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Saturday, 11 June 2016


Today, June 11, 2016, all Opinion Polls indicate that the Brexit Vote on Thursday June 23, will be very close. 

This being the case, will the final official result really be a "sound basis" on which to decide "economically or politically" the best long term future of Britain ?   Must that decision be made "NOW" ? 

Many arguments by those who prefer "Brexit now" are justified by the mess in which the EU finds itself at present !   The EU MUST change. 

It MUST update Treaties and old principles, adopted almost 50 years ago in the peaceful post-war era.  It MUST also protect external frontiers,  fight Terrorism and reduce the inflow of refugees.

These changes will take time, but afterwards,  would there still be 50% of voters yearning to leave the EU ?

Should David Cameron, the Prime Minister, not seek an agreement in Parliament that any "close vote" would not, automatically and short-term,  decide the long term future of Britain by leaving the EU immediately ?