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Monday, 29 February 2016


Globe trotting French President Hollande was probably glad to get away for a few days, after the EU Council Meeting last week agreed the "Deal" which Cameron wanted and hoped would avoid a "Brexit" ! 

Hollande's escape to the French possessions in Polynesia, in the sunny South Pacific, was the first by a President for more than 30 years !   The occasion was joyously celebrated there with dancing and music.

On his return to Paris, like all Presidents for the last 50 years, he went to the farmers Agricultural Show.... and there his reception was, to say the least, a chilling "Wake-up call" to help him to recall all the problems he had left behind him in France ! 

Last Saturday Farmers, on his arrival at 7am, were quick to surround him (but he was solidly protected),  to explain that certain sectors of their industry were making losses !  Farmers are strangled by low selling prices and Supermakets profiting from lower imports costs. 

Amongst other major problems Holland faces are rising unemployment and groans even from the Socialists, lead by Martine Aubry, who did not hesitate to claim in an article in the  "Le Monde" newspaper :  "That is now too much !"    

His Socialist Party, of which he was once the Secretary, now wonders if he could ever even qualify for the second round run-off in the Presidential election in May 2017.   

What all Socialists really want is a Primary Election to select their best Candidate in the Autumn, but Hollande thinks that is much too early !   Militants in fact are becoming increasingly agitated !   




Saturday, 27 February 2016


During a visite by Manuel Valls to Mulhouse, a disgruntled Trade Unionist insulted the Police and Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister;  he has been fined 250 Euros !  The exact words used are not known but, according to the jugement the offense was admitted !  

Trade Unionists say he shouted "Valls on t'emmerde !" and also "CRS = SS" which is an old expression which dates back to the 1968 Strikes !

This will certainly provoke many comments and much mirth, in France and probably elsewhere also !    Are Politicians always so very sensitive ?  

The first questions will be, "Who is protected" from insults in the political arena ?  Only Valls and the President ?  And, what about the principle of the "Liberty of Expression ?"

ls it permissible and generally acceptable for Manuel Valls, as he has already done in the past, to describe Marine Le Pen and FN party supporters as "Fascists" ?  If so , Why ?  

Valls wants more respect, but this story is bound to boomerang and provoke more ridicule and contempt !



Thursday, 25 February 2016


David Cameron obtained his "Deal" for Britain, but preserved the right of Electors to express their opinion and to decide the  future of their country by voting in a non Political Referendum, "Brexit or not", on June 23, 2016.  

This Referendum is a perfect example of "democracy in action" !   Many Leaders in the World would not have enough  courage to do the same thing ! 

EUROZONE Leaders will be anxious because they feel that Britain must be part of the EU.  It is the second largest European country, it has an army, like France, which could and would defend Europe.  No other EU countries have the same means to take the fight to the enemy, even though some are also members of NATO !   

Commercially the EU needs Britain and Britain needs the EU.  But, the Deal Cameron has obtained really removes the basic problem.   Britain will no longer be hampered or affected by  Eurozone Legislation when its sole objective is to permit the ultimate Political Integration of all EUROZONE countries, or to protect the EURO. 

Cameron's deal restores more powers to his Government in London.  This is what other countries in the EU are now also yearning for, more National governmental powers and more political Independence !

The "Deal" has already created an electric shock in the EU.  The EU now realises that changes are necessary in Treaties, not  only for the Deal, but for all the problems resulting  from the Middle East War and from Muslim Terrorist attacks in EU countries !

Whichever way Britain votes on June 23, 2016, the EU  must now update its operating principles.   A real chance for the EU ?


Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Socialists in France are more than disappointed with the Presidency of François Hollande since his election in May 2012, when he defeated Nicolas Sarkozy.   They are now furious and convinced that he could never win a second term as President !

Simply said, Hollande's Economic policies have been a catastrophy.   He has not streamlined National  overheads, he has increased taxation and the cost of living has increased.  

President Hollande however, still desperately clings to the hope that things will improve and that he could be re-elected !  Alas, with monotonous regularity, unemployment rises and his popularity declines.

