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Friday, 31 July 2015


Boris Nemtsov was assassinated on February 27, 2015, close to the Walls of the Kremlin in Moscow !  Vladimir Putin vowed that his killers would be found and prosecuted.

Shortly afterwards Chechen suspects were arrested, but since then speculation has involved other people.

This is not the first time that out-spoken critics have suddenly been "eliminated" in Russia, or even when they were abroad. 

Nemtsov was a politician and well known in Russia.  When Boris Eltsin was President he was even First Deputy Prime Minister.  However, when Putin became President, he became the Leader of the Opposition and critical of the totalitarian style of leadership which Putin was introducing.

Once again in Russia it seems an assassination will be forgotten as time goes by, or until the next one is reported !


Thursday, 30 July 2015


The daily problems created by footloose, illegal and unwanted immigrants in Calais wanting then to go to Dover are intollerable for the résidents.

These foreigners come from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  They enter "the Schengen area" i.e. the EU, mainly via the Mediterranean ports in Greece, Italy and Spain often with the help of "Professional People Carryers".  These would be Immigrants or refugees then often gravitate towards the port of Calais.

In Calais they marauder the town looking for food to survive and somewhere to sleep, all hoping to reach Dover, by hook or by crook !   Fortunately Calais does have some facilities to prevent further problems born of desperation and hunger.  

There is a limit to what is available and the huge increase in numbers this last week was not expected.  These footloose, would-be immigrants into the EU must be returned to their countries.  

Ultimately, the EU including the EUROZONE,  must  decide and act to firmly close its frontiers at all points of entry, but when will this happen ?

To make this decision is purely political.  Afterwards, at all points of entry, monitoring arrivals must become systematic in all countries of the EU.

For once two countries, France in the EUROZONE and the UK in the EU, must collaborate to conquer the same problem.  Will David Cameron and President François Hollande perhaps now be convinced they must join forces to persuade the EU to make effective Treaty changes rapidly, to limit immigration into the EU. 

Collusion between France and Britain is not unknown ! On April 8, 1904 they signed the well known "Entente Cordiale".  Since then both countries have colluded more than once to fight an enemy !

Relieving Calais of "footloose strangers" could be a Vote-catcher or Legacy for both David Cameron and François Hollande.  Their joint Leadership would also be appreciated by their citizens and those of several other countries.  Immigration has been a key feature in many National Elections in recent years !


Wednesday, 29 July 2015


A new Battle of Britain has now started in earnest, to preserve the National Identity of the United Kingdom !

For years EU countries have created Treaties with sacred Human Rights principles but which do not protect EU countries and their Citizens from abuse by forces coming from outside the EU.

The perfect example is the sudden invasion of Britain yesterday when more than 3 000 clandestine "would be" Immigrants, illegally and furtively, wanted to board trains and lorries to reach Dover.  

Pictures are freely available on television which show thousands of lorries blocked on English motorways leading to Dover.   Goods for export are perishing and imports are also blocked while lorries are searched for illegal immigrants !

This cannot be tollerated and Britain will certainly infringe some EU treaties by refusing entry to the country of unwanted "immigrants or refugees" !

This is not suddenly something "new and unexpected".   David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has vainly tried to draw the attention of the EU to this problem.   Some countries are prepared to listen, but not the EUROZONE countries or the President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker !

They have been totally immersed and preoccupied, for more than six months, with the Greek Bankruptcy problem which could have an impact on the Financial Health of the EURO !   All other EU business has been postponed ...... until perhaps next year !  EU politicians are now planning their annual holidays !

What should have been done by the EU is to close its Frontiers by employing the  means necessary to achieve this aim.  This is what Britain must now do in this emergency, to safeguard its UK Frontiers !

Britain must also urgently introduce National Identity Cards (I D Cards) for every person in the country and others who are abroad but who are UK Citizens ! 

The EU will never do this work for Britain but it is sorely needed to be able to quickly identify those who have a right to be in the UK.  


Tuesday, 28 July 2015


"Very Important Persons" everywhere, not only in Europe or North America, seem to escape criminal proceedings because of the people they "know" !  They cause embarrassement, even many years later, when the truth of their hidden guilt is discovered and published in the Press.

