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Tuesday, 20 October 2015


German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a swift visit to Turkey yesterday meet President Tayyip Erdogan to discuss the problem of 2 million Middle East refugees who have sought shelter in his country. 

After the visit , the Turkish Prime Minister vehemently denied  that a deal had been concluded.  Speculation at present is rife that such a deal may have included a promise to "fast track" Turkey's entry into the EU.

Merkel is certainly anxious that the intensification of the war against the Extreme Islamic State could force more refugees to seek shelter in the EU and Turkey.  Although she welcomed 800 thousand with open arms to Germany, speculation now is that more than 1.5 million could head for Germany and the EU, asd well as more to Turkey and other countries.

Officially, no deal has been concluded after their talks.  However, after such a swift and urgent visit, it is hard to believe that they were only whispering sweet nothings !  The fact that everything is being denied is certainly due to the General Election in Turkey in two weeks time !

What Electors in the EU would like to know is whether Merkel had the approbation of the Council of Ministers to strike a "deal" with Erdogan.  Merkel wants other countries in the EU to share the burden of the unexpected tide of refugees she invited, but do they not have a right to participate in the decision making ?

There are countries which have reservations about Turkey becoming a Partner in the EU.