It has got to the point where left wing Socialists are now desperately clamouring for a Primary Election to select the Party Candidate for the next Presidential Election in May 2017.

However, the Socialist Party Secretary, Cambadelis, awaits a sign from Hollande, who insists it is still much too early for him to decide whether he will stand or not !   He still has Presidential duties to fulfill ! 

Disappointed Socialists, led by Martine Aubry, are openly debating the saliant weaknesses during his Presidency and lamenting the effect this could have on the Electors who voted for them in 2012.  According to them, Hollande has moved too far to the right (cf the press gallery published in "LE MONDE" dated 25th of February).

However, one can be very sure that Martine Aubry will get things moving by galvanising everyone around her !




Tuesday, 23 February 2016


After numerous visits to EU Leaders in their countries, and then two long days and one night of discussions at the Council of Europe meeting in Brussels last Weekend, David Cameron obtained the Agreement he wanted !  

This covered particularly changes to the wording in EU Treaties and clarified the position of Britain with respect to the EUROZONE.   

This Agreement was adopted by all the 27 other Leaders of the  EU.  Yesterday this permitted David Cameron as Prime Minister, to explain and justify it to MPs in the House of Commons. 

He gave the reasons for this Agreement and why there should be no "Brexit" by Britain.   His Presentation was masterful, as were his replies in the Session of "Questions and Answers" which followed.

Today near London, in Slough, he addressed a Public Meeting and explained the effect of the Agreement and answered Questions. He underlined the dangers which lurk if Britain leaves the EU, particularly the effect which this could have on Britain's Trade and Security.  

David Cameron, who is 49 years old, gently chided some of those who want a "Brexit" to leave the EU, the Ministers in his Government for example, but particularly his Oxford University friend and ally, Boris Johnson the Mayor of London ! 

The Electors will decide what happens next, in the Referendum on June 23, 2016.   Cameron also clearly said that at the end of his second term as Prime Minister, in 2020, he would not be standing for re-election himself !                           

Debates during the next few months promise to be lively and interesting ! 



The Secretary of the Socialist Party, Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, is preparing for the eventuality of a Primary Election.   He says the Party must be ready if President Hollande finally decides not to exercise his "unofficial" right to stand as "sole Socialist Candidate", for a second term as President in May 2017.   

Other Parties and Candidates are already actively planning their Campaigns.    Following the catastrophic first term of President Hollande, every one of the 6 main Candidates in the "Republican" Primary totally agree what is required. 

1)   Increase retirement age for Pensions to 65.
2)   Negotiate the end of the 35 hour week.
3)   Drastic reduction of the number of civil servants.
4)   End the tax on Private Fortunes. 

These points in fact are the agreed weak points during the Presidency of Hollande.   He will decide if he could win a second term of 5 years as President.

Hollande will leave no stone unturned.  He has travelled far and wide during his Presidency and the French have seen superb pictures of him during the first visit of a French President to Polynesia for 30 years !  

You can see a Cartoon by our humourist Marin, reproduced today in this Blog, entitled "François Hollande en Polynesie" !



Aux Etats Unis les partis ont un emblème :Le parti républicain un éléphant, les démocrates un âne…


Une petite idée pour bien finir le quinquennat .



Monday, 22 February 2016


David Cameron has obtained an agreement that it is Britain's right to remain an independent member of the EU without the obligation ultimately to adopt the EURO as its currency and to join the EUROZONE.  Britain can therefore to keep its "World currency", the Pound Sterling.

There are other important exceptions also, concerning the limitation of Immigrant Social Benefit rights.

Now the Referendum Vote promised by David Cameron  - "Should Britain stay in the EU ?" -  has been scheduled for June" 23, 2016.  Why ?  And Why so soon ?

Cameron made this promise a long time ago, before the  immigration crisis erupted recently after the escalation of the Middle East War.    These events are a "game changer" in the EU, particularly in the EUROZONE ! 

The World is on the brink of the third World War, against the Islamic State in the Middle East and the Muslim Terrorists everywhere, implanted in many EU countries and elsewhere in the World.