These "criminals" are frequently well known people, who have served at Ministerial level in Governments, but who have a hidden criminal past stretching over many years, which often concerns improper sexual relations with children, women or men !  Likewise, the illegal acquisition of wealth is another problem !

It is when such matters are first "discovered" that the embarrassement starts !  Prime Ministers or Presidents do not want to lose face with voters and would prefer "not to act" !  Likewise, a Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) does not want to create a "political problem" and prefers to talk discreetly to his "Superiors" and thus safeguard his job.  Are the accusations backed by proof ?

Sometimes the quick solution is to "promote" such a person away from the centre of action !   In Britain this  sometimes results in "kicking him upstairs to the House of Lords" !  All countries have their methods !

In this way Victims are denied any sort of justice !  They are even prevented from reporting such incidents.  This is obviously wrong !  What is even worse is that any abuse could continue !

One must also take into account the invidious position, in which Prime Ministers and DPP's and informers could find themselves !   They need secure system which guarantees Justice.

Should the equivalent of a Lord Chief Justice not be made responsible to name a Tribunal of Judges to hear all the evidence available, at a secret hearing behind closed doors ?  If the Tribunal decides that there is enough evidence for a Prosecution, this would then be ordered to take place.  

"V I P's" are not above the Law !  If this procedure is introduced, they will know before their misdeed that they run the risk of being caught but also, that no one can, or  will want to,  help them ! 


Monday, 27 July 2015


Since the start of the first Tour de France in 1903, there have always been suspicions that competitors were using drugs to enhance their performances.   These suspicions finally culminated in the Lance Armstrong condemnation and he was stripped of all his seven titles for doping in 2011.

Now testing is done systematically, but still suspicions abound.  This has particularly been the case this year and the suspicions were directed at Chris Froome who was the Leader and who wore the yellow jersey during 16 of the 21 stages of the race.  He won the race ! 

Perhaps not everyone who follows the Tour de France realises that every day there are tests on 4 participating Cyclists.  These are of,

- the race leader who wears the yellows jersey,
- the winner of that day's stage,
- two competitors chosen randomly.

There are also additional tests on complete teams of riders during the Race and spot checks at any time during the year.  
During the race Froome was "tested" for the use of forbidden drugs at least 16 times !
What is regrettable is that Organisers have never rendered public the results together with the names of the cyclists who were tested !  Surely the simple fact that all these tests proved there was no drug abuse, would have helped to improve the reputation of the Tour de France and stopped a lot of suspicion.
There are about 200 competitors in each Tour every year.  Over the three weeks, which the 21 stages of the tour take, only a maximum of 84 tests are undertaken !   Should the number of cyclists being tested not be increased ?  
If at least 200 tests on a random basis had been performed during the three weeks of the race , would this not really enhance the reputation of the Tour ?   Other such races would also be obliged to fall into line, which would be good for everyone concerned in the sport !        

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Again several times in this year's Tour de France cycle race, competitors have been abused by spectators.  Has anything been changed since last year to ensure  better safety for the cyclists ?

This year there have been reports of spitting at riders and even urine being thrown at the race leader, Chris Froome.  This is not acceptable !   It also does nothing for the reputation of France !

An added danger, particularly when there are mountain climbs, is the sight of spectators leaving no space for riders to see further than a few meters in front of themselves !  This is at the very moment when they are fighting for breath and suffering the most ! 

This is cannot be tolerated !  The Organisers of the Tour de France and the Police must each review their responsibilities and improve the safety of competitors ! 

Has any Spectator ever been punished for such unsportsmanly behaviour ?   If not, why not ? 


Friday, 24 July 2015


The recent but still ongoing "Grexit" crisis has revealed many latent differences in EU Treaties between the needs of the EUROZONE and the needs of countries not in the ZONE ! 

The Greek crisis has dominated political discussions in the EU for the last six months.  Normal EU debates of other problems have taken a back seat. 

The absense in the EUROZONE of normal management back-up teams to permit the early identification of problems has cost a lot of time ... and money !   This would be scandalous in the private Business World and "heads would roll" !

