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Monday, 5 October 2015


President Obama was quick to appologise when an American attack in the Middle East, by error, destroyed a hospital !  

President Putin will certainly smile, but would he, or Russia, ever appologise ? 

Putin is the Leader of a Totalitarian State and as such is never bothered by little incidents.   In fact, he and Russia  never ever admit any wrongdoing, even when photographic evidence to the contrary, is available.  

For example, no Russian soldiers have ever been sent into Ukraine to help Russian Rebels.  Those that have gone there are all "volunteers" !    But, does anyone know who bears the cost of paying these volunteers ?  

In Russia this year, there has been an increasing "black-out" of all information, particularly for its citizens.   How many Russian soldiers, including volunteers, have been killed in action this year ?  Are mothers and wives informed ?  Statistics are no longer published !

This year in Totalitarian Russia severe restrictions have been placed on what news can be made public.  Radio and television programmes are censored.

This makes any real international co-operation in the fight against the Islamic State and other Islamic Extremists almost impossible. 

Putin obeys only one rule.   It is what "He" thinks is good for Russia and its interests now, or in the future.  Humanitarian causes are, therefore, not a major objective for him or for Russia.  They justify no special consideration.

The totalitarian Russian Parliament will not only rubber stamp what he proposes but will at the same time "instruct him" to carry out his policies !  Is it necessary to add that it was Bashar al Assad who asked for Russian help in Syria ?   This implies that by UNO rules Putin was justified to send troops into Syria.  

In these circumstances, is it really prudent, or even possible, to trust Russia or Putin in an alliance ?  In the end will Putin not  want only to share in the "Spoils of War".

Will his aim not be to keep Crimea, have Sanctions lifted and keep the whole of Ukraine ?  This would be Yalta 1945 all over again !