Important changes can be expected very shortly in the Eurozone and the EU !   Should the Referendum not be delayed ? 

To be quite frank !  Britain could get out of the EU any time it wants to !   But then, to get back in afterwards, after the EU has locked its doors, could take a long time !   The conditions to get back in, would certainly  be less favourable !
Would it not be wise to give British Electors the chance to see the effect of the new conditions Cameron has obtained and the effect of changes expected in the Eurozone and the EU before any new "Brexit" vote ?  


Sunday, 21 February 2016


When leading athletes are interviewed, who are clean because they do not  use "drugs", they all say the same thing : all athletes should be tested the same way and banned if their results indicate that they use illegal substances.

Paula Radcliffe and Mo Farah are just two recent athletes who have expressed this wish.

It is normal that Trainers and Administrators, who permit or even worse, encourage athletes to cheat with drugs, should be severely punished.  Trying to catch athletes, who have used drugs to improve their performances, means that only tests shortly before an event can ensure that they are clean and that they have not been cheating ! 

What is the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and WADA (World Anti Drugs Agency) proposing to do at the RIO Olympics in August 2016 ?  Will there be rigorous testing to ensure that athletes are "clean" ?  If testing cannot be ready for all sports, will there be at least some testing so that "New World Records" can start to be recorded ? 

If the IAAF identified the events in which all athletes would be correctly tested, would it not provide the experience needed for  even better testing later !   This refers not only to the competitors but also to the Mobile Laboratories which are required to analize the samples of tests on the spot !

Could Lord Coe not make a public announcement of the intentions of the IAAF ?  As a former world class athlete himself, Seb Coe must know that this would encourage clean athletes, who at present feel abused when they suspect cheats, particularly when they are roundly applauded after they win !




Before listening to all the main Party Politicians pleading electors to vote "to stay in or to leave" the EU, one should remember that this vote is not for a Political Party.  It is a free vote, in accordance with one's own conscience, to decide whether Britain should stay in this "International Organisation",  called the EU, or to leave it !

This is perfectly illustrated by the politicians who are already  trying to convince Electors to vote for a Brexit or not, in spîte of their usual political party adherances !

Cameron has obtained a deal in Brussels, but he too must now explain the importance of how in future this will help and protect Britain.  Already 5 of his Government Ministers are not happy with what he has obtained and will be explaining why !

However, Cameron does have some new allies, from the Socialists and the Scottish Nationalists parties.   Corbyn the elected but distrusted Leader of the Labour Party, will probably only be able to muster a minority of Labour faithful.  How the others will vote is not clear.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which was defeated in the Scottish Independence Referendum last year, could bring a large following of Scottish Electors because, as she explained in that campagne, Scotland wants to be in the EU !

Other Leading British Politicians will probably join the debates this week, but they all know, in the end it will be the Electors on June 23, 2016, who decide if Britain is to remain in the EU or not ! 


Saturday, 20 February 2016


To the surprise of many, after two long days and a night of hard bargaining with the 27 Leaders of the Countries in the EU Council, David Cameron has obtained the deal he wanted.  This means he should now be able to persuade British Electors to vote for Britain staying in the EU, in the Referendum planned for June 23 !

So what, essentially, has Cameron obtained for Britain ?

1  The independence of the British Pound Sterling, is now recognised.
2  Britain will in future avoid any "Bail-out Costs" in the Eurozone.
3  Emergency safeguards for the City of London by Britain are now possible.
4  Britain now has a series of emergency brakes to stop  Immigrants "profiteering" from Social Benefits.
5  Britain cannot be forced into Political integration with the Eurozone.

These measures are being analized by everyone, particularly by those who want Britain to leave the EU.  The immediate reaction is to say that more "could or should" have been obtained.   That is perhaps to forget that the ultimate goal of an integrated EU is to make it "one Country with one Parliament and one Currency", the EURO" !  

Britain in fact, could never be a part of such an ideal, simply because it is already a World Power with its "Commonwealth" !  The EU clearly recognises and respects this.  Britain is not feared like certain other countries, but due to its geographic situation, it is part of Europe and will probably vote to remain in the EU !






