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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


In the UEFA Cup against Iceland, all the goals were scored in the 25 minutes after the start.   England played possession football and hogged the ball from the start, but lost 2-1 !

How many of these passes were played right in the middle of the Pitch ?  How many times did England finally get the ball into the Penalty area ?   How many times did they manage to get a shot at Goal ?  Not very often !

How could they get real low shots at Goal against an Islandic defence of 10 players, with the 11th player loitering on the half-way line waiting for a clearance from his defence ?

Should England's tactics not have been to punt the ball into their penalty area, with six or seven players sprinting there to have a shot at goal from close in, or to force Icelandic mistakes ? 

This may seem to be "kick and run" but the tactics used by England were ridiculous.  If a team is incapable of changing its tactics when they do not work, there need to be changes somewhere, which means not only among the players but also among the trainers !



The Brexit referendum result has not only surprised the 48% of British Voters who wanted to stay in the EU but it also dismayed several of the 27 remaining Countries of the EU !

An important latent factor which swung the undecided Voters was the uncontrolled influx of immigrants and refugees into the EU. They came from all the "hot spots" of the World, particularly from the Middle East after Merkel's Open arms invitation.  When too many came, Chancellor Merkel proposed an allocation to other EU Countries.

EU nerves were already frayed in recent years by the regular gains by extremist right and left wing Parties in National General Elections.  These Parties want less Brussels intervention and more National political powers. 

The Brexit Result has scared and irritated the EU !  A "triumvirate" has been formed of Chancellor Merkel from Germany, President Hollande of France and Matteo Renzi from Italy.  They are from the three largest countries in the EU and are all in the dominant 17 country EUROZONE ! 

Will they hastily propose changes to EU treaties to pacify growing animosity in other countries ?   That is not certain !   What they have said quite clearly is that they want Britain to "get out fast", as soon as possible !  

Why ?  Britain has according to EU texts 2 full years to negotiate the cost of leaving.  That would mean September 2018 at the earliest. 

What the "Triumvirate" has not mentioned is that Hollande faces an (improbable) re-election in May 2017, the latest date for Merkel's re-election is October 22, 2017 but her coalition must also agree her position as Chancellor.  In Italy Matteo Renzi faces an election on May 23, 2018.  

Ist that why everyone wants Britain to "get out fast" ?


Monday, 27 June 2016


Checking the movement of travellers at all possible entry points into the EU is a very complicated undertaking.  There are not only cars on roads, Ships and Planes but also travelers on foot who try to cross frontiers at any point where this is possible !   

Are there foolproof checks at ALL crossing points into or out of the EU of every traveller ? This is doubtful. 

Are there inter-linked computers where all the information of movements is stocked and available for cross-checking purposes and for investigations ?

The problem is complex and provokes the question whether there should not be checks on migrants inside the EU : high quality false documentation can be ordered on the black market according to reports !



« Chaque fois qu’il nous faudra choisir entre l’ Europe et le grand  large, nous choisirons toujours le grand large »

Winston Churchill

Friday, 24 June 2016


After a close referendum vote, electors have decided that Britain should leave the E.U

To facilitate the negotiations of leaving the EU David Cameron will resign at the next Conservative Party Conference in the Autumn when a new leader will be elected.

The major issues which have disenchanted British voters are all connected with immigration :
   - uncontrolled  frontiers,
   -  freedom of movement of Migrants ,
   -  Middle East refugees,
   -  Terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists.

Britain leaving the EU  will create  shockwaves in all the other twenty seven countries in the EU, some of which are even in the Eurozone.

It is clear the EU must stop dithering and undertake treaty changes beyond those mentioned above.

One also wonders whether other countries will now hold referendums like that by Britain ?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


"Brexit" or not is the basic question voters will decide to-morrow ! 

The reasons for the way voters will decide appear to be more political than economical.

Opinion Polls have now predict that there will be a vote to "stay in the EU" ! 

