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Sunday, 25 October 2015


The Islamic State is imposing an extreme interpretation of religious Muslim principles on citizens of countries in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq and Syria.   The non-acceptance of these principles by any Muslim or non Muslim results in death if these non-believers do not quickly flee ! 

The immediate result has been a desperation to leave any country where the Islamic State (IS) wants to establish itself.  Refugees have fled in millions to countries like Turkey and Western Europe !

What are World Leaders doing to stop the genocide in the Middle East and to uphold the Human Rights principles of the United Nations Charter ?  What is UNO doing other than "pontificating" ?

Putin in Russia has led the way.  Russia has "feet on the ground" in Syria and also Armaments and Aircraft, not to speak of a few ships in Syrian ports.  Russia is actively attacking in the Middle East but only to defend Syria and Bachar al Assad.

Britain and the USA have unarmed "advisors" in the Middle East and attack IS positions with Drones.  

France also has advisors there but it bombs key IS positions.   

The EU led by Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, accepts war refugees driven out of the Middle East but is now desperately trying to close EU frontiers to stop the invasion of the EU by Refugees from other "war zones" like Afghanistan or Pakistan.   Giving temporary "refuge" is a normal Human Right,  but additionally "granting the right to immigrate" is something else. 

What is lacking is international cohesion which will lead to the end of hostilities in the Middle East.  All the Great Powers, the USA, Britain, France and the EU, but also NATO and Russia, must stop hesitating and decide a joint plan of action to end this destructive Middle East War !

Afterwards refugees will be able to return, to rebuild and modernise their countries, perhaps with Western help but also with revenues from oil and gas !    

Does no one remember the hesitation before Churchill declared war in 1939 ?