Wednesday, 17 February 2016


David Cameron is fighting to get a better deal for Britain just  when other Countries and their Leaders, want and are pushing for, changes in EU Treaties !

To be quite clear, the EU crisis at present has been provoked by the escalating intensity of the war in the Middle East, particularly since the intervention of Russia.  This has resulted in the displacement of millions of civilians, particularly in Syria.  The arrival of more Refugees in the EU is expected and feared !

The War and the Refugees, together with Border Policing and "Schengen", will be foremost on the Agenda of the EU Council meeting this Friday ! 

Angela Merkel nor anyone, will really want to discuss anything else this week, not even a possible "Brexit" or a Deal to avoid a "Brexit" ! 

In fact, why the hurry ?   David Cameron was elected for a 5 year period in 2015.  The next General Election in Germany will be in May/October 2017.  Will Merkel be a candidate ?  In France Electors will probably vote for a new first time President in May 2017.

Before the end of 2017 many things will have changed.  Is it wise to have a Referendum before 2018 ?


Tuesday, 16 February 2016


The Truce envisaged by Russia and the USA this week has  already been put in danger by the destruction of a hospital in Syria.  They both suspect each other and it could well be another "country" !

Since they are both, for once, working together to finalise a temporary Truce in the internal "war" inside Syria, among local Syrian groups or factions, could they not also spend a few minutes to try to eliminate the constant suspicion of each other in the future ?

Could both Russia and the USA not agree to accept, "inspecters to visite any site chosen by their "ally" at any time" ?   Is this not what is needed to eliminate the instant suspicion which  erupts so often at present ?  

Would such an agreement not rebuild the mutual respect which is lacking between them at present ?  Would they then not, "together", command more respect from other countries involved in this bloody Middle East War ?  

Both "powers"and their Diplomats, Labrov and Kelly, also need to remember that their real common enemy is the Extreme Muslim Islamic State !  




Monday, 15 February 2016


An Agreement has been reached by Russia and the USA for a "partial" Truce in the War in Syria, to permit a delivery of Humanitarian Aid to the starving civil population.  The final détails of this Truce will be made known this week.  The war against the Islamic State will not be stopped.  Western and other countries have not yet been consulted.

However, Putin's global aims for Russia in Western Europe and in the Mediterranean, are slowly becoming clear.  They can be  succinctly resumed in the following way : 

1.   Provide military help to Rebels of Russian origin in Eastern Ukraine for two reasons
   -  to obtain a land corridor in the South from Russia to Crimea, which was annexed in 2014,
   -  to prevent Ukraine from joining the EU !  

2.   Back Bachar al Assad militarily to help him to regain the Presidency of Syria,
   -  by fighting the Islamic State Muslims and other Rebels in Syria,  and thus, 
   -  safeguard the right of Russian ships to Anchor in Syrian ports on the Mediterranen Sea, perhaps for the next 50 Years !   
    NB : Russia recently obtained a berth in Cyprus !

3.   Help Greece in any way possible !  Last year observers were surprised to learn that Tsipras, the Prime Minister of Greece had met President Putin in Moscow.  The least that one can say is that Greece has never really obtained what it needs from the EU !

One must not forget that Putin needs to justify why he has deployed Russian troops and munitions in the Middle East to fight Islamists !  He rules with the iron hand of a Dictator and life in Russia is hard for some people, but he does have an opposition ! 




The announcement by Russia and the USA, of a possible Ceasefire in Syria this week, to permit food and water to be delivered to the starving population by the United Nations, immediately provoked Bachar al Assad to say he would  reconquer and reunite "the whole" of Syria ! 

The simple fact that citizens in Syria are starving to death because they lack food and water due to the multi-sided War in their country, seems to be a minor detail for their "President" Bachar al Assad !  

The details of this Ceasefire remain to be decided this week !  It already seems clear that the War against Extreme Muslim Terrorists will continue, so how will citizens in Syria be able to get the promised food and water from International Aid Workers ?    

