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Saturday, 21 May 2016


Human Rights in the EU and elsewhere in the World need to be revised: they do not act as a deterrent when Terrorists, with cold-blooded premeditation, plan the mass slaughter of innocent civilians !

When terrorists survive the slaughter, after  having deprived their victims of their Human Rights, they immediately claim all their own "Human Rights" !  They get free legal advice to defend themselves and this ensures they are not "unduly" executed or imprisoned !

Is this "right", is this "justice" for the innocent Public ?   Should the EU and the United Nations not modify the current definition of Human Rights ?

Furthermore, soft justice is already dispensed in many countries simply because there is a lack modern prisons with enough capacity to punish even petty "offenders" !
All types of prisoners mingle together and they  indoctrinate each other !  Is that acceptable ?

Should the EU, UNO and Politicians everywhere not revise current principles and rules ?  Should the EU not lead the way and order the construction of purpose built prisons with cells for solitary confinement, in remote places, for dangerous criminals ?   Is that not the way to protect civilians ? 

Where is the Politician with the courage to be the  Torchbearer to inspire these needed changes ?