could provide evidence of what really happened when an airplane unexpectedly crashes. 

The crucial, real question is whether, since its creation on January 1, 1942,  the United Nations Organisation has ever published agreed procedures to be followed by its member countries in circumstances when an airplane is shot down or perishes unexpectedly ?

If no such procedures exist, is it not time that something should be done by UNO, and quickly ?


Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Une ex candidate FN aux municipales à Rethel dans les Ardennes, a été condamnée mardi 15 juillet 2014 par le tribunal de Cayenne, à neuf mois de prison ferme, 50 000 euros d'amende et cinq ans d'inéligibilité pour avoir comparé Christiane Taubira, la ministre de la Justice, à un singe, sur sa page Face book.

Le tribunal de Cayenne a ainsi fait une stricte application de la loi pénale et on ne peut que s'en réjouir.

On attend désormais que l'ensemble des tribunaux prononcent également les sanctions prévues par la loi pénale à l'encontre de ceux qui insultent les policiers, parfois en toute impunité, ou qui se rendent coupable d'outrage à un agent public (instituteurs, chauffeurs de bus, sapeurs-pompiers ...). 



Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Angela Merkel this week hopes and expects EUROZONE MEPs to back her and solidly vote for Jean-Claude Juncker as the next President of the EU Commission !

How each MEP votes will certainly become part of the history of the EUROPEAN UNION !  It will reveal if MEPs have the intention to make their Parliament the real debating chamber of EU problems ?  Or will it reveal that they would prefer to continue rubber-stamping the decisions of the EU Council, which Jean-Claude Juncker will certainly drip-feed them if elected ?

In other words, now is the time for MEPs to show their national electorates that they are defending their national interests in Europe ! 


Monday, 14 July 2014


Brazil lost not one but two football matches, yet this is not the end of the world for this football mad country.  To understand Brazilians one must be in the country when the World Cup is taking place, even when it is not in Brazil, as was the case on my first visit in 1978 ! 

To reach the final then, Argentina had the task of beating Peru by at least 4 goals, otherwise Brazil would qualify for the final.  There was dancing on the Copacabana, everyone was following the match on TV sets specially installed on street corners. Everyone was happy until the match ended and Argentina had won by 6 goals.  Within minutes the dancing stopped and the Streets were empty.

This year there were strikes before the World Cup because of the cost of constructing stadiums and connected facilities.  Brazil is a poor country but good investments were made for the future.  These new facilities will attract many visitors and sporting events in the coming years.

Brazilians will also forget the defeats this year.  Basically they are happy people who laugh and smile and... adore the sunshine and their great footballers !  If you cannot believe all this, make a visit to Brazil and judge everything for yourself !


Sunday, 13 July 2014


Patent rights are granted when new discoveries, often the result of research, are made public and which benefit mankind.  This rewards the finder for a period of time by preventing any competition.  This is not a strict legal definition. 

There are at least two ways in which Patent Rights are abused, -   

  -  some countries do not respect international patent laws,

  -  some companies claim patent right time extentions following new improvements of the original patent, only  to maintain a high selling price and to prevent  competition.

Should the EU not protect its companies and its electors against abuse ? 

Asia particularly, by using cheap child labour, mass produces copies of patented products for markets world-wide.  EU companies, however, prolong patent lives by claiming new "discoveries" which enhanse the original patent.  

Aquiring patent rights can be a profitable occupation.  Simply buying a company in the EU and transferring its patents or know-how for production abroad is daylight robbery !  It means unemployment in the EU !

Alternatively, EU companies can create subsidiaries abroad to benefit from cheaper labour costs, but finally this results in less employment in the EU !      

When will the Members of the European Council deign to undertake steps to protect the EU in these matters ?   Other geographical blocks already have defined policies in this area !  Should the EU not speak with one voice ?

Saturday, 12 July 2014


The major problems in the European Union at present are UNEMPLOYMENT and IMMIGRATION but the conflict of "national" interests in the 28 EU member countries, means that no effective national or EU policies can be introduced to ease or solve problems. 

Any solution in the EU must respect fundamental principles like Human Rights and the "freedom of movement" of goods and people.  In addition, EUROZONE countries must also obey Financial obligations and rules to defend the EURO..

The flow of illegal Immigrants is the biggest concern for many EU countries but, "alone", no country can prevent immigrants arriving.   On the contrary, Germany needs immigrant labour to maintain its increasing industrial production.  There are not enough effective and rigid EU laws to bar the entry of unwanted immigrants into any EU country. 

FRONTEX is the organisation which EU leaders have set-up to control and limit immigration, but Leaders must do more.  Without better legal means like EU working permits and conditional temporary EU passports, nothing will change or be achieved.  FRONTEX alone prevents little illegal immigration but costs "Billions" !

Leading EU politicians staunchly resist any attempts or suggestions to modernise or modify outdated EU principles in Treaties conceived more than 50 years ago !  Have they understood the message from voters in the recent 2014 EU Parliamentary elections ?

