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Monday, 12 October 2015


Although Sepp Blatter has "promised" to resign, he is still at this moment in time, the President of FIFA !   Last week,  however, he was suspended from all football functions for three months by the FIFA Ethics Committee, just like Platini and Valcke.  

This means Blatter could again resume his Presidential duties on January 8, 2016.  An interim President, Issa Hayatou of Cameroon, has been nominated.

The deadline for officially notifying one's intention to be a candidate in the next FIFA Presidential Election, is October 26, 2015.   Whether Platini will be accepted as a candidate, remains to be seen.   He will fight the legality of his suspension.

Anything could yet happen in this FIFA saga.  There could be further unexpected candidates, there could even be a suspension to a later date, of the FIFA Presidential Election  itself. 

Why has Blatter always wanted to hang on so desperately to the Presidency just to organise the election on February 26 ?   Will he really resign ?  If he does not resign, could another President be elected ?

Platini at present has the support of UEFA and of the English FA.  Would it not be wise for the English FA to nominate a candidate for the FIFA Presidency in case the candidature of Platini is invalidated before the Election on February 26, 2016 ?   The English Candidate could always withdraw at the last moment before the VOTE, to leave the field clear for Platini !

In this FIFA saga, anything could yet happen !   In fact it would be a Major Surprise, if nothing unexpected does happen !