The major EU problem which has again emerged and for which no solution has been found concerns "IMMIGRATION" !  This is a growing problem and cannot be swept "under the carpet".    It is time entry conditions are defined.  This requires changes to EU Treaties and a clear definition of what countries in the EU, not just in the EUROZONE, would accept as immigrants who were born outside the EU.  Also, should non EU-born immigrants be allowed to migrate freely into other EU countries from the country that originally accepted them officially ?

To permit the control of immigrants implies that every EU born Citizen must have an EU Identity card !

Another problem, which also provides a steady flow of would be immigrants, is the WAR Islamic extremists have launched in the Middle East and in Africa.  Is it not time that the EU FIRMLY "closed its doors" at all points of entry into the EU ?  Has the time not come when all EU countries should adopt a unified Defence Policy ?  

The World has changed since EU treaties were designed and adopted.   These Treaties need to be updated and modernised.    If the EU will not act, individual countries should be allowed to act to protect themselves !

Finally, are all these problems not typical subjects   which the President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, should be proposing to be debated in the EU Parliament ?  Or is he still completely preoccupied by the EUROZONE "Grexit" crisis ?


Thursday, 23 July 2015


Farmers in France will continue disrupting traffic at key points on roads after rejecting the 600 Million EUROs of proposals of the Valls Government.  Their evident reasons are that the measures change nothing to improve their economic plight !  Basically farmers want an increase of the price per kilo which slaughterhouses pay for live animals. 

The Government proposes tighter controls on purchases from abroad for restaurants in schools and  administrative departments; but otherwise it proposes nothing concrete to avoid a repetition of the same problems next year, by which time farmers will have accumulated more losses and debts with Banks !

Before the gradual multiplication of supermarket chains in the 1960's and then the creation of deep-freeze retailers in the 1970's, farmers had a normal retailer circuit to sell their goods at normally acceptable prices. 

What farmers have lost is the direct contact with their Consumers ! 

If Government proposals led to the creation of 600 local shops with a name like "MY FARM PRODUCTS" in 600 towns in France, to promote and sell local farm products in all shops in the same town, this would perhaps assuage the feelings of local farmers.  

Would this not limit abusive profit making by nation-wide chains of shops ?  This idea should not just be limited to Meat and Milk products from farms.  There are other farm products !

This could serve all farmers and probably cost much less than 600 million Euros the French Government has earmarked to solve the disruptions for this year alone !


Wednesday, 22 July 2015


C'est souvent lors de la réfection des escaliers et notamment des escaliers de service que se pose, en copropriété, la question de savoir qui est responsable des colonnes montantes d'eau, de gaz et d'electricité. Qui doit en assurer le remplacement ?  Est ce le syndicat des copropriétaires ?  Ou le gestionnaire du réseau ?

Toutes ces questions sont complexes et les réponses souvent nuancées.

Les copropriétaires liront donc avec intérêt l'étude publiée en octobre 2014 par Pierre Sablière, administrateur de l' AFDEN (Association française du droit de l'énergie) dans l'AJDI, p 661 et s. aux éditions Dalloz, "Les colonnes montantes d'eau, de gaz et  d'électricité ( ).


Certain products in France have become unprofitable for farmers due to cheaper imports and price queezing by wholesale buyers for supermarkets.  The cost of fodder for livestock rearing to produce milk and meat products has increased but sales prices on markets have remained stable.

Helpless farmers in tears have explained their plight on television (long working hours and increasing overdrafts) but it is only when hundreds of tractors on motorways disrupted holiday traffic that the Government has reacted ! 

The Socialist Government has allocated 600 million euros to cover compensation payments to needy farmers.   This may not be enough but what is sure is that it certainly will not help to solve the root causes of the problem farmers face.

There are thousands of individual farmers being squeezed by organised buyers !   Alone French farmers cannot protect themselves, particularly if organised buyers ressort to importing cheaper products from abroad, which is quite legal in the context of the EUROPEAN UNION ! 

Farmers  must reduce their reliance on monopolistic, country-wide  supermarket chains.  This is what the Government in France must help to introduce. 

Subventions are a "drip-feed" solution.  Next year the same problem will still be there, and the cost will be much higher !



Monday, 20 July 2015


Four days after his re-election as President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter suddenly announced that he "would"  resign !