The World has changed a great deal since the 1950s !  If the EU does not modernise itself, this could directly lead to its demise ! 



Wednesday, 9 July 2014


The unexpected disaster happened when Germany scored 4 goals in six minutes on the way to demolishing Brazil 7-1, and thus reaching the Final of the World Cup !

As every supporter of Queens Park Rangers knows, the n° 1 goalkeeper at the club last year was Rob Green, not Julio Cesar the long time member of the World Cup squad of Brazil !  He was only the n° 2 choice !

For what reasons did Harry Redknapp not prefer Julio Cesar ?  That is now the very interesting, topical, question !  In the World Cup he was generally impeccable.  In the penalty shoot-out against Chili, he made two fanastic saves, yet he could not prevent Germany scoring 4 goals in six minutes !  Did Scolari, the Brazil trainer, at any time consult Harry Redknapp about Cesar ? 

The consternation in the Brazil defence during the disaster, with everyone looking away from the goal, made me wonder whether the chink in the armour of Julio Cesar was that he does not know how to man-manage the players in his defence ?  

What does Harry Redknapp think ?  Someone from the Press will certainly want to interview him about this !  It will make interesting reading !



Monday, 7 July 2014


Are the Scottish voters now completely convinced by the arguments or promises made to justify Independence for Scotland ?

Has Alex Salmond

   -  Answered all the questions voters have asked with good reasoning and explained the costs involved ?  

   -  Projected in financial charts how Scotland will look at the end of each of the next five or ten years ? 

   -  Been honest and admitted that there will be a few problems during the initial years ? 

Does every Scottish voter now know, if and by how much,  his personal Finances will change if Scotland becomes an Independent country on September 22, 2014 ? 

Or are Scottish Voters like "blushing young girls" who have received a proposal of marriage and who cannot believe that their future lives will change for the better ?

Any father will tell you, "If you are not sure, don't accept,  vote against it" !





Saturday, 5 July 2014


There seems to be something missing in the way Jean-Claude Juncker has been nominated to be the sole candidate to become President of the EU Commission.

He has accepted to be nominated by the EU Counsellors who also fully expect MEPs to adopt him as their President !   Was this after he had made a convincing presentation of his ideas to the Counsellors that he was chosen ?

Usually when a politician stands for election he explains his goals and the benefits voters can expect.  Is he going to do this before the vote by MEPs to make him President of the Commission ?

There are 751 MEPs in the EU Parliament representing 28 countries.  For many of the MEPs it is their first term of office and it will also be the first time many of them will "meet" Jean-Claude Juncker and "get to know him" !

Is it therefore, too much to expect Jean-Claude Juncker to make a presentation of his aims ahead of the vote in Parliament and even answer key questions from MEPs ?  

Were MEPs not elected to cover problems which have not been satisfactorily solved by the EU up to now ?  Or should they "rubber stamp" the nomination of Juncker ?   Did their electors recently not send clear new messages to all Leaders in the EU Council ?

Or is there perhaps a lack of Democracy in the EU somewhere ?



Thursday, 3 July 2014


Les horaires de collecte des ordures ménagères sont fixées pour chaque département et chaque ville.  A Paris, selon les arrondissements, la collecte des bacs verts a lieu généralement entre 6h et 12h 15 ou entre 17 et 23 heures.

Les heures auxquelles le gardien d'une copropriété est autorisé à sortir les bacs sur le trottoir sont strictement réglementées.

A Paris, les récipients d'ordures ménagères ne doivent pas être déposés sur le trottoir plus d'une heure avant le passage des services de collecte et doivent être rentrés dans les immeubles un quart d'heure après le passage des bennes, de manière à ne les laisser en aucun cas sur la voie publique (arrêté du 10 mai 1983, toujours en vigueur).  Si la collecte a lieu à partir de 6 heures du matin toute sortie des bacs la veille de leur enlèvement est strictement interdite !

Des mesures et des horaires dont il faut donc impérativement tenir compte lors de l'élaboration des contrats de travail des concierges et employés d'immeuble !



When President Putin of Russia suddenly stopped the ethnic-Russian President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, from leading his country to join the EU, immediate revolts followed and Yanukovych fled Ukraine to save his skin !  

In the mayhem that followed Putin illegally annexed Crimea, to "correct an error" 40 years earlier !  His power was at its zenith, but he has since been forced to abandon dreams of annexing East Ukraine where ethnic-Russians are in the majority. 

To harness his "dreams" the West have gradually imposed tighter sanctions on Putin and his oligarch circle of friends.  Anyone in the West can read articles on the internet which state that Putin, the Communist President of Russia, has a personal fortune of 35 Billion Euros. 

The latest sanctions have rendered the use of Credit Cards by Putin and his Oligarch friends, useless !  Are tighter sanctions now "biting" ?

Putin still has the Siberian Gas card to play during the coming winter months !  Germany, and Chancellor Merkel in particular, know this well !  At the present moment there are high level talks with Russia about the future of Ukraine.  The unpaid Russian Bills for Gas by Ukraine must be on the Agenda !