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Friday, 9 October 2015


The changing Middle East War is provoking more refugees to uproot and flee their countries.   This in turn is creating more panic at EU borders.   Recently, Chancellor Merkel addressed the EU Parliament together with President Hollande of France.  

The new message is that all EU countries should stick together and control the arrival of Migrants.  In principle Merkel now wants to limit entries to Refugees fleeing from the Middle East, but maybe other Hot Spots like Afghanistan as well.

This is a clear admission that certain principles embedded in EU Treaties need to be changed.   This is true and necessary for ALL laws !   Laws need to be reviewed and updated to ensure that new problems, arising from a more Modern way of Life, are correctly covered by legislation.

The changes needed in EU laws must also recognise that the EU is not yet one country !   It is a Club of Countries which has certain long term aims and with a Parliament which has limited legislative powers.   For example, fiscal matters are decided by each National Parliament.

Recently certain EU countries refused to accept the quota of a certain number of Refugees.  Is the solution not to accord "temporary shelter" to "Refugees fleeing Hostility" ?  Normally refugees should be urged, to return to their families where they were born and bred.   Their country will need them.