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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


The Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve explained on French television yesterday that French Law respects the rights of everyone on French soil.  This applies also in the case of suspected criminals !  

There are heated discussions everywhere in France on this subject, particularly after one hears repeatedly that  terrorists who have committed attrocities, were earlier freed after having been questioned !

Since the Bataclan attrocity on November 13, 2015 there has been an Official State of Emergency in France.  It has again been extended for the UEFA Nations Football Cup Finals being played in France at present.

What French citizens find hard to accept is, "How can one extend Human Rights Principles to I S Terrorists, whose sole principle is to kill, to further the imposition of their extremist interpretation of Muslim Laws ?" 

Under the direction of the French Government, the Police are seriously handicapped in dealing with the current escalting violence. 

When will Bernard Cazeneuve realise that a "State of Emergency" justifies the application of exceptional principles, to ensure the safety of Citizens and of his Police Force, but not the safety of "suspected terrorists" ?