What can Bachar promise "his" Syrian population, to reunite  "his" country ?  Without Russia behind him, what does he still have in reserve to offer them ? 

The simple fact is that Bachar al Assad and his "armed forces" rely entirely on Russia and "Uncle Vladimir" for weapons and munitions !  At present Russia is fighting the Islamic State and also Bachar's Syrian Opposition !

Without Russian help, can Bachar really promise anything else than "more pain and tears" to his Syrian Population ?    



Saturday, 13 February 2016


The Details of the announced Ceasefire by Russia and the USA in Syria, is expected during this next week.  That will permit access to UNO to deliver urgent food and medecin to the starving Civilian population.  Of course, there is no Ceasefire in the war against the Extremist Muslims of the Islamic State ! 

This pause in the fighting between President Assad's Forces and the Rebels in Syria will probably trigger a stampede of Refugees who want to save their lives and who still have the strength to flee, anywhere they can !   Their country is being increasingly destroyed. 

That is the message which German Chancellor Angela Merkel and all the other EU Leaders MUST discuss next week at the meeting of the EU Council ! 

At the behest of Merkel, NATO now seems to have agreed to help in monitoring the coasts of the Schengen Area, particularly those of Greece, to catch "Human Smugglers" and to stop the arrival in the EU of unwanted economic immigrants and who are not "desperate Syrian" Refugees.   

The announced Ceasefire and the "Stampede" of fleeing refugees which could now ensue, means that more "Havens, or Camps" for them are urgently required in the Middle East to harbour, feed and help their survival. The EU and neighbouring countries like Turkey have already absorbed "millions" !




Russia and the USA have "in principle" agreed a Cease-fire in Syria with the hope that UNO will be able to deliver Food to various Towns where Civilians are starving to death.

This agreed Cease-fire is due to come into effect in about one week's time, but the fight against Extremist Muslims will continue !  This clearly means that the Russian style of attack, which is to totally destroy everything in its path, will only provoke the remaining inhabitants to flee their country... if they still have the physical strength and moral will to save their lives !

Just how this "cease fire" can help restore sanity in Syria when the war against Islamic Extremists will continue, is not at all clear !  This is even more so, because Bachar al Assad has since insisted that he is still the "President of Syria" !

Finally, the question is  "What has Bachar al Assad still got to offer to his citizens, to prove he is their "loving and caring President " ?  Anything tangible, besides just "hope" ?



Friday, 12 February 2016


For the third time since he became President,  François Hollande yesterday reshuffled his Government.  In France most electors are convinced the changes he has made, will be the last before the Presidential Election in May 2017.  

Hollande has introduced 3 men and 6 women in the Government and one man and two women have left.  This means that there are again an equal number of men and women in the 38 member Government !   Six other members in the Government have been shuffled around.

Basically there are two important changes.  Laurent Fabius the former Minister of foreign affairs has been named as President of the Constitutional Council.  Jean-Mark Ayrault who was President Hollande's first Prime Minister, replaces him.   

Hollande has introduced three members from the  "greens" Party.  Will that suffice to avoid a Green candidate standing next year in the first round of the Presidential  Election ? 

Finally, a new Government post has been created to "look after" "Victims" !  Just what this covers is not yet clear !  If this means victims of terrorism, one can only hope it does not imply too much work. 

Hollande, after the anouncement of the foregoing shuffle, in a TV  interview, refused point blanc to reveal his intention concerning any primary election or if he will aim for a second mandate.  

However Melenchon, from the far left of the political arena, has already declared he definitly will be a Candidate in the May 2017 Presidential election !



Thursday, 11 February 2016


The ZIKA epidemic has been spreading particularly in South America, but pregnant women are carrying this infection to other parts of the world.  Recently an infected Columbian woman gave birth to a ZIKA baby in Spain !

More such cases will certainly arise in the near future.   What is therefore really alarming is that authorities, respected worldwide, have never tried to collaborate, to publish a "common sense guide" for Women, particularly when they suspect or know, they need help or advice !

