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Sunday, 18 October 2015


Any Western Observer of International Diplomacy must have noticed that Putin does not have the "humbug" of having to consult Allies when he wants to act.  He is the Leader of a Totalitarian country, like all his predecessors since the 1917 Russian Revolution.

He regularly finds an appropriate excuse to do what he wants and thinks fit.  He avoids any international objections, particularly from the United Nations (UNO).  He and Russia have been "sanctioned" but this is a temporary handicap.  They will be "squared away" when the spoils of any war, like that in the Middle East for example, are agreed !

This highlights the fact that each and every country among the Western Powers has its own reasons to be for or against any action, like an outright war against the Exreme Muslim Terrorists.  These Muslims have now been increasingly more active for more than two years, and not only in the Middle East !

Problems arising in Europe due to the invasion of countless refugees and the Extreme Muslim terrorist attacks in countries outside of the Middle East, again reveals the lack of unity and the lack of deterrmined Leadership in the West.

Is it not time that elected Leaders all met secretly together, in one place, to address these problems at the very top level ?   There are continually countless meetings of Diplomats and Foreign Ministers and others, but it does not seem that all these meetings have resulted in quicker and cohesive decisions by  Western Leaders.