Since then he has carried on as if nothing has changed !  The reality is exactly that !   Nothing at all has changed. 

He still has all the same powers to conduct FIFA business as before.  There was even a moment when he thought that he might again be a candidate to his own succession.  He then probably realised that this was not even necessary !

Blatter should be obliged to resign as President, legally and formally, NOW !   He should be shed of all duties as a FIFA executive.

Only then can Candidates for his succession decide to stand or not.  The date for the election could also be decided.  Is mid December really the best time ?

There is now also a new urgence.  Sponsors like COCA COLA, have made a written request to FIFA asking for a reorganisation destined to improve the reputation of FIFA in the World of Football !   They want avoid that the good reputations of their businesses are tarnished by the Fraud Investigations into FIFA !

Blatter said he "would" retire !   More than one man at his age of 79, has decided that he "must" go on, because he is indispensable !  

That is not true !  There are better, younger candidates waiting to serve "Football" ! 




La canicule qui a touché la France du 29 juin au 5 juillet a entrainé une surmortalité " limitée " avec 7% de décès supplémentaires par rapport à la moyenne observée à la même période de l'année soit 700 morts supplémentaires a annoncé Marisol Touraine, Ministre de la Santé: " Notre pays a su faire face à cet épisode et contenir très fortement son impact sanitaire ", a-t-elle déclaré. Une déclaration traduite en image par notre caricaturiste "MARIN ".
Rappelons qu'en 2003 la surmortalité liée à la canicule avait été de 55% soit 15000 décès supplémentaires.  Toutefois l'été 2015 n'est pas encore terminé et nous n'en avons peut-être pas fini avec la canicule.

Saturday, 18 July 2015


The Coca Cola drinks company, one of the leading Sponsors of FIFA since 1950, has written formally to FIFA stating that it wants an Independent Commission to be formed, with eminent and experienced people, to follow the reorganisation that is necessary in FIFA.  

Sponsors need FIFA to be cleaned-up after the accusations of fraud committed by executives, some of which have been indicted in the United States !  Sponsors do not want to be tarnished by reputation FIFA now has !   

FIFA is expected to discuss this request at its Executive Meeting on Monday,July 20, 2015.

Action by FIFA can now be expected.  Its main Sponsors provide income to FIFA which amounts to more than 1.6 Billion US Dollars for each World Cup !   Sanctions can be expected if Blatter, while he is still at the helm, does not deal with this  request adequately !




 The President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, seems to favour the suggestion that the EU-wide Emergency Fund should be used to help Greece !  

Obviously permission to do this must first be obtained from EU Council, but technically any loan to Greece must be made via the EUROZONE, not directly by the EU !   If Greece defaults, the loss should in no way be borne diectly by this Emergency Fund, it should be borne by the EUROZONE !  

EU Council Leaders, when they vote, must prevent the establishment of a legal precedent.  

Even if Greece is at the moment facing a crisis, several other potential EU emergencies are already on the horizon for which this fund could be needed.
Greece needs help, that is clear.  Alas a lot of Loans must now be written-off, which the IMF has quite correctly affirmed.   Already, more than six months ago, did Tsipras not make this his leading objective in his Election speeches ?




Wednesday, 15 July 2015


After the basis for a Greek bail-out was finally decided  last Monday 13 July, after desperate non-stop talks   lasting more than 24 hours, the International Money Fund (IMF) declared that it could not take part in any new funding of Greece.

The principle reason given was that the EUROZONE negotiators (Angela Merkel and Germany) omitted from the Bail-out contract that a significant debt reduction would be accorded to Greece by its Creditors, as requested last week by the IFM President Christine Lagarde.  

The wording used in the bail-out conditions only indicated that facilities could be introduced later if Greece respects its commitments. 

Without detailed debt forgiveness, the IMF is not permitted to provide further finance, in particular after Greece defaulted on a repayment at the end of June 2015.

This in fact is a major set-back timewise before the Parliamentary recesses in Europe this month.  Likewise does it not invalidate the vote expected in the Greek National Assembly this evening on the Bail-out proposed by the EUROZONE ?