The problem raised by the ZIKA epidemic is not simple.  There is no one Medical, Political and Religious solution !  It is an INTERNATIONAL issue which needs a common sense approach without dogma, pending the discovery of a medical solution !  

The advice proposed must also cover the consequent Financial  Costs involved, which could be heavy for lifelong care.

The Catholic Church in particular, which has many worshippers in South America, should participate in any group discussions.  Is it not also the duty of the United Nations Organisation to initiate such a meeting ?




Wednesday, 10 February 2016


All the National Leaders at the EU Council meeting on Friday and Saturday next week (February 19 and 20, 2016) will be anxiously awaiting Angela Merkel's propositions for solving the key EU issues which now need urgent solutions.

1)   Immigration.

2)   Fencing internal and external EU borders.

3)   Middle East War and Terrorism in Europe.  

4)   Greece in the Schengen zone or not ?

The main questions in all cases are, 

- What needs to be done ? 
- Who does what ? 
- Who bears the cost ? 

There are also other Issues which will need to be reviewed at the meeting, such as 

5)   The British Referendum

6)   Schengen Treaty updates

7)   Is the EURO still a safe currency ? 

Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany for 11 years where she has, just like in the EU, been a leading light.  The last 6 months however, after she invited Syrian refugees to work in Germany, have become a nightmare not only for Germany but also for all the other countries in the EU ! 

The question everyone has in mind is, "How long will she last, who will then solve all the ongoing questions in Germany and, above all, in the EU ? 





Les déchus…comment s’en débarrasser ?


Tuesday, 9 February 2016


The two day meeting next week of the EU Council Leaders, on February 19 + 20, 2016 promises to be  hectic, but perhaps also, of historical importance !  

The echoes of informal meetings which have taken place already indicate that there are four main issues of major concern :

1   Stopping all would be immigrants getting into the EU.

2   Fencing EU internal and external Borders.

3   Middle East War efforts.

4   EU concessions for the British Referendum.

Merkel is frantically searching how to stop the invasion of would-be immigrants into the EU and Germany from "hot-spots" in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  She has been rebuffed by Erdogan in Turkey and also by NATO after her appeal for it to monitor the Greek coast for People Smugglers or Immigrants,  which seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

EU Countries with external EU borders, which have already built fencing to prevent the entry of immigrants, now want internal EU border controls as well, to stop not only unwanted Refugees but also unwanted EU Migrants !  

David Cameron has visited many EU leaders to get backing for the Treaty changes required for the British "stay in/get out of the EU" Referendum.  He has discovered that all Countries are very concerned by the first 3 issues highlighted above.

In other words, if Schengen area countries firmly closed their Borders, there would be fewer immigrant problems in Calais, but also in Germany, which has Frontiers with 9 Schengen area countries ! 

However, if Britain votes to leave the EU and France no longer stops Immigrants crossing from Calais to Dover Cameron also knows that a Camp like those in Calais .... will spring up in Kent.

Will all the Leaders be ready and have the time and patience next week to announce effective action to save the future of the EU ?  



Saturday, 6 February 2016


La réforme de l'orthographe est une révolution!
" J'ai acheté des ognons"(suppression du i). Voila qui va changer le destin
de nos écoliers.
"je suis allé à la peche ", "La peche n'était pas mure les mures non plus".
Fin de l'accent circonflexe.

Bon weekend ( d'un seul mot, suppression   du trait d'union )




In a letter written in 1995, Wang Junxia of China  reveals her use of Drugs with the complicity of the National trainer, Ma Juren, who has since retired.  She still holds offical World Running Records and won Olympic and other medals during her carreer.

Apparantly the IAAF, and possibly WADA, knew of the existence of this letter, but the veracity of all this has not been checked and no action has yet been taken. 

What will the IAAF and WADA do now ?   Will they try to extinguish this "scandal" and again correct one or two old World records and then hope, that there are no other old scandals from the past left to be discovered ?  Will they expel China, like Russia, from future participation in International Athletics events ?  

Or will both the IAAF and WADA now decide to introduce new rules for Doping Tests in time for the RIO Olympics in August 2016, as this Blog has already proposed several times ?

