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Tuesday, 24 May 2016


In an effort to ensure his re-election hopes as President of France in May 2017, François Hollande has tried to please everyone !  Alas, his dying efforts have failed and France is slowly grinding to a halt. 

When he was elected as President, Hollande swore he would reduce the number of unemployed.  Virtually every month since then, the number of unemployed has steadily risen !  In addition he did not undertake any cost cutting as promised and as a result, the Public Debt has risen.

Now there are repeated strikes which could soon leave many towns without deliveries of food, due to the lack of petrol and strikes at refineries !  France is coming to a halt.

France is still in a State of Emergency !   How will France ensure the security of tourists and visitors to the European Football Nations Cup which starts on June 10, 2016 ?  Terrorists easily infiltrate all EU countries !

In his desperation for a second term as President, he has forced through legislation which introduces more flexibility into Social Laws.   By doing this Hollande wanted to please Employers, Employees, the Unemployed and the Trade Unions.   Simply said the more he tried, the more everyone has become confused !

No one in France now really knows what could happen next !