Ce 14 juillet 2015, en écoutant François Hollande se féliciter d'être" un Président audacieux", difficile de ne pas évoquer Danton qui le  2 septembre 1792 déclarait devant l'Assemblée législative:

"De l'audace, encore de l'audace, toujours de l'audace et la France sera sauvée".


Tuesday, 14 July 2015


After countless discussions during the last five months, and now after haggling non-stop, even through the night, for more than 24 hours, the EUROZONE has finally managed to agree the basis of another bail-out for Greece,  the third during the last five years.

This saga will continue because some of the countries in the EUROZONE, particularly Germany, need the official backing of their Parliaments for the bail-out proposed ! 

It must be understood that Greece has outstanding Financial Debts towards the EUROZONE, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank (ECB) of 320 Billion Euros.  The new Bail-out now proposed could raise that by at least 85 Billion Euros during the next three years.  Some of the countries in the EUROZONE are hesitant about backing a 3rd Bail-out for Greece !

The EUROZONE expects the Greek Parliament to adopt immediately laws which will lead to important changes to make the Greek Economy profitable.  The age of retirement will be increased, pensions cut and VAT sales taxes will go up. Tsipras of the far Left was not elected to do this but....   

In a Referendum last week, Greeks voted against a further dose of austerity; but after the pressure from  eurozone politicians, Tsipras realised that these unpopular measures are necessary to rebuild the economy and to retain the Euro as the currency. 

Merkel expects a rough ride in the German Parliament, but knows that Italy and Spain, who  may  need Financial aid from the EUROZONE, are closely watching the proceedings.   Germany is a bouyant country but its electors do not really want to prop up financially, the whole EUROZONE just to save the EURO !

To say the least, the coming weeks may reveal some unexpected reactions.  This 3rd Greek Bail-out could become a bumpy ride !





Monday, 13 July 2015


After almost six months of inconclusive discussions, EUROZONE Leaders rightly decided it was time that an interim agreement at least was necessary.

The final details of the ultimate agreement will only become available in a few weeks time at the earliest.  

However, in the meantime the saliant points of this agreement are :

1)  There will be no "Grexit" - Greece will remain in the EUROZONE.
2)  This Wednesday, July 15, 2015, the Greek Parliament  will have to introduce measures of austerity to ensure the Greek Economy again becomes profitable. 
3)  EUROZONE countries, like Germany, must obtain the agreement of their Parliament on the proposed measures.

Among the salient points covered is the principle of Financial support for Greece.  There is no "Debt Write-off" which Tsipras said he wanted before his election.  However, there is a third Financial Plan which provides help for Greece to cover the expected lack of income in the coming years.  This could amount to about 85 Billion Euros.

Furthermore, it is expected that the repayment dates of previous debts will be extended.  This indicates there will be a type of Moratorium. 

These events will certainly provoke reactions and commentaries in several countries and their Parliaments !  Greece has been saved, but there are other countries which may also consider they need help.

It has taken almost six months to arrive at this temporary result !  Does this in itself not indicate that EUROZONE rules and procedures need to be tightened ?  Should there not be early warning systems in place to prevent things like a possible "EURO - EXIT" ?





Un accord permettant à la Grèce de rester dans la zone Euro a donc été trouvé.  Le Parlement grec devra voter d'ici à Mercredi les "réformes sérieuses"  nécessaires exigées.

Le Parlement grec devra donc faire preuve de plus de célérité que le Parlement français, à qui il a fallu plus de six mois et l'aide du "49-3 pour adopter la "loi pour la croissance, l'activité et l'égalité des chances " dite "loi Macron" !


Sunday, 12 July 2015


Everyone is blaming someone else !  The "Grexit" problem has blown apart the whole EUROZONE, if not also the EU !  

Not one country nor one politician is prepared to accept any responsibility, but above all no one wants to suffer and no country wants to pay for the cumulative cost of anything that has gone wrong !

Five months of discussions have not solved the "Grexit" problem and during this time Greek banks have been "drip-fed" finance by the Eurozone Central Bank to prevent a total collapse of the Greek economy.  Everything has been said and the contrary as well !

Furthermore, President Hollande seems to be playing a double-faced game : secretly encouraging Tsipras  and also ensuring Merkel that he backs her rigour.   Does this really help ?  

