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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


First elected President of FIFA in 1998 and again re-elected in May 2015 only to suddenly announce four days later that he will resign, Blatter is still stubbornly refusing all requests to step down immediately, rather than just before the election on February 27, 2016 of his successor !  Why ?

Why does he want to hang on ?  Why at the age of 79 does he feel obliged to go to his office every day ?  What must HE absolutely do that a temporary interim President could not do ?

Is he perhaps waiting, or even angling, to become a lifelong President of Honour of FIFA in recognition of his past services ? 

His predecessor as President, Joao Havelange, was made a President of Honour in 1998, but  resigned in 2013 aged 97 for health reasons.  There had been suspicions of financial irregularities during his Presidency, but nothing was illegal. 

FIFA is at present being investigated, as everyone knows.  Blatter himself regularly repeats he is "clean" !  Does he then really hope and want to be able to remain in FIFA as the President of Honour, for the next 18 years and in this way  become the oldest serving Executive of FIFA ?   

If not, what is the reason ?