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Monday, 26 October 2015


A key mini-Summit of the Leaders of 10 EU Countries and 3 other Countries took place yesterday in Brussels.  Alas Turkey did not participate in the meeting because of a General Election next Sunday, November 1 !  

All Countries are directly affected by the turmoil created by desperate refugees, who are fleeing the oppression wreaked by the Islamic State in the Middle East, but no fundamental decisions or solutions were agreed ! 

The endless arrival of countless "Migrants", which includes the refugees from the Middle East, has raised alarm bells!  It led to the sudden decision to increase the capacity of reception centers to handle arrivals, by 100 000 before the end of 2015 !  Greece will increase its capacity by 30 000, but is this enough ?  Recently, during one week, 9 000 Migrants arrived in Greece every day !

As this Blog pointed out (1) more than a month ago, Winter is coming and temperatures of -20 and -30 can be expected in Europe.   Will Migrants not prefer to stay in Southern Europe instead of fleeing to the bitter North ?  This would be a new problem !

To be very blunt, a way must be found to stop the arrival of   Refugees !   Should the West, with feet on the ground, not join Putin and Russia to crush the continual attacks by the Islamic State ?  It slaughters non-believers and destroys everything in its path !  

Do Western political Leaders really find this acceptable ? 

(1)  Read : "How many new immigrants in 2016 ?".