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Tuesday, 7 June 2016


The current scandal of the sex abuse of young girls by Pakistanies in Rotherham, is nothing else but a repeat of what was going on in Rochdale.  Then Pakistanies were finally imprisoned in 2012 !

At the time the Rochdale Police were severely criticised for not having acted much earlier.   From reports it seems that once again, although citizens in Rotherham probably knew full well that "something was going on", the Police were slow to investigate.   

Now an investigation of staggering importance has been launched.  However, there are some serious questions which need to be answered,

1)  Was anyone in the Rochdale Police department sacked for incompetence ?
2)  Were local Councillors and local Teachers, even Social Workers, totally unaware of the distress of the young girls who were being abused ?  
3)  Did no Parents or Relations ever complain or report the distress of the girls to the Police ?

All these questions must now also be covered in the current investigation in Rotherham !   How is it possible that everyone could fail to help these young girls ?