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Friday, 2 October 2015


After having sent armaments to Syria and building an aerodrome there, fit for landing War planes, Putin ordered  airstrikes to attack the enemies of Bachar al Assad.

The West was informed of his intentions when Putin addressed the UNO.  These events took less than a week.  It revealed that his real intention was to consolidate Russia's long standing  alliance with Syria and to protect Russian interests there. 

Of prime importance is the Port of Tartus where Russian ships  have been docked since 1971. This is a key position for Russia in the east Mediteranean sea and on the coastline of the Middle East, where a complex War by Muslim Extremists is now raging.

Western countries are consternated and appear not to know how to react in unison at this Russian initiative.  The United States, Britain and France had already launched direct attacks on Islamic State installations but no one wants to "help" Bachar al Assad. He has been accused of "Crimes against Humanity" in his own country.

Will the meeting today in Paris, hosted by President Hollande with Putin, Merkel and Poroshenko on the Minsk agreement about Ukraine, also lead to talks and a clearer strategy of how to tackle the War in the Middle East against the Islamic State ?