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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Air France had a normal beginning and was competitive until "Cost Cutting" Airlines started operating about 40 years ago.

Other Airlines reorganised to fight "Cost Cutters" but Air France did not streamline its costs or set up an independent subsidiary airline to compete directly with the Cost Cutters !  Why, because this has led to the current crisis ?

Everyone involved in running Air France over the years, such as Pilots and other Employees, Trade Unions, Executives and Politicians, have all stubbornly refused to impose and/or accept painful solutions which could have ensured the Economic viability of AIR FRANCE ! 

Examples are abundant ;

    -  Pilots of Air France are the highest paid pilots of any aviation company and they work the least amount of flying hours.   They have refused all changes to their basic conditions.
    -  Ordinary Employees, backed by Trade Unions, also refuse longer working hours.
    -  Trade Unions have always refused point blanc to accept any proposed changes in employment contracts.       
    -  Executives have often served only for short periods of time and with the help of Politicians have covered Air France Operating Losses with more financing.
    -  Politicians have avoided showdowns with Trade Unionists without ever imposing a permanent solution.

The Crunch, the moment for painful decisions, has now come and this has led to the disgraceful scenes, seen on television all over the World.  

As Prime Minister Valls has said, some hostile employees in the throng who chased the two executives, committed criminal acts.  But, will they ever be prosecuted or imprisoned ?  Or will they finally be pardoned ?