Is this surprising ?  Perhaps not, for two main reasons :

1)  The economic arguments to leave the EU, "Brexit", or to stay in the EU, have not produced a convincing or alarmingly big difference.   To stay or to leave the EU would not be an economic disaster.
2)  Were the Opinion Polls up to last week,  perhaps wrong, because they did not properly weigh the impact of undecided voters ?

Finally, the fear of the "unknown" also plays a part.  The EU is undeniably in a mess and it must change !  It will change, even if only through upcoming National Elections.  

Why therefore vote for Brexit which could create a new crisis in Britain immediately !



Saturday, 18 June 2016


In this Blog, we have often criticised and drawn attention to the unsolved problems in the EU, particularly those which stem from outdated principles embedded in EU Treaties.

After the second World War, the dream of a peaceful Europe, the EU was planned with admirable principles.  These same principles now, cannot be maintained in the face of the Middle East War, its Refugees which are flooding into the EU, and the Migrants from other "hot spots" in the World which also seek a sanctuary in the EU !   Added to this, there are all the attrocities committed by Extremist Muslims living inside EU countries !

"Brexiteers" use these arguments to convince British Voters to flee from the EU in their "Referendum Vote" that Cameron has promised  to hold.

It is sure, David Cameron obtained concessions for Britain and the Pound Sterling for example, to back a "Vote to stay" in the EU.  But he should  have delayed the Referendum for at least two years for the EU to update its Treaties !   

Treaty changes must and will come !   There are other countries, even in the EUROZONE dominated by Germany, which insist on them !   All the EU countries want to be part of a "United Europe" which could and should be a "World Force" in the future.   But also, all of the EU countries want to protect their own special traditions and retain some of their National Governmental Powers ! 

Today, the majority of countries in the EU want Britain to stay by voting "against Brexit", even Germany !        
If Britain now votes for "Brexit", the cost to leave will be high and will take time.  However, Britain leaving could sting the EU into action to make changes !   But if Britain then wants to rejoin the "New EU", there could be new conditions and even higher costs !    

So, why vote to leave now ? 


Friday, 17 June 2016


Devant la préfecture des Yvelines, François Hollande rendait ce matin un hommage solennel aux deux fonctionnaires de police assassinés lundi à l'arme blanche, par un djihadiste.

"Deux fonctionnaires, deux héros du quotidien victimes d'un terroriste habité par la haine" a déclaré François Hollande.

On peut toutefois regretter que, une fois de plus, il n'ait pas précisé qu'il s'agit d'un terroriste issu, comme les précédents, de l'Islamisme radical.

Nommer explicitement l'ennemi permettrait aussi de mieux le combattre !


Thursday, 16 June 2016


There has been an Official State of Emergency in France since the Bataclan Terrorist attack on November 13, 2015 when 130 innocent citizens were killed by a spray of bullets.  

Now there are also regular scenes of rioting and wanton damage to shops and cars by uncontroled "Thugs" in repetitive Strikes organised by the CGT Trades Union.  Philippe Martinez, leader of the CGT, maintains that the strikers are only exercising their legal rights to strike !

French citizens are wondering when the Government will react with more determination to curb disturbances.  Martinez says it should abandon the El Khomri Labour Law, which then begs the question "who rules France ?"

The menace of repeated Strikes, the fear of further acts of Terrorism terrifies everyone, including, it seems the President and his Government, but ....only because they have Elections looming next ?



Wednesday, 15 June 2016


The Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve explained on French television yesterday that French Law respects the rights of everyone on French soil.  This applies also in the case of suspected criminals !  

There are heated discussions everywhere in France on this subject, particularly after one hears repeatedly that  terrorists who have committed attrocities, were earlier freed after having been questioned !

Since the Bataclan attrocity on November 13, 2015 there has been an Official State of Emergency in France.  It has again been extended for the UEFA Nations Football Cup Finals being played in France at present.

What French citizens find hard to accept is, "How can one extend Human Rights Principles to I S Terrorists, whose sole principle is to kill, to further the imposition of their extremist interpretation of Muslim Laws ?" 