Very soon, throughout the whole EU all the Parliaments will close for the Summer Recess !   A "Grexit or not" solution has become even more urgent !



Saturday, 11 July 2015


After more than 5 months of fruitless meetings, Tsipras has suddenly presented documents to the Eurozone Leaders which summarise what needs to be done to make Greece economically viable and what help Greece needs financially. 

These proposals are very similar to those of the EUROZONE, but on which he asked the Greeks to vote against in a Referendum. 

What can one think of such a "U- turn" ?  Can one still trust Tsipras ?  Or, has he in fact obtained other guarantees, like a Moratorium of Greek debts, which have remained secret ?  This will be revealed shortly !

Tomorrow, all the Leaders of the EU will decide the future of Greece. 


Thursday, 9 July 2015


FIFA has announced that Chuck Blazer has been banned for life from all football activities. 

This is not really a surprise.  Blazer was indicted and since a plea bargain; he has been helping officials for the last four years in the USA with their investigation  into suspected fraud in FIFA.  There is also an ongoing investigation by the Swiss Judicial Authorities into FIFA.

What is surprising is how long it has taken FIFA  to react before banning Blazer.  One should not forget that there are several other members of FIFA who have been indicted in the USA.   Did the 350 page Garcia Report not raise any suspicions about the activities of these people ?  The Eckert summary of that report clearly absolved everyone in FIFA from any wrongdoings.

Should FIFA not "suspend teporarily" any officer who is indicted for a serious criminal offence ?    FIFA Statutes should be changed to permit this.   If later it is then proved that he is not guilty, he could be reinstated. 

In this way, FIFA would give the impression that it is serious in trying to prevent fraude !  At the moment reports suggest that fraudulent activities did not just start recently with the nomination of Russia and Qatar as hosts.  It seems fraud was rife in FIFA well before then.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Merkel is again, quite rightly furious, that Tsipras has not produced the documents she expects to enable her and her EUROZONE partners, to resolve all the "Grexit" problems. 

However, this is not really due to any direct faults by Tsipras or to his incompetence !   In a normal Conglomerate like the EUROZONE or the EU, there is always be a midddle management back-up team between the top Leaders like Merkel and Hollande, and Tsipras in this case.  

This ZONE back-up team normally ensures that the information necessary to make decisions is properly and completely presented for the Leaders !  It should be working directly with Tsipras and his back-up team and  it would know what Merkel and Hollande really want.

With such an organisation, every time there is a Top Level Meeting, up to date documents and information would be available to enable decisive discussions !

It is the only way to progress and to avoid the  frustrations the World has seen lately !


Tuesday, 7 July 2015


After almost six months of endless discussions Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and President Hollande of France,  have fears that Greece could leave the  EUROZONE.   

Today the EUROZONE, after the Greek Referendum,  wanted Tsipras to explain again, what he wanted !   After six months, still no one knew ? 

If Greece leaves the EUROZONE it would renounce its  Debts and declare it is Bankrupt.  It has debts with the EUROZONE amounting to 320 Billion Euros !  This includes debts to Germany of 60 Billion. 

If Greece obtains a deal that permits it to keep the EURO as its currency, it will remain in the EUROZONE. The DEAL Tsipras needs implies that creditors accept to write off at least 35% of the loan amount outstanding. 

In addition, Tsipras really also needs time, a breathing space during which no repayments are due while he reorganises Greece.  He needs a Moratorium of a few years.

Greek debts are totally worthless, because the country is bankrupt.  The EURO has also depreciated by at least 10% during the last 12 months.  How long will this strong EURO last ?  If ever Greece repaid its debts it could be in "new Euros" !

Angela Merkel knows all the foregoing implications, but she cannot make a decision.  German politicians are split on what should be done, even in her Coalition.  Will she obtain a majority in the Bundestag Parliament for her Greek solution ?  




              "L'important c'est d'être déterminé et de savoir où l'on va"

Monday, 6 July 2015


The talking about a "Grexit or not" has stopped after six months, only to enable everyone to digest the result of the Greek Referendum !