Why keep "any former records, World or National" if athletes at that time were not systematically tested before AND after the event in which they established a record ?   Should not new records be established, but only officially recorded, if athletes have been properly tested "immediately before AND after the event" ?  

Now, Lord Seb Coe the new President of IAAF since August 19, 2015 has the chance and the duty to clean-up and tighten the Rules.  Dick Pound of WADA, after his recent Report on Russia, could certainly bring his experience as an advisor to Seb Coe.

Countries should not be expelled : with proper testing, it is the drugged athlete who should be expelled immediately, if he fails a test or does not submit to being tested.  Any Medal Winner (the first 3 past the post) should be systematically tested again after the event !

Why not start with the RIO Olympics ?  New problems will probably arise, but the experience will also ensure that Rules are revised and improved !

Doing nothing will lead to the extinction of all interest in Athletics ! 


Friday, 5 February 2016


After his defeat by François Hollande in May 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy withdrew from Politics for more than two years.  He came back from his time in the "wilderness" in 2014 to  reorganise the UMP party which became "The Republican" Party. 

A Primary Election to select the official Party Candidate for the Presidential Election in May 2017 will be held next November. 
Nicolas Sarkozy  will probably be one of the candidates just like Alain Juppé and François Fillon.

Sarkozy, who published a book this week about his past  policies and aims, was invited by the F2 TV Channel for their program "Words and Acts", to be questioned by Journalists and a panel of French people.

Several Ministers were successively asked to debate with Nicolas Sarkozy but they all refused the invitation, apparently on the insistance of President Hollande ! 

Nicolas Sarkozy's performance was astounding !  He was completely relaxed and he displayed a great grasp and understanding of the complexities of the current problems faced by the Government.  However, like in his book, his facts were sometimes inexact, but this never invalidated the point of view he was trying to drive home.

The most important measures to redress the French Economy proposed by Sarkozy were a tax reduction shock, raising the retirement age for Pension Rights to 63 and to permit each company to determine with the employees, the length of the working week.   

To conclude, one can understand why no Minister dared to join the debate !   President Hollande always likes to claim that he is audacious, but last night it was Sarkozy who really was "audacious" and a pleasure to see !




There is a general ill feeling in France that nothing changes !   Farmers repeatedly block roads and unemployment keeps rising just like the cost of living.   Yet there always seems to be a reason why nothing can change.

For example....

Farmers complain they are squeezed by supermarkets who buy their products at ever decreasing prices. To survive some Farmers depend on financial aid from the State.

Trade Unions stubbornly oppose all attempts to simplify the 35 hour working week rules, the introduction of work on Sundays and to postpone the age of retirement despite increasing  longevity.  This frustrates Employers because their companies are strangled by rising social costs, which make them less competitive on International and even National markets ! 

To cure this stale mate situation, President Hollande has appointed Emmanuel Macron as Minister of the Economy.  His main objective is to introduce the necessary Legislation, but even Hollande baulks when this could lead to longer working weeks !  

Finally, there are repeated strikes by traditional taxi drivers who want covert "cowboy" drivers, using  computer technology to steal customers, to be outlawed !   No solution has been  proposed.   Originally, traditional taxi drivers had to qualify and pay for their official license and the attached rights !

These examples of moans and groans in France justifiably beg the question : "Who rules in France" ?



Thursday, 4 February 2016


The latest preliminary contacts David Cameron has had with Donald Tusk, the President of the EU Council, and the "promises" he has obtained, are being heatedly discussed, even debated, by everyone in Britain as if they have already been adopted by the EU Parliament !

These "promises" will probably not even be rubber stamped by a vote at the Meeting of the Council of Ministers on February 19 and 20, 2016 ! 

There are other Countries in the EU, and they have even more urgent issues, which need attention.  These are centred on the Middle East war against Muslim Extremists and the invasion of Migrants from all over the World !

EU countries do not want a "Brexit", Britain leaving the EU, and everyone knows that out of date Treaties need changing.  What really should be debated and accepted in Britain is that no date can yet be realistically fixed for the Brexit or Referendum !