Under the direction of the French Government, the Police are seriously handicapped in dealing with the current escalting violence. 

When will Bernard Cazeneuve realise that a "State of Emergency" justifies the application of exceptional principles, to ensure the safety of Citizens and of his Police Force, but not the safety of "suspected terrorists" ?



Saturday, 11 June 2016


Today, June 11, 2016, all Opinion Polls indicate that the Brexit Vote on Thursday June 23, will be very close. 

This being the case, will the final official result really be a "sound basis" on which to decide "economically or politically" the best long term future of Britain ?   Must that decision be made "NOW" ? 

Many arguments by those who prefer "Brexit now" are justified by the mess in which the EU finds itself at present !   The EU MUST change. 

It MUST update Treaties and old principles, adopted almost 50 years ago in the peaceful post-war era.  It MUST also protect external frontiers,  fight Terrorism and reduce the inflow of refugees.

These changes will take time, but afterwards,  would there still be 50% of voters yearning to leave the EU ?

Should David Cameron, the Prime Minister, not seek an agreement in Parliament that any "close vote" would not, automatically and short-term,  decide the long term future of Britain by leaving the EU immediately ?  


Friday, 10 June 2016


Brexiteers desperately want Britain to leave the EU and they have calculated the financial benefit of a British Brexit.

Is this approach not flawed and incomplete ?

For example, would Britain really be better able to control the arrival of Middle East Refugees and Political Refugees from all parts of the World, after a Brexit ?  That is not at all guaranteed !  

Likewise, after a Brexit could Britain simply disengage itself from the Middle East War against the militant IS Extremists, whose Terrorists are already present in all EU countries, including Britain ?

Other Brexit arguments are based on the "out of date" EU Treaties and the preponderant influence of the EUROZONE (or of Angela Merkel and Germany) which has an overriding say in EU discussions and decisions.

This is true, because 17 of the 28 EU countries are in the EUROZONE.   Brexiteers argue that this causes a huge Financial Cost for Britain which, in fact, could be true.  

However, what is even more important is that Merkel's close Henchman is the President of the EU Commission (Jean-Claude Juncker) and he decides what should be debated in the EU Parliament ! 

Should this "President" not be rotated every year by someone else from the 28 EU member countries, to stem this German Monopoly !   In this way the real problems of ALL EU countries could be scheduled and debated in the EU Parliament.  Treaties could then be "updated" !

The reason that Brexiteers have so much to criticize is perhaps due to David Cameron because he seems to have pitched the "Brexit or not" Vote much too early after the "Agreement" he extracted in Brussels for Britain to stay !  

The EU MUST and should first update its Treaties, because the World around it has changed and is ever changing !   Then perhaps, there would no longer be any reason to have a Brexit Vote ! 



Thursday, 9 June 2016


There is fear in France at present and everyone wonders what could happen next !

There have been constant political tensions and conflicts recently over the proposed El Khomri law.  This originally aimed to change employment conditions to encourage companies to employ more people on a long term basis.   

Trade Unions immediately opposed any changes and it resulted in repeated strikes, in particularn by the CGT Union.  This has brought many industries to a halt, especially Transport, fuel depots and litter collection. 

As all Europeans know, tomorrow the EUFA Nations Football Cup is due to start and to cope with the Millions of foreign spectators expected, Police Forces have been reinforced !   The fear is that Extremist Islamic State terrorists could strike in crowded areas !

There have been reports of the arrest of suspected terrorists, but what can the Government do to bolster even more the safety of Spectators.   France decreed a  State of Emergency after the Terrorist attacks last November, which is still in operation at present.

To put it another way, "who is in charge" in France today ?  President Hollande or Philippe Martinez, the leader of the CGT Union ?


Tuesday, 7 June 2016




The current scandal of the sex abuse of young girls by Pakistanies in Rotherham, is nothing else but a repeat of what was going on in Rochdale.  Then Pakistanies were finally imprisoned in 2012 !