After these six months the Greek economy is now in a bigger mess than before.  Debts have piled up, business has stopped and Greece cannot import the goods it needs to survive. 

It is the European Central Bank (ECB) that has avoided a complete meltdown in Greece by regularly supplying Greek banks with Cash !  Should Greece  shoulder the  burden of this cost which is due to EUROZONE "hesitation" over a possible Grexit ?  

It is manifest that the "EUROZONE" must quickly  professionalise its organisation to identify and solve the problems which arise in the countries of the ZONE.

Companies in International Conglomerates are closely  followed and when exceptional action is necessary, top Group Management is briefed.  Reporting systems ensure that up to date information circulates. Regular monthly or quarterly meetings avoid bad surprises !  These techniques are well known.

The EUROZONE appears to be living from hand to mouth !  Are there any operating procedures ?  There seem to be only two "executives" (Merkel and Hollande) and the ECB !  Curiously all the 18 Leaders of the ZONE have been convoked almost weekly recently !  Is such  desperation  really necessary ?  Does this system work ?

Should a Management Board of Controls with permanent members  not be created ?  





After the result of the Referendum in Greece yesterday, the next question now is : "Have the EUROZONE negotiators understood the message ?".

On January 25, 2015 Tsipras was elected on promises    that he would obtain a significant reduction of the total Greek debt and end the austerity, by reorganising the Greek Economy and while staying in the EUROZONE.  

During more than 5 months of "negotiations" all Tsipras has received are lessons on how to reorganise Greece !  The question of "debt relief" has been pushed aside.  

There have been many errors in the past which have culminated in the Greek Financial catastrophy in which the country now finds itself.  The EUROZONE has always refused to accept  any of the responsibility !

Now the time has come to resolve these problems.   This will probably provoke other connected changes in the EUROZONE, which will be all the better for its future !

Let us not forget that there are three other countries on the sidelines, closely watching events.  Italy, France and Spain are all facing mounting difficulties ! 

In the case of Greece, the most painless solution would seem to be a Moratorium of about 10 years after a partial write-off of  its 320 billion EUROS of debts.  This could save the faces of everyone concerned !




L'Europe sidérée par l'audace du jeune dirigeant de l'Etat grec, qui a "osé" consulter le peuple grec par référendum !

Tétanisés, les dirigeants européens, qui font silence depuis la victoire du "non" et attendent...

Libéré et courageux, le peuple grec, qui a réagi contre les diktats de l'Union Européenne et a su dire "non" aux propositions de réforme de ses créanciers !

Tout recommence maintenant !  Un vent s'est levé...



Sunday, 5 July 2015


Modern time keeping devices can already record to the finest "point of one second" when timing a performance, whether it is in Motor Racing or on an Athletics track.

Would it not bring new interest to athletics (and maybe other sports as well) if "flying starts" were permitted in "100 meter time trials" ?    Would such a new 100 meters  record with a flying start not be nearer 8 seconds ?

If at selected major athletics meetings, during a trial period of time, the "first three past the post" were each invited to try a "flying start time trial", would that not quickly reveal if such an event arouses public interest ?



Friday, 3 July 2015


Whatever the result of the Greek Referendum is this Sunday, it would seem that all the Greeks who vote are simply all against the continuation of austerity.

This Referendum comes after more than five months of barren talks, during which time the Greek economic condition has got worse.

Creditors accuse Tsipras of being responsible for the breakdown in the talks, but have they agreed to the major write-off of the Greek debt which was and still is, his major demand in negotiations ?  No !

Are the creditors not still haunted by the fact that  Greece already had too much debt before they agreed to the last loans in 2012 ?  In fact, were the creditors then not terrorised by the thought that Greece might leave the EUROZONE and that this could lead to speculation against the EURO ?

This, in fact, is exactly what could happen shortly !  Tsipras will declare Greece bankrupt and adopt a new currency !  The EUROZONE then will have to write-off all their Greek Debts !

This Blog really did think that the EUROZONE would propose a MORATORIUM on debt repayments by Greece.  This would have saved the blushes of all concerned ! 


Thursday, 2 July 2015


Entendu François Hollande au journal de 13 heures sur France 2 ce jeudi 2 juillet :

"Les conséquences du référendum grec seront différentes selon que la réponse sera oui ou non".

