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Tuesday, 6 October 2015


The sudden Russian attacks against enemies of Bachar al Assad, the President of Syria, are a complete "game changer" of Middle East politics. 

Whereas Western politicians hesitated to intervene to help the Syrian President after his "crimes against Humanity" (he slaughtered 40 000 of his own citizens), Russia claims its heavy-handed attacks are also aimed against the Islamic State. 

Middle East refugees in Syria and elsewhere fear the known reputation of destructive Russian warfare and are fleeing their homes to just to save their lives. 

Unofficial German estimates now expect 1500 000 refugees will reach the country this year.  The total for the whole EU could probably amount to more than 2.2 million for 2015.  And how many more in coming years?

They are not "migrants or immigrants" ; they are "refugees"  who want to save their lives but who will need sheltering !  Should they not be accorded the temporary right to stay in the EU for the duration of the War ? 

This at least, must be organised now and urgently, by all EU countries at least : the winter weather is coming !