At the time the Rochdale Police were severely criticised for not having acted much earlier.   From reports it seems that once again, although citizens in Rotherham probably knew full well that "something was going on", the Police were slow to investigate.   

Now an investigation of staggering importance has been launched.  However, there are some serious questions which need to be answered,

1)  Was anyone in the Rochdale Police department sacked for incompetence ?
2)  Were local Councillors and local Teachers, even Social Workers, totally unaware of the distress of the young girls who were being abused ?  
3)  Did no Parents or Relations ever complain or report the distress of the girls to the Police ?

All these questions must now also be covered in the current investigation in Rotherham !   How is it possible that everyone could fail to help these young girls ?





Monday, 6 June 2016


Dès que Hollande est quelque part il pleut...


Sunday, 5 June 2016




La rémunération  des syndics est désormais déterminée de manière forfaitaire (loi Alur du 24 mars 2014, art 55). Seules certaines prestations particulières limitativement énumérées à l'annexe 2 du décret n° 2015-342 du 26 mars 2015 peuvent donner lieu à une rémunération spécifique complémentaire. Ces dispositions s'appliquent depuis le 2 juillet 2015.


Certains syndics , tel le syndic N. , un des  plus importants, ont tenu compte de manière anticipée des nouvelles dispositions et dès avril 2015 ont proposé aux assemblées générales de copropriétaires un nouveau contrat incluant des prestations qui jusqu' alors étaient facturées séparément , telles que les frais de photocopie et le forfait administratif. Avec augmentation corrélative des honoraires. Jusque là, rien à redire.


Pourtant certaines de ces copropriétés se sont vu facturer par ce même syndic , pour l exercice 2015, des honoraires pour frais administratifs, 1156 euros, et une vacation pour "la pesée des postes" (1) d'un montant  de 316,51 euros alors même que ces prestations sont couvertes par la rémunération forfaitaire .

Un examen attentif des comptes par le Conseil syndical a permis de revenir sur cette facturation abusive. 


(1) Il s'agit d' une nouvelle classification des postes des gardiens et employés d'immeuble . 




Saturday, 4 June 2016


Petit rappel historique : «  L’origine du mot GREVE ».
Au XII ème siècle, le site de l’actuelle place de l’ Hotel de Ville, à Paris, était occupé par une plage faite de sable et de gravier, d’où il était facile de décharger les bateaux arrivant par la Seine.
Ceux qui cherchaient du travail venaient sur cette place de grève ou ils étaient certains d’être embauchés rapidement.  Une sorte de Pôle Emploi, mais un Pôle Emploi qui fonctionnait.
Donc « faire grève », voulait dire se tenir sur la place de grève, en attendant d’être embauché »  sens qui a évolué vers celui que nous connaissons aujourd’hui :  « Cesser le travail en se liguant pour obtenir un meilleur salaire » ( Littré 1872 )


The tributaries of the River Seine, which runs through Paris have caused severe flooding in many towns on their banks, and Paris has not escaped flooding. 

The saturated towns and homes will take many weeks, even months, before they are dried out and normality can be restored.  The Financial  losses will be high.

This new crisis has supplanted all others.  The El Komry Labour Laws, which led to countless debates and then repeated strikes, after a political stand-off between Trade Unions and the Socialist Government, have suddenly been "washed" into the background ! 

Next week, on June 10, the UEFA Nations Football Cup Finals are due to start in France, amid Terrorist security fears.  One can only hope that Stadiums will be ready and that the capacity of the Police will not be overstretched.  To think that millions of Tourists and Fans are expected to come to France !  The Final takes place on July 10 ! 

All political preoccupations in France, e.g. can Hollande stand for a second term as President, the Middle East War, the Refugee crisis, Unemployment levels, are now of a secondary importance !  But for how long...?



Friday, 3 June 2016



N'en déplaise à Jean-Luc Mélenchon, en cette période d'inondation, un capitaine de pédalo peut se révéler fort utile !


Wednesday, 1 June 2016