Monsieur de La Palisse ne se serait pas mieux exprimé !

Voici François Hollande en bonne voie pour décrocher le "prix de logique" au palmarès du prix de l'humour politique...



After the election of Lydia Nsekera to be the first woman on the FIFA Executive, it would be absolutely normal that she should present the Cup to the winners of the Women's World Cup in Vancouver this coming Sunday, July 5, 2015 !

Lydia Nsekera is already in Canada, whereas Sepp Blatter, the FIFA President, is at present overburdened by two ongoing investigations into FIFA.  Would she not, in the circumstances, be the perfect person to replace Blatter at the Ceremonies in Vancouver ?

Would her nomination to present the World Cup to the winning team not particularly delight the whole world of Women Footballers ? 

If ever the Women's World Cup takes place in Britain one must hope that the Queen will be invited to take part in the Ceremonies !




Les douze travaux d'Hercule revus par notre caricaturiste "MARIN"...



At this very moment the EU has four very important issues which urgently need  RESOLVING and which then  need concerted ACTION :
1)  Settlement of the "Grexit or not" problem.

2)  EU participation to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

3)  Adoption of an EU policy on immigration, migration and refugees.

4)  Formulation of a policy to protect the EU against ISLAMIC Terrorist aggression. 

Simply said all these problems have been awaiting solutions and action for too long. 

Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany, has participated in talks on all the above ongoing  problems but nothing has been finalised.  It is sometimes difficult to understand whether she is protecting German interests only, or acting as an Ambassador for the EU or just the EUROZONE. 

What this reveals is that the EU and the EUROZONE must revise Treaties which are now out of date and which have become a stumbling bloc in negotiations.

A perfect example is the SCHENGEN Treaty which introduced the principle of the Freedom of Movement of People in the SCHENGEN AREA !  In every national general election recently Immigration has been hotly debated !  What are the EU or EUROZONE rights and rules for the control of immigrants, migrants and refugees ? 

Could the number of refugees (or displaced persons) be reduced by declaring war on Islamic Terrorism ?

More issues are in the pipeline !   David Cameron has declared that a referendum will be held in 2017 in Britain to determine if electors want Britain to stay in the EU or not !  He has already started meetings and suggested certain Treaty changes.              

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


After five months of acrimonious talks and a lot of bickering, Tsipras, the newly elected Prime Minister of Greece has called for a Referendum to be held this coming Sunday, July 5, 2015. 

The Propositions of the EUROZONE and other Creditors, to solve the current Greek Crisis without any Debt relief will be judged and accepted or not !  Greece is now totally Bankrupt and Insolvent ! 

Tsipras was perfectly clear before his Election that he wanted to reorganise the Greek Economy and to do that he needed a significant write-down of Greek Debts by the EUROZONE.  The reduced repayments would help to provide the Financial means to permit the Greek Economy to become viable again.   He also wanted  stability for Greece and therefore wanted it to stay in the EURO and EUROZONE.

On these promises Tsipras was Elected ! 

Five months later NO DEBT RELIEF has been offered ! 

All the Talks or Negotiations have been "kind advice" of what "should be done" so that the Greek Economy would become "Financially sound and profitable again" !  
If Greeks now vote "NO" it will be because they do not want any more of the austerity that they have suffered during the last five years !  Because there is no Debt Relief, Greece will be forced out of the EUROZONE and will renounce all repayments of Financial Loans !

Creditors will lose approximately 320 Billion EUROS, and introducing a NEW and STABLE Drachma by Greece will be a painful experience !

Above all it seems the EUROZONE wanted to avoid creating a Legal or Financial precedent by writing-off  Financial loans !  It did not even want to propose any type of MORATORIUM on debt repayments to help Greece, which this Blog expected would finally be the "saving grace" of the EUROZONE !

What has now however become very clear is that not only GREECE must restructure but the EUROZONE also.  At present it is a "RAGBAG" of 19 countries, all different with their own preferred nationalistic aims.  

EUROZONE principles and rules need to be defined by an elected "Zone Board of Directors" !  This necessity too, could become another unending and sterile,"five month long" EUROZONE discussion !